Wednesday, June 15, 2022

New Music: The Rolling Stones, The Fixx, The Legion of Decency

Terrific releases from The Rolling Stones, The Fixx and The Legion of Decency make for a pretty stellar crop of music library essential titles to add to any music lover's collection. 

The Rolling Stones
Title: Licked Live In NYC (Mercury Studios)
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Tell me more: Originally released in 2003 as an HBO special and as part of the Four Flicks package, The Rolling Stones' outstanding Licked Live In NYC has been fully restored and remastered with bonus material that shines a light on the legendary band's 40th Anniversary Tour; the legendary tour included 117 shows and was noteworthy for including the group's first-ever concert in Hong Kong. This title captures the Stones' Madison Square Garden show staged in January 2003; standout versions performed by the band include a fiery "Start Me Up," the melodic Mick Jagger track "Don't Stop," lively "Happy" featuring Keith Richards on lead vocals, magic "Gimme Shelter" (with Lisa Fischer trading vocals with Jagger), rowdy "You Got Me Rocking" and "Honky Tonk Woman" (the latter with guest Sheryl Crow) and fiery "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll" and "Brown Sugar." The DVD+2CD version (reviewed in this column) looks and sounds terrific; it includes previously-unreleased performances of "Start Me Up," "Tumbling Dice," "Gimme Shelter" and "Sympathy For The Devil," along with three bonus performances from Amsterdam and rehearsal footage. Licked Live In NYC is also available via SD Blu-ray+2CD (wit includes the additional 51-minute documentary "Tip Of The Tongue"), as a standalone 2CD and 3LP. Information:  

The Fixx
Title: Every Five Seconds (BFD)
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Tell me more: Before the release of Every Five Seconds on June 3, it had been a full decade since The Fixx had issued a new studio album (2012's wonderful Beautiful Friction). The great news for fans of top-tier alternative rock is that the quintet's latest effort builds on a marvelous discography stretching back to their 1982 debut Shuttered Room. Lead singer Cy Curnin's voice is still a wonder, and it is amazing that the band's long-time lineup is fully intact (lead guitarist Jamie West-Oram, bassist Dan K. Brown, keyboardist Rupert Greenall, drummer Adam Woods). The top-tier material includes the topical rocker "A Life Survived," funk-tinged "Closer," thought-provoking sortie "Wake Up," luxurious "Suspended In Make Believe," dazzling "Spell" and the ambitious styles-defying "Lonely As A Lighthouse" — the latter showcasing West-Oram's amazing fret work. Information:

The Legion of Decency
Title: Deep Lines Among The Shallows (Legion Recordings)
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Tell me more: Deep Lines Among The Shallows is the wonderful full-length album from Inland Empire-based The Legion of Decency. An album of immense depth, warmth and undeniable beauty, singer-songwriter-guitarist Michael Tamony's rich Americana guided soundscape is bolstered by a talented cast of players and singers who bring the mix of literate and poetic originals fully to life. Compelling songs on Side A include the poignant opener "Sometimes," the genuinely affecting "Grandma's Sound," rollicking "We Are Giant" and immersive title track. The countrified "I Do," lovely "Julietta," and reflective closer "Shine a Light" are among the wonderful cuts on Side B of the albumInformation:  

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