Tuesday, April 24, 2007

No rain this weekend

So I haven't been posting. I have a good excuse. I have been slammed with preparing for Coachella. Sure, listening to music from many of the countless artists is one way to get ready. But the other is figuring out how to survive the near-100 temps!

On Earth Day, (this past Sunday, April 22nd), I went with two friends on a challenging 7-mile hike up in the San Gabriels. We made it up to the top of Strawberry Peak, about 6,100 feet above sea level. The last mile going up was very difficult; likely the most challenging climb I've done except Rattlesnake Canyon in Joshua Tree and Mt. Ontario back in 2000 (a 13-mile hike that left my feet, toes and knees black & blue for weeks).

The quiet, the cold, the beauty prepared me (in part) for the monster that will be a three-day Coachella Music Fest in Indio, April 27-29. The hike this past weekend was about pain and lasted a mere four hours or so. Coachella will be 12 hours a day, for three days. Am I ready?

Ask me in a week!