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Travis celebrating with 'Live at Glastonbury '99' and expanded 'The Man Who' releases

Very exciting news today about the great British band Travis and several special releases on the way (you can read my review of the band's amazing November 2007 performance in Anaheim here).

Travis celebrates 20th  anniversary of career-defining year; pivotal live performance, 'Live at Glastonbury '99', due for the first-time as a commercial release

Plus new expanded editions of band's breakthrough album 'The Man Who' coming out June 21, 2019 on Craft Recordings

Los Angeles, CA. (April 30, 2019) – 1999 marked a momentous year for Scottish rock band TravisSinger/songwriter Fran Healyguitarist Andy Dunlopdrummer Neil Primrose, and bassist Dougie Payne had been together since the beginning of the decade, and were gearing up for the release of their sophomore album, The Man Who, following the release of their 1997 debut, Good Feeling. Though the album found moderate success in the UK and set the band up for extensive touring—opening for the likes of Oasis—Travis were still reasonably unknown internationally. All of that was about to change.

With The Man Who having only been in the record shops for a month, Travis played the Other Stage at the Glastonbury Festival. It had been glorious weather, but, as they played their soon-to-be-released single “Why Does It Always Rain on Me?, the heavens opened. The soggy crowd went wild, and the performance went down as one of the all-time great shows in the festival’s 50-year history. By the time “Why Does It Always Rain on Me?” was released as a single five weeks later, Travis and The Man Who were on the precipice of international stardom, and would go on to headline Glastonbury a year later.

Craft Recordings is pleased to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Travis’ breakthrough year with two exciting releases: Live at Glastonbury ’99, plus expanded editions of The Man Who—all set for a June 21st street date. Available for the very first time, Live at Glastonbury ’99 has been a long-sought-after recording by fans of Travis. The 16-song set includes such favorites as the band’s first UK Top-20 single, “More Than Us,” “Driftwood,” “Happy, and “Turn. Live at Glastonbury ’99 will be available on CD, as a two-LP set, and digitally. Also available on street date will be a blue vinyl edition, exclusive to select retailers worldwide (more details coming soon). A digital single of “Why Does It Always Rain on Me? (Live at Glastonbury ’99)” is available now to listen to HERE.

To commemorate the anniversary of The Man WhoTravis hand-selected 19 B-sides, which will be available on digital and CD reissues of the album. Additionally, a deluxe box set (previously offered in a limited quantity via Travis’ online store, available again now due to popular demand) offers the expanded album on two CDs and two LPs, while the 12” x 12” lift-top box will also include a 58-page commemorative photobook.

The Man Who sounds as fresh today as it did then. One of the most successful British albums of the last 20 years, it spawned the timeless singles, “Writing to Reach You, “Driftwood,” “Turn, and possibly the band’s most iconic song, “Why Does It Always Rain on Me?” Produced by Nigel Godrich(Radiohead, U2, Pavement), The Man Who spent an astonishing 11 weeks at Number One in the UK, going on to sell 3.5 million copies worldwide. Critical recognition quickly followed including Ivor Novello Awards for Best Songwriter and Best Contemporary Song for “Why Does It Always Rain on Me?”and BRIT Awards for Best British Band and Best British AlbumTravis would spend the next 18 months on a 237-date world tour.

Travis / Photo courtesy of the artist
Looking back, frontman Fran Healy remains modest: “We just enjoyed it—for as long as it lasted. We didn’t force it. We rode the roller coaster for as long as we could, but we didn’t hang on for dear life.” Travis had, he reasons, a healthy quotient of achievement, a manageable dose of fame, and just the right amount of ambition. “At the end of The Man Who, I was just totally energized,” recalls Healy. “We didn’t take the chance to stop and smell the roses—we didn’t want to—we just kept going, right through [2001’s] The Invisible Band.”

Reflecting on their now-legendary Glastonbury performance, Healy muses, “We all thought it was a really below-par performance and a literal washout. When I got home that night, I switched the tv on and the presenters on the Glastonbury highlights were hailing us as the performance of the festival. I watched it years later on YouTube. It was a great performance. A band teetering on the pivot and then tipping all in one gig.”

To date, the four members of Travis are still very active as a band. The last two years have seen the group release their eighth album—the refreshingly punchy Everything at Once—undertake another hefty world tour, and make a documentary film—the candidly titled, Almost FashionableHealy, now based in Los Angeles, sums it up: “We’re like a couple who celebrate their 60th anniversary and they’re still in love. It’s all about the relationship. This is the marriage of four men—and it’s hard enough to keep two people interested, never mind four.”


Live At Glastonbury, ’99 (CD, & Digital)
All tracks recorded live at Glastonbury Festival / Pilton, UK / 1999.

1.     Blue Flashing Light
2.     The Fear
3.     Writing To Reach You
4.     Good Feeling
5.     U16 Girls
6.     As You Are
7.     Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
8.     Coming Around
9.     All I Want To Do Is Rock
10. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
11. Good Day To Die
12. More Than Us
13. Driftwood
14. Slide Show
15. Turn
16. Happy

Live At Glastonbury, ‘99 (2-LP Edition)
All tracks recorded live at Glastonbury Festival / Pilton, UK / 1999.

A1. Blue Flashing Light 
A2. The Fear
A3. Writing To Reach You
A4. Good Feeling

B1. U16 Girls
B2. As You Are
B3. Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
B4. Coming Around

C1. All I Want To Do Is Rock
C2. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
C3. Good Day To Die
C4. More Than Us

D1. Driftwood
D2. Slide Show
D3. Turn
D4. Happy

The Man Who Deluxe Box Set (2-CD & 2-LP)

CD Disc 1 (full album)
1.     Writing To Reach You
2.     The Fear
3.     As You Are
4.     Driftwood
5.     The Last Laugh Of The Laughter
6.     Turn
7.     Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
8.     Luv
9.     She’s So Strange
10.  Slide Show / Blue Flashing Light

CD Disc 2 (B-sides, as selected by the band)

1.     Green Behind The Ears
2.     Only Molly Knows
3.     Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
4.     High As A Kite
5.     Be My Baby
6.     Where Is The Love
7.     Village Man
8.     Driftwood (Live at the Link Café / Glasgow / 1999)
9.     The Urge For Going
10. Slide Show (Live at the Link Café / Glasgow / 1999)
11. River
12. Days Of Our Lives
13. We Are Monkeys
14. Baby One More Time (In Session)
15. Coming Around
16. Just The Faces Change
17. The Connection
18. Rock ’N’ (Salad) Roll
19. The Weight
The Man Who 2-CD Edition
Disc 1 (full album)

1.     Writing To Reach You
2.     The Fear
3.     As You Are
4.     Driftwood
5.     The Last Laugh Of The Laughter
6.     Turn
7.     Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
8.     Luv
9.     She’s So Strange
10.  Slide Show / Blue Flashing Light

Disc 2 (B-sides, as selected by the band)
1.     Green Behind The Ears
2.     Only Molly Knows
3.     Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
4.     High As A Kite
5.     Be My Baby
6.     Where Is The Love
7.     Village Man
8.     Driftwood (Live at the Link Café / Glasgow / 1999)
9.     The Urge For Going
10. Slide Show (Live at the Link Café / Glasgow / 1999)
11.  River
12.  Days Of Our Lives
13.  We Are Monkeys
14.  Baby One More Time (In Session)
15.  Coming Around
16.  Just The Faces Change
17.  The Connection
18.  Rock ’N’ (Salad) Roll
19.  The Weight

The Man Who 2-LP Edition
Disc 1 (full album)

A1. Writing To Reach You
A2. The Fear
A3. As You Are
A4. Driftwood
A5. The Last Laugh Of The Laughter

B1. Turn
B2. Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
B3. Luv
B4. She’s So Strange
B5. Slide Show / Blue Flashing Light

Disc 2 (B-sides, as selected by the band)

A1. Village Man
A2. Only Molly Knows
A3. Rock ’‘N’ (Salad) Roll
A4. The Connection
A5. We Are Monkeys

B1. The Weight
B2. Baby One More Time (In Session)
B3. Be My Baby
B4. River

About Craft Recordings:
Craft Recordings is home to one of the largest and most prestigious collections of master recordings and compositions in the world. Its rich and storied repertoire includes legendary artists such as Joan Baez, Ray Charles, John Coltrane, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Vince Guaraldi, John Lee Hooker, Little Richard, Nine Inch Nails, Thelonious Monk, Otis Redding, R.E.M. and Traveling Wilburys, to name just a few. Renowned imprints with catalogs issued under the Craft banner include Concord, Fania, Fantasy, Milestone, Musart, Nitro, Prestige, Riverside, Rounder, Specialty, Stax, Sugar Hill, Vanguard and Vee-Jay Records, among many others. Craft creates thoughtfully curated packages, with a meticulous devotion to quality and a commitment to preservation-ensuring that these recordings endure for new generations to discover. Craft Recordings is the catalog label team for Concord Music. For more info, visit CraftRecordings.com and follow on FacebookTwitterInstagram, YouTube, and Spotify.

The Rolling Stones' 'Rock and Roll Circus' 4K restoration in Dolby Vision + Dolby Atmos and soundtrack set

Here is some pretty big news, and I can't wait to see the enhanced version of this classic release...


Deluxe Edition Comes With Blu-ray/DVD/2CD; Soundtrack Available on Vinyl For First Time Ever and Includes Previously Unheard Tracks by Lennon-Richards-Clapton-Mitchell Supergroup The Dirty Mac

On June 7, ABKCO Films and ABKCO Music & Records will jointly release the Dolby Vision® and Dolby Atmos® restoration of the concert film The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus. The film will be released in a Limited Deluxe Edition which is a multi-format package of Blu-Ray, DVD, and a 2CD soundtrack. The film will also be available for digital download (TVOD) and for the first time available on Blu-ray. The movie, shot over two days in December 1968, features The Who, Jethro Tull, Taj Mahal, Marianne Faithfull, impromptu supergroup The Dirty Mac (John Lennon, Keith Richards, Mitch Mitchell, Eric Clapton), Yoko Ono in addition to the original lineup of The Rolling Stones. 

Filmed in a north London television studio by Director Michael Lindsay-Hogg (Let It Be, Ready Steady Go!), and Cinematographer, Tony Richmond (Sympathy For The Devil / ONE PLUS ONE, Let It Be), The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus was a concert filmed against a Felliniesque circus backdrop with the band themselves as on-screen hosts in addition to performing. For the first time in front of an audience, “The World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band” performs six Stones classics (“Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” “Parachute Woman,” “No Expectations,” “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” “Sympathy for the Devil” and “Salt of The Earth”). The audience, consisting of fan club members, contest winners and friends, witnessed what was initially envisioned as a BBC special to promote the band’s Beggars Banquet album. Those plans were abandoned in the wake of Brian Jones’ departure from the band and subsequent death; the film wasn’t officially released for the next 28 years.

Produced by ABKCO’s Grammy ® Award winning team, The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus archival concert film was re-mastered using Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos technologies for an unprecedented immersive experience. When compared to a standard picture, Dolby Vision can deliver spectacular colors never before seen on a screen, highlights that are up to 40 times brighter, and blacks that are 10 times darker. Dolby Atmos transports you from the ordinary into the extraordinary with breathtaking depth and dimension for a completely immersive and fully emotional listening experience. Opposed to stereo audio, which limits audio to only left and right channels, Dolby Atmos delivers incredible clarity to every sound with greater spatial separation of instruments, vocals, and harmonies. 

The Deluxe Edition multi-format package contains perfect-bound 44-page book with David Dalton’s original 1969 Rolling Stone essay, and photographs by Michael Randolf. The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus soundtrack has been expanded to 28 tracks, received a new mix and 192k 24 bit HD restoration. Bonus material included by the late concert pianist Julius Katchen, three additional songs by Taj Mahal and never before heard recordings of The Dirty Mac performing The Beatles classic, “Revolution” and the aptly titled track "Warmup Jam.” Released for the first time on Vinyl as a 3 LP package, the soundtrack is also due on CD and all digital formats.

Not only will viewers get to experience this enhanced version of the film in their own homes, in both original 4x3 and widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio, they will also get to hear commentary tracks by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Tony Richmond, Michael Lindsay-Hogg, Yoko Ono and Marianne Faithfull, as well as watch an on-camera interview with Pete Townshend and a host of extras. The film will be available for the first time ever via streaming services in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, and on Blu-ray in Dolby Atmos. In addition, the film will be released on DVD and digital download (TVOD).

The release comes on the heels of The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus’ April 2019, theatrical run screened in Dolby Cinema and Dolby Atmos enabled theaters across North America. 
“It was an incredible shoot, I think, 36 hours or something. I remember not remembering everything towards the end... but it was fun… we went through two audiences… wore one out… it was great!”  - Keith Richards   

Pre-order and stream the first single, “Parachute Woman”  http://smarturl.it/rockandrollcircus
The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus (4K FILM)
Song For Jeffrey - Jethro Tull
A Quick One While He's Away - The Who
Ain't That A Lot Of Love - Taj Mahal
Something Better - Marianne Faithfull
Yer Blues - The Dirty Mac
Whole Lotta Yoko - Yoko Ono & Ivry Gitlis, and The Dirty Mac
Jumpin' Jack Flash - The Rolling Stones
Parachute Woman - The Rolling Stones
No Expectations - The Rolling Stones
You Can't Always Get What You Want – The Rolling Stones
Sympathy for the Devil - The Rolling Stones
Salt Of The Earth - The Rolling Stones

Widescreen Feature, Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (65 min)
Pete Townshend Interview, Aspect Ratio: 4x3 (18 min)
The Dirty Mac:
‘Yer Blues’ Tk2 Quad Split, Aspect Ratio: 4x3 (5:43)
Taj Mahal:
-Checkin’ Up On My Baby, Aspect Ratio: 4x3 (5:37)
-Leaving Trunk, Aspect Ratio: 4x3 (6:20)
-Corinna, Aspect Ratio: 4x3 (3:49)
Julius Katchen:
-de Falla: Ritual Fire Dance, Aspect Ratio: 4x3 (6:30)
-Mozart: Sonata In C Major-1st MovementAspect Ratio: 4x3 (2:27)
Mick & The Tiger/ Luna & The Tiger, Ratio: 4x3 (1:35) 
Bill Wyman & The Clowns, Aspect Ratio: 4x3 (2:00)
Lennon, Jagger, & Yoko backstage, Aspect Ratio: 4x3 (45sec)

Life Under The Big Top (Artists) Featuring: Mick Jagger, Ian Anderson, Taj Mahal, Yoko Ono, Bill Wyman, Keith Richards (65 min)
Framing The Show (Director & Cinematographer) Featuring: Michael Lindsay HoggTony Richmond (65 min)
Musings (artists, writer, fan who was there) Featuring: Marianne FaithfullDavid DaltonDavid Stark (50 min)

The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus Expanded Audio Edition
1. Mick Jagger's Introduction Of Rock And Roll Circus - Mick Jagger
2. Entry Of The Gladiators - Circus Band

3. Mick Jagger's Introduction Of Jethro Tull - Mick Jagger

4. Song For Jeffrey - Jethro Tull
5. Keith Richards' Introduction Of The Who - Keith Richards
6. A Quick One While He's Away - The Who

7. Over The Waves - Circus Band

8. Ain't That A Lot Of Love - Taj Mahal
9. Charlie Watts' Introduction Of Marianne Faithfull - Charlie Watts
10. Something Better - Marianne Faithfull

11. Mick Jagger's and John Lennon's Introduction Of The Dirty Mac
12. Yer Blues - The Dirty Mac
13. Whole Lotta Yoko - Yoko Ono & Ivry Gitlis with The Dirty Mac
14. John Lennon's Introduction Of The Rolling Stones + Jumpin' Jack Flash - The Rolling Stones

15. Parachute Woman - The Rolling Stones

16. No Expectations - The Rolling Stones

17. You Can't Always Get What You Want - The Rolling Stones

18. Sympathy for the Devil - The Rolling Stones

19. Salt Of The Earth - The Rolling Stones
20. Checkin' Up On My Baby - Taj Mahal
21. Leaving Trunk - Taj Mahal

22. Corinna - Taj Mahal

23. Revolution (rehearsal) - The Dirty Mac
24. Warmup Jam - The Dirty Mac
25. Yer Blues (take 2) - The Dirty Mac

26. Brian Jones' Introduction of Julius Katchen - Brian Jones
27. de Falla: Ritual Fire Dance - Julius Katchen

28. Mozart: Sonata In C Major-1st Movement - Julius Katchen 
ABOUT ABKCO - ABKCO Music & Records is one of the world’s leading independent entertainment companies.  It is home to iconic music catalogs that include compositions and recordings by Sam Cooke, The Rolling Stones, Bobby Womack, Eric Burdon, The Animals, Herman’s Hermits, Marianne Faithfull, The Kinks as well as the Cameo Parkway masters by such artists as Chubby Checker, Bobby Rydell, Clint Eastwood, The Dovells, ? & The Mysterians, Charlie Gracie, The Tymes and Dee Dee Sharp. Releases on ABKCO’s SAR label include albums by LC Cooke, The Soul Stirrers, Johnnie Taylor and the Valentinos.  ABKCO's music catalogs also include the works of Norman Luboff (Yellowbird) as well as the current songwriters Ben Margulies (co-writer of Mariah Carey) and Devvon T McLeod (pka Devvon Terrell). ABKCO Records’ latest release is ‘Music From The Series The Durrells’ Composed by Ruth Barrett & Jon Wygens. ABKCO is active on many fronts including the release of critically lauded soundtracks, compilations and reissues from its catalog; film and commercial placement of its master recordings and music publishing properties in all media. One Night in Miami…, nominated for a 2017 Olivier Award for Best New Play, is ABKCO’s latest theatrical production.  ABKCO Films most recent release is Jean-Luc Godard’s Sympathy for the Devil/ONE PLUS ONE.  ABKCO is currently in pre-production on a Sam Cooke bio pic.   ABKCO’s latest TV production is The Durrells in Corfu, based on Gerald Durrell’s book The Corfu Trilogy.

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Roots, rock and reggae shine on new releases

Several new eagerly-awaited returns have been released as well as two new recordings pulled from the early 1980s.

Artist: Joy Williams
Title: Front Porch (Thirty Tigers)
You might like if you enjoy: The Civil Wars, 
Tell me more: Those missing the enticing Americana style pioneered on the Civil Wars' brief five-year path are in luck. Joy Williams  one half of the popular Grammy-winning duo that also featured John Paul White  has returned from her brief detour into a more electronic-meets-pop style via 2015's Venus to reward listeners with the luxurious Front Porch (available May 3, 2019). The beautiful title track is one of the most lovely songs this writer has heard this year; the better news is that the disc's sonic riches don't end there. The introspective and nuanced Appalachia-painted soundscapes inspire across a dozen-track run that showcases Williams' expressive soprano. The artist delivers probing material with cliche-free depth, as evidenced by mining feelings of loss ("When Does a Heart Move On," "Be With You") and romantic celebration ("One and Only," "No Place Like You") with equal artistry. Information: JoyWilliams.com.

Artist: Nils Lofgren
Title: Blue With Lou (Cattle Track Road Records)
You might like if you enjoy: Lou Reed, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen
Tell me more: Singer-songwriter/guitar great Nils Lofgren has returned with his first studio album in eight years, and the 12-song disc reveals it was an ambitious recording project more than worth the wait. Featuring six songs that Lofgren co-wrote with the late Lou Reed, Blue With Lou is an album that would have sounded great in any era while definitely resonating in 2019. While a few of the songs that the two Rock and Roll Hall of Famers co-wrote have appeared on previous Lofgren and Reed releases, Blue With Lou features a handful of songs previously-unheard. The must-hear collaborations include the wry rocker "Attitude City," funk-tinged "Give" (featuring loads impressive and expressive Lofgren guitar work) and the poignant "Talk Thru the Tears." In addition, Lofgren has crafted two beautiful tributes on the LP; "Dear Heartbreaker" casts its magic on the memory of the late Tom Petty while the album's affecting closer "Remember You" is a poignant look at his family's dog Groucho. But at its heart, Blue With Lou a showcase for Lofgren's immense talents as singer, lead guitarist and songwriter. Information: NilsLofgren.com.

Artist: Lone Justice
Title: Live at the Palomino, 1983 (Omnivore Recordings)
You might like if you enjoy: Emmylou Harris, Lindi Ortega, the Blasters
Tell me more: The most celebrated artist on Los Angeles' early '80s cowpunk scene, Lone Justice blended old school country and honky tonk with punk, rockabilly and roots rock with authenticity and firepower during the group's short run. Omnivore Recordings has just released a previously-unavailable "Live at the Palomino, 1983" featuring 12 great songs captured on October 22, 1983. The fast-moving track list includes nuggets from their not-yet-released 1985 debut album ("Working Late," "You Are the Light") and a great take on Merle Haggard's "Working Man's Blues," and an amped up version of the Johnny Cash/June Carter duet "Jackson." The live LP is a winning reminder of the talents of the talents of Maria McKee (lead vocals, guitar), Ryan Hedgecock (lead guitar, vocals), Marvin Etzioni (bass) and Don Willens (drums). Information: OmnivoreRecordings.com.

Artist: Culture
Title: The Nighthawk Recordings (Omnivore Recordings)
You might like if you enjoy: Bob Marley, reggae music
Tell me more: Lovers of '70s-'80s roots reggae will love the terrific Culture: The Nighthawk Recordings. Lead singer Joseph Hill, who passed away in 2006, was among the genre's best singers and this collection captures the Jamaican artist at the top of his powers. The first three songs on the collection were recorded in 1981 and feature Culture (Hill, Albert Walker, Lloyd Dayes) backed by the Roots Radics; the timeless "This Time" is a highlight of those sessions. The other four tracks on the disc find Culture backed by the Wailers; several of these tracks were put away in vaults and this 2019 title marks their commercial debut. The driving "Can They Run" is particularly forceful and is bolstered by an interesting mix of vocals on the track. The other previously-unheard song, the infectious "Mr. Music," is a feel good melodic groove. Information: OmnivoreRecordings.com.

Robert Kinsler

Friday, April 26, 2019

Sights and Sounds: Peter Frampton, Collective Soul, Tycho

So much cool news to share on this Friday...

Peter Frampton Band's 'All Blues' due for release on June 7 via UMe

photo credit: Austin Lord



All Blues, the forthcoming covers album from the Peter Frampton Band, is set for release on June 7 via UMe. The album is a collection of Frampton’s favorite blues classics and was recorded with his longtime touring band, made up of Adam Lester (guitar/vocals), Rob Arthur(keyboards/guitar/vocals) and Dan Wojciechowski (drums).
I Just Want To Make Love To You” (featuring Kim Wilson) is the first song to be released from the new album, and is available now with digital album pre-order. Listen/share the track HERE.
All Blues was recorded at Frampton’s studio in Nashville, Studio Phenix, and was co-produced by Frampton and Chuck Ainlay. The album features additional collaborations with Larry Carlton, Sonny Landreth and Steve Morse.
The vinyl will be available as a double LP and also as a limited edition translucent blue color pressing exclusively at PeterFrampton.com. The double LP will include the bonus track “I Feel So Good,” which was written by Big Bill Broonzy and popularized by Muddy Waters.
Of the album, Frampton explains, “I have always loved to play the blues. When we formed Humble Pie, the first material we played together was just that. For the last two summers I had been playing a handful of blues numbers every night on stage with Steve Miller Band. I enjoyed this immensely and it gave me the idea of doing an ‘All Blues’ album live in the studio with my band. We started the resulting sessions 9 days after coming off the road last year. Over a two-week period, we recorded 23 tracks, all live in the studio. The energy of these tracks is completely different from building a track one instrument at a time. With this recording, we pay tribute to all the original artists who invented this incredible music. I hope you can hear and feel our enjoyment. I’m not sure if you can say we had fun playing the blues. But we definitely did.”
To support All Blues, Frampton will be hosting a new six-week series on SiriusXM’s Deep Tracks channel. “The Peter Frampton Show” will premiere on Friday, May 10 at 10 a.m. ET on SiriusXM radios (channel 27) and on the SiriusXM app. Additionally, Frampton will walk SiriusXM listeners through each song from the new album in an exclusive track-by-track on SiriusXM’s BB King’s Bluesville channel. “Peter Frampton’s All Blues Show” will air on Monday, June 3 at 3:00pm ET on SiriusXM radios (channel 74) and on the SiriusXM app.
In conjunction with the album’s release, Frampton will kick off Peter Frampton FinaleThe Farewell Tour presented by SiriusXM—an approximately 50-date run this summer and fallproduced by Live Nation. Frampton will retire from regular vigorous touring at the end of this year due to his diagnosis of the autoimmune disease Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM). IBM is a progressive muscle disorder characterized by muscle inflammation, weakness and atrophy. Frampton recently discussed his diagnosis with CBS “This Morning: Saturday,” watch the segment HERE.

The tour will feature special guest Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Evening, as well asJulian Frampton on the west coast stops, with additional surprise guests to appear on select dates. Tickets are on sale now and VIP packages will also be available at www.frampton.com$1 of every ticket sold, as well as any donations, will benefit The Peter Frampton Myositis Research Fund at Johns Hopkins, a newly established fund by Frampton and Johns Hopkins, where he’s being treated.
Peter Frampton remains one of the most lauded artists in rock history. On May 7, the Music Business Association will present him with the Chairman’s Award for Sustained Creative Achievement at the Awards & Hall of Fame Dinner that is part of the Association’s annual conference—Music Biz 2019—set to take place May 5-8 in Nashville. Frampton was also recently honored with the Les Paul Innovation Award at the 2019 NAMM Show’s 34th annual TEC Awards, and celebrated the 43rd anniversary of his fifth solo album, Frampton Comes Alive!, one of the top-selling live records of all time (over 17 million copies sold worldwide). 
1.  I Just Want To Make Love To You (featuring Kim Wilson)
2.  She Caught The Katy
3.  Georgia On My Mind
4.  Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover
5. Me And My Guitar
6.  All Blues (featuring Larry Carlton)
7.  The Thrill Is Gone (featuring Sonny Landreth)
8.  Going Down Slow (featuring Steve Morse)
9.  I’m A King Bee
10.  Same Old Blues
June 18—Catoosa, OK—Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa+
June 20—Little Rock, AR—Robinson Performance Hall
June 22—Wetumpka, AL—Wind Creek Casino & Hotel+
June 23—Chattanooga, TN—Tivoli Theatre+
June 26—Memphis, TN—Orpheum Theatre+
June 27—Nashville, TN—Ascend Amphitheater*
June 29—Salamanca, NY—Seneca Allegany Resort & Casino*
June 30—Bethel, NY—Bethel Woods Center for the Arts*
July 2—Pittsburgh, PA—Benedum Center for the Performing Arts
July 3—Syracuse, NY—St. Joseph’s Health Amphitheater at Lakeview*
July 5—Montreal, QC—Montreal Jazz Fest- Place des Arts: Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier+
July 7—Gilford, NH—Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion*
July 9—Boston, MA—Rockland Trust Bank Pavilion*
July 10—Philadelphia, PA—The Met Philadelphia*
July 12—Cincinnati, OH—Riverbend Music Center*
July 13—Stayner, ON—Roxodus Music Festival+
July 23—Interlochen, MI—Interlochen Center for the Arts-Kresge Auditorium+
July 25—Clarkston, MI—DTE Energy Music Theatre*
July 26—Morgantown, WV—MountainFest Motorcycle Rally*+
July 28—Chicago, IL—Huntington Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island*
July 29—Cedar Rapids, IA—McGrath Amphitheatre
July 31—Morrison, CO—Red Rocks Amphitheatre
August 2—Hinckley, MN—Grand Casino Hinckley Amphitheater*+
August 4—Maryland Heights, MO—Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre*
August 5—Kansas City, MO—Starlight Theatre*
August 8—Cuyahoga Falls, OH—Blossom Music Center*
August 11—Alpharetta, GA—Ameris Bank Amphitheatre at Encore Park*
August 16-21—Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea Mediterranean+
August 30—Charlotte, NC—PNC Music Pavilion*
September 1—Saratoga Springs, NY—Saratoga Performing Arts Center*
September 2—Uncasville, CT—Mohegan Sun Arena*
September 4—Jacksonville, FL—Daily’s Place*
September 6—West Palm Beach, FL—Coral Sky Amphitheatre at the S. Florida Fairgrounds*
September 7—Tampa, FL—MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre at the FL State Fairgrounds*
September 10—Simpsonville, SC—CCNB Amphitheatre at Heritage Park*
September 11—Washington, DC—The Anthem*
September 13—New York, NY—Madison Square Garden*
September 14—Raleigh, NC—Coastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut Creek*
September 20-21—Dallas, TX—Crossroads Festival @ American Airlines Center+
September 21—Irving, TX—Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion presented by Huntsman*
September 22—The Woodlands, TX—The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory*
September 24—Albuquerque, NM—Sandia Resort & Casino*+
September 26—Phoenix, AZ—Comerica Theatre*
September 28—Las Vegas, NV—Red Rock Resort Spa & Casino+
September 29—Temecula, CA—Pechanga Casino-Pechanga Summit*
October 2—San Diego, CA—Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre at SDSU*
October 3—Paso Robles, CA—Vina Robles Amphitheatre*†+
October 5—Inglewood, CA—The Forum*
October 6—Tuolumne, CA—Black Oak Casino Resort-Westside Pavilion*†+
October 9—Seattle, WA—Paramount Theatre*
October 10—Ridgefield, OR—Ilani Resort & Casino-Cowlitz Ballroom*†+
October 12—Concord, CA—Concord Pavilion*
*with Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Evening
†with Julian Frampton
+not a Live Nation date

Release of new album 'Blood' on June 21, 2019 via Fuzze-Flex Records/ADA

Album available for pre-order now


COLLECTIVE SOUL’s silver anniversary year will be a celebration of their ongoing legacy in all-out style with a little bit of the classic and a lot of the new.
Not only have they already announced their Summer “Now’s The Time Tour” with Gin Blossoms, but in keeping with the Atlanta band’s theme of 2019, “now’s the time” to also let fans know that their tenth highly anticipated studio album, Blood, will be released June 21 on Fuzze-Flex Records/ADAPre-orders of the album as a download, CD, and vinyl are available today on any of these digital retailers. Digital pre-orders include a download of the first single, "Right As Rain," while downloads of "Good Place To Start" and "Them Blues," will be available May 17 and June 7, respectively.
Fans can check out the lyric video for “Right As Rain” on the band’s official YouTube page and the song on all digital outlets here.
“’Right As Rain’ is a phrase I had for a while,” says singer/guitarist/keyboardist E Roland. “It was one my grandmother used to tell me about--one of those old Southern things, you know? ‘C’mon, I’m gonna spank you right as rain!’ I never really knew what it meant (laughs). While I was writing it, Peter Stroud (Sheryl Crow’s lead guitarist and musical director) was home one day in Atlanta, and we invited him over to play the slide-guitar solo on the song for us. We all just sat around together and jammed it out.”
From stem to stern, Blood delivers in full. Witness the hard-charging skitter of “Over Me,” the optimistic declaration of “Right as Rain,” the hopeful uplift of a man “Changed,” and the tender promise of “Big Sky.” The album’s final track — the reflective, poignant acoustified coda “Porch Swing” — features background vocals and tasteful dobro licks from none other than Styx guitarist/vocalist Tommy Shaw, who was beyond thrilled to contribute to the cause. “I’ve always been a fan of E Roland and Collective Soul’s recordings,” Shaw says. “I thought about adding more parts than what Ed asked me to do, but as someone wiser than me once said, ‘Don’t paint over the masterpiece!’”
Blood is the culmination of a quarter-century of COLLECTIVE SOUL--E Roland (vocals/guitar), Dean Roland (rhythm guitar), Will Turpin (bass/background vocals), Jesse Triplett (lead guitar/background vocals), Johnny Rabb (drums/background vocals)-- assessing not only where they’ve come from, but also where they’re going. “I think Blood expresses where we’ve been on this life journey,” observes E Roland. “And we’ve done so with songs featuring piano and strings to those with a lot of guitar riffs. Blood is an accumulation of all the different styles we’ve used over the years, but it’s still COLLECTIVE SOUL. I think it’s the best we’ve ever done. I know you should think that, but I really do think it’s the best. It’s a good, consistent record. We’re just so proud of it.”
While the album title, Blood, maybe evoke many different thoughts and ideas, for the band, it all comes down to one word: family.
“So much of it is based on the camaraderie-ship of the band,” Roland explains. “All of us basically have children, and my brother Dean just had a baby girl. Jesse’s the only one who doesn’t have kids, but he’s basically a baby, in age anyway. My brother’s in the band so there’s blood there, but the five us — it’s a family.”
Indelibly memorable tracks like “December,” “The World I Know,” “Gel,” “Heavy,” and “Precious Declaration” (to name but a few) all evoke a collective sense of heartfelt observational universality and earnest positivity — in short, they’re the jukebox heroes of a new generation. Indeed, the secret sauce to COLLECTIVE SOUL’s continued success story is a simple one: a palpable mixture of insightful songwriting and impeccable band chemistry.
From the very beginning of the band’s career, Roland always had his eye on the prize. “When ‘Shine’ came out, we got asked, ‘What’s your goal with this band?’ I said, ‘I want to have a whole row of Collective Soul recordings on the shelf.’ That was my goal,” he recounts. “Me, I always wanted to see the full body of work. That’s all I ever wanted. I knew I could write, and as the band progressed and got better, that’s why we wanted to keep going. I don’t think we ever doubted it. We, as the artists — we had no fear. The guys in the band have enough faith in my songwriting, and I have faith in them.”

In touring news, COLLECTIVE SOUL will continue their celebration throughout the year with headlining U.S. shows which should last through the end of the year. Later this summer, they’ll embark on their “Now’s The Time Tour” with Gin Blossoms starting May 25 in Atlantic City, NJ at the Hard Rock Café – Sound Waves. COLLECTIVE SOUL and Gin Blossoms are offering their own VIP packages available now, which include band meet and greets, exclusive merchandise, and much more. Tickets are available now, and more information can be found at www.collectivesoul.com and www.ginblossoms.net
“For us, we want to play the hits as we always do, but I think we also want to share the new record with our fans,” E Roland explains. “At 25 years later, we want to say, ‘Hey, we’re still making the best that we can do.’ Right now, I’ve got seven of the new songs in the setlist, and hopefully, on some nights, we can play the whole thing from start to finish. I mean, it’s our 25th anniversary. We’re going at it hard, everyone! We’re going hard.”
Heaven has clearly shined its light down on COLLECTIVE SOUL for 25 years running with no end in sight, so here’s to the next quarter-century and beyond!
Here’s the complete track listing for BLOOD:
1. Now’s The Time
2. Over Me
3. Crushed
4. Right As Rain
5. Them Blues
6. Good Place To Start
7. Observation Of Thoughts
8. Changed
9. Big Sky
10. Porch Swing
Check out COLLECTIVE SOUL at the following stops, with more shows to be announced in the coming weeks:
DATE               CITY                             VENUE
Collective Soul:
Fri 5/10             Shawnee, OK                The Grand Casino Resort
Sat 5/11            Dallas, TX                     Kaboo Festival
Sun 5/12           New Orleans, LA            The Fillmore at Harrah’s New Orleans
With Gin Blossoms, “Now’s The Time Tour”:
Sat 5/25            Atlantic City, NJ                        Sound Waves @ Hard Rock Atlantic City
Sun 5/26           Oxon Hill, MD               MGM National Harbor
Tue 5/28            Simpsonville, SC           CCNB Amphitheatre at Heritage Park
Wed 5/29          Greensboro, NC            White Oak Amphitheatre at Greensboro Coliseum Complex
Fri 5/31             Baltimore, MD               Pier 6 Pavilion
Sat 6/1              Springfield, MA                         MGM Springfield
Sun 6/2             Big Flats, NY                Tag’s Summerstage
Tue 6/4             Morristown, NJ              Mayo Performing Arts Center
Wed 6/5            Glen Allen, VA               Innsbrook After Hours
Fri 6/7               Bethlehem, PA              Sands Bethlehem Event Center
Sat 6/8              Hampton Beach, NH      Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
Sun 6/9             East Providence, RI       Bold Point Park
Tue 6/11            Northfield, OH               MGM Northfield Park - Center Stage
Thu 6/13            Huber Heights, OH        Rose Music Center at The Heights
Fri 6/14             Mt. Pleasant, MI            Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort
Sat 6/15            Columbus, OH              Express Live!
Sun 6/16           Rockton, IL                   Old Settler’s Park (“Old Settlers Days”)
Collective Soul:
Thu 6/27            Windsor, ONT.              The Colosseum at Caesar’s Windsor
Fri 6/28             Milwaukee, WI               Summerfest
Sat 6/29            Brainerd, MN                 Lakes Jam
Thu 7/11            Stayner, ONT.               ROXODUS Festival
Fri 7/12             Ft. Wayne, IN                Foellinger Theatre – Outdoor
Sat 7/13            Greenville, WI                Greenville Lions Park
Thu 7/25            Caldwell, ID                   Canyon County Fair
Sat 7/27            Great Falls, MT              Montana State Fair
Wed 7/31          Redmond, OR               Deschutes County Fair
Sat 8/3              Minnedosa, MB.            Rockin’ The Fields of Minnedosa
Mon 8/5            Sturgis, SD                   Sturgis Buffalo Chip
Wed 8/7            Roseburg, OR               Douglas County Fair
Fri 8/9               Ventura, CA                  Ventura County Fair
With Gin Blossoms, “Now’s The Time Tour”:
Tue 8/13            Phoenix, AZ                  Comerica Theatre
Wed 8/14          San Diego, CA              Humphrey’s
Thu 8/15            Costa Mesa, CA            Pacific Amphitheatre
Fri 8/16             Lancaster, CA               Antelope Valley Fairgrounds
Sat 8/24            Vancouver, BC              TBA
Sun 8/25           Ridgefield, WA              lIani Casino
Tue 8/27            Sandy, UT                     Sandy City Amphitheatre
Wed 8/28          Denver, CO                   The Mission Ballroom
Fri 8/30             Council Bluffs, IA          Harrah’s Council Bluffs Hotel & Casino
Sat 8/31            Maryland Heights, MO   Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre
Sun 9/1             Irving, TX                      The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory
Collective Soul:
Sat 10/5            Huntersville, NC Hops and Hogs Festival
ADA is a worldwide service organization committed to independent artist and label development. As part of Warner Music Group, ADA gives the indie community access to an unparalleled global distribution system and a dedicated team that provides a complete spectrum of marketing, merchandising, promotion, and music licensing services.  ADA was created in 1993 to focus on the independent music business, where some of the most successful artists and record labels have built their initial followings. ADA marries the effectiveness and convenience of a major label with the marketing sensibilities of an independent. ADA’s partners include Bar None, Beggars Group, BMG, Comedy Central, Domino, Dualtone, Epitaph, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Matador, Mute, Nettwerk, Real World, Rise, Smithsonian Folkways, Sumerian, Sub Pop, Tommy Boy, Vice, and many others.

Tycho return with "Easy"




GRAMMY® Award-nominated recording group Tycho has announced the release of their eagerly awaited new single. "Easy" is available now via Mom + Pop Music/Ninja Tune at all DSPs and streaming services. "Music can transport us to other realities but can also ground us firmly within ourselves," says Scott Hansen, Tycho's primary composer, songwriter, and producer. "After a trilogy of records spent exploring the outer reaches of experience I am focusing inward to reveal a human side to the music."


"My journey as an artist has been defined by an iterative cycle with each album building on and refining an overarching vision," continues Hansen. "'Easy' is about coming to terms with my past and defining a clear vision moving forward.  It's a comforting voice that reminds you not to get so lost in the work, but to take it easy and enjoy the ride. 'Easy' is the bridge to the future."

Indeed, "Easy" heralds Tycho's hugely anticipated follow-up to 2016's chart-topping, GRAMMY® Award-nominated EPOCH, due later this year. As-yet-untitled, the upcoming LP marks the San Francisco-based collective's fifth full length release and first via a new partnership with Mom + Pop Music and Ninja Tune.

"Past is Prologue," Hansen says. "DIVE, AWAKE, and EPOCH were all released by Ghostly International, the label I have been with since 2006. The past 13 years have seen Tycho evolve from the part-time solo project of a graphic designer into a band that achieved things far beyond any of our wildest expectations. The people at Ghostly have been there every step of the way to support my vision and for that I am forever grateful. I couldn't be more excited to share that Tycho has signed with Mom + Pop and Ninja Tune as label partners for the next album release. While it is bittersweet to see such a meaningful chapter in this story end, it is just the beginning of another."

Tycho have set a limited number of high profile international live dates, including a debut performance headlining the iconic Sydney Opera House, Australia's Splendour In The Grass (July 21) and Japan's Fuji Rock Festival '19 (July 26). Additional dates will be unveiled soon. For updates and ticket availability, please visit www.tychomusic.com/#tour.

EPOCH, Tycho's acclaimed fourth studio album, made an extraordinary chart debut upon its 2016 arrival, entering Billboard's "Top Dance/Electronic Albums" at #1 following its surprise release - Tycho's highest main chart placement to date. EPOCH further made history by earning the Bay Area-based group its first ever GRAMMY® Award nomination as "Best Dance/Electronic Album." EPOCH - which includes such extraordinary tracks as "Division," "Horizon," and the brilliant title piece - is available digitally at all DSPs and streaming services; physical CD and vinyl editions can be found at ISO50 and The Ghostly Store.

Named among Red Bull Music's "25 Best Albums of 2016" and Dancing Astronaut's "Top 10 Albums of 2016," EPOCH also drew critical acclaim to match its popular success. "A warm, sprightly, immediately engaging album," wrote Stereogum, while Consequence of Sound hailed the title track, noting "Tycho weaves a diverse fabric of synthesized sounds - some soar like flutes, while others glow like orbs and grind like thick static." "'Field' offers a breezy, atmospheric vibe," enthused Billboard, "while 'Receiver" and 'Rings' feature a more energetic, upbeat melody to the already electronic-zen tracks." "It's fair to say EPOCH is the crown jewel in Tycho's reigning ambient electronic discography," declared Exclaim! In a 9-out-of-10 rated rave. "It nicely rounds out the trilogy of LPs they've released on Ghostly International, which includes 2011's DIVEand 2014's AWAKE, not so much a departure from its predecessors as a further maturation. EPOCH feels like the realization of (Tycho founder Scott) Hansen's long-term artistic vision, and the album exudes a confidence that clearly shows the band have come into their own." "The ups and downs of this album lead you in no clear direction," wrote Earmilk, "which acts only as a testament to their creativity and talent as a band - plain and simple." "EPOCH probes deeper than (Tycho's) previous work," wrote Relix, "triggering as much angst as bittersweet introspection." "All in all, it's hard to say what the best thing about EPOCH is," noted Dancing Astronaut, "The sound design is beautiful, the arrangements are subtle and nuanced, and the overall effect is triumphant, even bordering on transcendent. Suffice it to say that EPOCH sounds like the soundtrack to a science fiction film that we wish we could see, and Tycho has produced one of the most entertaining albums of the year."

21 - Yelgun, Australia - Splendour in the Grass
23 - Melbourne, Australia - Forum Melbourne
24 - Sydney, Australia - Sydney Opera House
26 - Yuzawa-machi, Japan - Fuji Rock Festival

19 - Resonance Music & Arts Festival - Slippery Rock, PA