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New music: Simple Minds, Orianthi, Richard X. Heyman, Chris Berardo

New albums from Scottish rockers Simple Minds, Aussie singer-guitar great Orianthi and New York power pop hero Richard X. Heyman along with a timely reissue from singer-songwriter Chris Berardo are featured in my column this week. 

Simple Minds
Title: Direction of the Heart (BMG)
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Tell me more: Simple Minds is back with its highly-anticipated Direction of the Heart, the legendary Scottish outfit's 18th studio album. The nine-track disc is a genuine triumph, featuring singer-songwriter Jim Kerr, guitarist Charlie Burchill, bassist Ged Grimes, vocalist Sarah Brown, keyboardist-guitarist Gordy Goudie, drummer Cherisse Osei and keyboardist Berenice Scott delivering stylish songs that are both bewitching and expertly crafted. The shimmering opener "Vision Thing," dynamic and propulsive "First You Jump," new wave-mining "Human Traffic" featuring Sparks frontman Russell Mael and urgent "Who Killed Truth?" are early highlights on the album. The propulsive "Act of Love" (a gem written by Kerr and Burchill in Glasgow back in 1977 and performed as the opening song of their first-ever gig), enticing "Natural" and unsettling "Planet Zero" are late album highlights. Direction of the Heart closes with a shining synch-swept cover of The Call's 1983 track "The Walls Came Down," a track that Simple Minds makes it own with lush layers of vocals, shining synthesizers and textured guitar work. Information:

Title: Rock Candy (Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
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Tell me more: Singer-songwriter/guitar master Orianthi is back with her hard rocking album Rock Candy. Orianthi's amazing guitar work comes in the service of original songs that are bolstered by melodic choruses while retaining their powerful thrust — just listen to the "Light It Up" and infectious "Getting To Me." Fans of virtuoso lead guitar work will appreciate her blazing fretwork on "Fire Together," "Red Light," "Void," and poignant "Where Did Your Heart Go" on the Jacob Bunton-produced LP. The confessional "Living Is Like Dying Without You" is a nice dramatic turn for the Australia native, a power ballad that showcases her signature soprano vocals and nuanced acoustic guitar playing. "Illuminate" and "Illuminate (Part 2)" are instrumental bookends on the high-flying release, displaying Orianthi's otherworldly talents with an electric guitar. Orianthi is backed by Jacob Bunton (bass, guitar, keyboards, piano, violin) and Kyle Cunningham (drums) on the album. Information:

Richard X. Heyman
Title: 67,000 Miles An Album (Turn-Up Records)
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Tell me more: New York-based power pop veteran Richard X. Heyman is back with his latest album, the shining 67,000 Miles An Album. A truly gifted singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Heyman writes songs that are never less than interesting and literate while simultaneously reaching greater heights via luxurious sonics that recall some of the genre's greats from the 1960s, '70s and more recent times. Among the highlights on the album are the soaring "Misspent Youth," the baroque gem "Ready For A Fall," driving melodic rocker "Crave," touching "When The New Dawn Comes" and ambitious title track. My favorite song on the disc is the shimmering "Washington Rock," where Heyman's vocals are effortlessly fused amidst the propulsive and melodic soundscape; the song's historical perspective and sharp lead guitar work add to the magic. As if the outstanding songcraft displayed on the 15 tracks were not impressive enough, Heyman handles lead vocals, guitar, drums, piano, organ, harmonica and more across the disc; kudos to bassist Nancy Leigh, cellist Julia Kent, violist Chris Jenkins and horn player Probyn Gregory (trumpet, trombone and French horn) whose collective efforts bolster the masterwork. 67,000 Miles An Hour is available on audio D, digital download and via streaming services. Information:

Chris Berardo
Title: American Dust (Greenhaven Records)
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Tell me more: Back in 1997, New York singer-songwriter Chris Berardo recorded his debut album titled American Dust. Now the under-the-radar disc has received a well-deserved re-release on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. The album's delights are obvious a quarter of a century after Berardo completed the tracks. The title track is an infectious and uptempo Americana-styled rocker. The lovely atmospheric acoustic ballad "She's Leaving Me," reflective country-flavored "Old Man's Eyes" and "The Top Of The Stairs," rousing roots rocker "One Step Closer To Goodbye" are among the other standouts on the solid album. Berardo continues to write, record and perform and has several upcoming November dates in Texas and New York. I recommend his recently-released wonderful cover of the Badfinger classic "Baby Blue" and his lovely holiday-minded song "This Year." Information:

Robert Kinsler

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Review: Mystery Science Theater Halloween special 'The Mask 3D' is a bona fide treat

REVIEW: The first ever Mystery Science Theater 3000 Halloween special The Mask 3D provides plenty of laughter to go along with the thrills and chills.

Review by Robert Kinsler

Looking to get an early jump on Halloween? I fully recommend the newly-released The Mask 3D, the first ever Halloween special from Mystery Science Theater 3000. Indeed the 1961 Canadian surrealist horror flick directed by Julian Roffman is given the deluxe treatment as Jonah Heston (Jonah Ray) and the bots skewer the film via witty dialogue and song throughout from the comfy confines of the Satellite of Love. 

This writer had never heard of The Mask before its inclusion as the centerpiece of this special but the film itself must have been shocking for audiences six decades ago with its unsettling story about a psychiatrist, Dr. Allen Barnes (Paul Stevens), who obtains a mysterious ancient tribal mask and enters a dark dreamscape when he puts on the mask. He increasingly becomes drawn to the power of the mask and becomes more violent. The premiere of The Mask 3D on Oct. 28, 2022 marked the 61st anniversary of the film's original theatrical release.

The monstrous and spooky events in the film ultimately take a back seat to the sharp wit, satire and comedic skits of the MST3K cast. Indeed, it takes a MST3K special to somehow bring together references ranging from Game of Thrones, Superman II, Lord of the Rings and the B-52's to Night of the Living DeadThe Beatles, conservative talk radio, Morrissey, Pee-wee's Big Adventure and Talking Heads

To watch The Mask 3D, head to the Gizmoplex – MST3K's indie streaming platform and the only place to see new episodes of MST3K. The Gizmoplex features all of the season 13 episodes and shorts that have premiered so far, along with brand-new MST3K content available in special livestream events every two weeks. Tickets to livestream events are $8, and new episodes can be rented for $5 – including the new Halloween Special, which is available now.

The Gizmoplex is accessible via a web portal and also on a wide variety of OTT platforms, including apps for both iOS and Android devices, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and more.


For more info visit, or follow MST3K on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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Jerry Lee Lewis Remembered; review of his March 1, 2000 concert at the Galaxy Concert Theatre

Sadly, Jerry Lee Lewis passed away today at the age of 87. TJR and yours truly pay tribute to "The Killer" in a new episode available HERE

Below is my March 3, 2000 review of Jerry Lee Lewis' March 1, 2000 concert at the Galaxy Concert Theatre in Santa Ana originally published in the Orange County Register. A special "Thank You" to Kelly A. Swift for her photo taken at the concert...Robert Kinsler 

Jerry Lee Lewis performing at the Galaxy Concert
Theatre in Santa Ana on March 1, 2000.
Photo: Kelly A. Swift


Where: Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana

When: Wednesday night, March 1, 2000

REVIEW: Legendary pianist's spirited Galaxy performance is a lesson in Rock History 101.


Special to the Register

Although rock music is somewhere under age 50, its pioneers are mostly gone. The voices of Bill Haley, Elvis Presley, Eddie Cochran and Roy Orbison live on only through the magic of recordings. However, one of rock's true survivors proved to be alive and well in an hour-long performance at the Galaxy Concert Theatre in Santa Ana on Wednesday night. Jerry Lee Lewis may walk  and talk  like a senior citizen being satirized, but get him behind a grand piano and he is transported back in time to the birth of rock 'n' roll.

Such was the case throughout his 16-song set before a capacity crowd at the Galaxy, where  backed by a solid three-man band  the so-called "Killer" displayed plenty of fire.

Although Lewis didn't perform standing up, climb all over his instrument like he has for much of his career, the music-making itself provided plenty of opportunities to celebrate his living legacy.

The Louisiana native launched things with a roaring version of Chuck Berry's "Roll Over Beethoven," his vocals confident and fingers nimble as he fired off the boogie-woogie style that has been imitated by countless blues and rock players since the mid-1950s. 

There was a slow and sparse rendering of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," a runaway take on the classic "Sweet Little Sixteen" and his own classic "Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On."

And "Great Balls of Fire" remains an exuberant celebration of youth, even in the dancing hands of the 64-year-old Lewis.

Opening act Hellhound Hayride came to the stage armed with a heavy brew of rockabilly and blues. The quartet may never be able to escape completely out of te shadow of te '50s artists who developed early rock, but like te Reverend Horton Heat, an energetic dose of punk thrown in with roots-rock structures can go a long way in able hands.

The bluesy "Sad Romance" and blistering "Hot Rod Soul" (dedicated to Social Distortion guitarist Dennis Danell, who died this week) were standouts.

Jerry Lee Lewis, legendary singer-songwriter/pianist and Country Music Hall of Fame member, passes away at 87

Very sad news that we have lost legendary rock and country music legend Jerry Lee Lewis. I had the chance to review him for The Orange County Register early in my writing career and was thrilled to see him perform in concert. Here is a media release from the Country Music Hall of Fame about one of rock and roll's founding fathers...Robert Kinsler

Jerry Lee Lewis at the 2022 Country Music Hall of Fame Inductee
announcement press conference on May 17, 2022 at the Country Music Hall of Fame®
and Museum in downtown Nashville. Photo credit: John Russell/CMA


Jerry Lee Lewis, a dynamic entertainer known for his flamboyant style and energetic stage presence as both a singer and pianist, has passed away.  He was 87. 

Throughout his extraordinary career, Lewis, also known as “The Killer” for the way he knocked out his audiences, mastered a unique, piano-driven sound all his own. He placed 28 Top 10 Billboard Country singles across four decades, including hits, “Great Balls of Fire” and “Whole Lot of Shakin’ Going On,” both of which have been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. Lewis was also the first person inducted into the first class of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986. The Recording Academy honored Lewis with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005 and earlier this month, he was formally inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. 

“One of my most vivid memories of Jerry Lee was in 1997, when he was a guest on “Monday Night Concerts” at the Ryman. Ricky Skaggs and Brian Setzer joined Jerry Lee for a set that started with the classic “Great Balls of Fire” and ended with a stirring rendition of “The Old Rugged Cross.” A true force of nature, it was amazing to be able to witness Jerry perform in person that night. As one of the most talented musicians and entertainers of our time, it warms my heart to know that he got the chance to accept his rightful place in the hallowed hall as a member of the newest class of Country Music Hall of Fame inductees just a few weeks ago. My deepest condolences go out to Jerry Lee’s family and friends during this time.” –Sarah Trahern, Country Music Association CEO.  

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The Jorgensens bare their soul on 'Americana Soul' out November 4, 2022







New York, NY (October 26, 2022) – On November 4, celebrated musical collective The Jorgensens, led by harmonizing duo Kurt and Brianna Jorgensen, will proudly present their new album Americana Soul on November 4, 2022 (Paramour Records).

Specializing in an honest, authentic style of roots rock/AAA/Americana-steeped sound, The Jorgensens’ have earned a loyal fanbase and press adulation for their signature steel-sharp musicianship, honey-soaked harmonizations, and relatable lyrics, which have drawn comparisons to Delaney and Bonnie and Alabama Shakes. Kurt’s mix of vintage guitar, bouncy basslines, and modern technology blends with Brianna’s classically-trained multi-instrumental talent, as she deftly commands keyboards, guitar, and mandolin, among others. Add the remaining members unique, diverse talents, and the result is a mix of vintage classiness, hip style, and a love of fun (which beams out of their music videos). Blending influences from the blues, bluegrass, traditional earthy spirituals, and jazz into a unique, distinctly America-bred musical style, their story in and of itself is that of a bond between various personalities.

The roots of The Jorgensens were set in 2014 in St. Paul, MN, when singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Brianna Tagg was introduced to fellow vocalist/songwriter/guitarist/producer Kurt Jorgensen. Embarking on a musical journey with their first album Jorgensen/Tagg, they continued to write music as their bond grew stronger. As both were getting sober, Kurt was also suffering the weight of a recent divorce – seeing each other through these difficult times forged an incredible connection.

Something amazing happens when soulmates create music; when kismet seeks to bring two creative forces together in a way that allows them to express kindred emotions and sentiments through song. Originally starting as collaborators, Kurt and Brianna would go on to marry, give birth to a son, and infuse their kinetic energy into The Jorgensens, which blossomed with the additions of Andra Lee Suchy (vocals), Brenda Lee King (Bass Guitar), Jeff King (Saxophone, Clarinets), Jeff Levine (Trumpet), Mark O’ Day (Drums, Percussion), and C Harris (Percussion).

It’s this closeness that radiates through every note, twang, and lyric of their songs, as evidenced on the current feel-good single “Old Black Crow”, which is already making waves at radio. This simpatico energy burns bright on Americana Soul.

Paramour Records
Paramour Records is a new division of The Paramour Group, a multi-facet entertainment company with a long history as a boutique international agency and management company. The label, which is distributed by MVD Entertainment Group, specializes in creating an environment for music artists to explore and expand into a broad spectrum of media, blurring the lines between art mediums, including film, music, publishing, television, and games. In addition to offices in Los Angeles, Melbourne (FL), Troy (MI), and Neillsville (WI), Paramour Records has strategic partners in NYC, Hamburg, Germany and Glasgow, Scotland, perfecting their global reach.


Side 1
Old Black Crow
Boom Boom Boom
Hey Baby
Shake It

Side 2
Out of My Mind
Leave Your Light On
Dark Road
Twenty Years
State Line

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Relive groundbreaking hitmakers of the 1950s and '60s via 'Ed Sullivan's Rock & Roll Classics'

Title: Ed Sullivan's Rock & Roll Classics (Time Life)

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Tell me more: Watching the enthralling 10-disc collector's set of Ed Sullivan's Rock & Roll Classics is to be immersed in the groundbreaking sounds of a wide-ranging lineup of groundbreaking artists who made their collective mark on the charts in the 1950s, '60s and early '70s. The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Bee Gees, Buddy Holly, Elvis PresleyThe Jackson 5, The Rolling Stones, Fats DominoThe Supremes, Creedence Clearwater RevivalStevie Wonder and Creedence Clearwater Revival are among the many notables who are seen via 128 live and uncut performances on the stellar collection. 

Long celebrated for his uncanny ability to recognize up-and-coming music greats, Sullivan brought icons including Presley, Holly, The Beatles, Bee Gees, The Supremes and The Rolling Stones to his Sunday Night prime-time variety show early in their careers. This deluxe collection (which retails for $119.96) allows modern-day audiences to fully appreciate The Ed Sullivan Show's unique role in history as a showcase for several generations of popular music legends. Among this writer's favorite performances on the 10-disc set are The Four Tops' medley of 1965 hits ("It's the Same Old Song/Something About You/I Can't Help Myself"), The Lovin' Spoonful's "Do You Believe in Magic," The Animals' rocking "Don't Bring Me Down," The Rolling Stones' rousing "Paint It, Black," and Holly's "Peggy Sue" and "That'll Be the Day," as well as the thrilling turns from Presley, The Band, The Byrds and The Beatles. Throughout the years, the studio sets and production values of the performances grew more ambitious as evidenced by the cosmic-styled medley of The 5th Dimension's "Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In" filmed in May 1969, and the Ike and Tina Turner Revue's explosive version of the Creedence Clearwater Revival hit "Proud Mary" in January 1970.

In addition to the performances, there are bonus interviews and brief newsreel-aided segments that shed light on the cultural and historic highlights of the times in which these performances were captured. A 36-page "Collector's Book" that features liner notes, trivia and wonderful photos enhances the title.

The best of popular music from the 1950s, '60s and early '70s is truly captured across Ed Sullivan's Rock & Roll Classics


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Lynyrd Skynyrd Celebrates Legacy in Southern California return

Today (October 20, 2022) marks the 45th anniversary of the tragic plane crash that took the lives of Lynyrd Skynyrd's Ronnie Van Zant and Steve Gaines, along with backup singer Cassie Gaines (Steve's older sister). A number of other members of the famed group suffered serious injuries in the crash. Below is my review of the most recent time I caught the enduring Rock and Roll Hall of Famers in concert...Robert Kinsler

Review by Robert Kinsler

Photos by Bob Steshetz

Rickey Medlocke, left, with Damon
Johnson on May 13, 2022.

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Where: Los Angeles County Fair

When: Friday, May 13, 2022

Next: Visit

Music historians  as well as the rock and roll faithful  know better than to ever count Lynyrd Skynyrd out. Indeed a tragic plan crash on Oct. 20, 1977 that took the lives of three band members including singer Ronnie Van Zant and guitarist Steve Gaines marked the beginning of a series of tragic turns that have seen the passing of guitarist Allen Collins, keyboardist Billy Powell, bassist Leon Wilkeson, drummer Bob Burns, backing vocalist JoJo Billingsley and guitarist Hughie Thomasson.

The latest challenge for the enduring Southern rock troupe included founding guitarist Gary Rossington undergoing emergency heart surgery in July 2021.

Johnny Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Fast forward to Friday the 13th (May 13, 2022) and the band was headlining before a capacity crowd at the Los Angeles County Fair in Pomona, CA. Although not able to run about, Johnny Van Zant 
 who noted he underwent knee surgery a month ago — was on his feet during most of the set and sounded great.

Early in the set Van Zant said of Rossington: "He is still on the mend and getting better." The singer also noted that Rossington had told his band mates to go to California and "I'll be there in spirit."

Peter Keys of Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Delivering more than 90 minutes of Skynyrd favorites, this kickoff of the "Big Wheels Keep On Turning' World Tour" (continuing through the end of September) found Southern rock's most enduring Rock and Roll Hall of Famers celebrating their survival and legacy with a set that inspired throughout. Touring guitarist Damon Johnson (Alice Cooper, Thin Lizzy) did an excellent job filling in for the recovering Rossington, ably trading lead and slide guitar work with long-time members Rickey Medlocke and Mark Matejka

From left, guitarists Mark Matejka, Rickey Medlocke, Damon Johnson
and bassist Keith Christopher. Also seen are backing vocalists Carol Chase and
Stacy Michelle.

Early highlights of the concert included the rootsy blues rocker "Whiskey Rock-A-Roller" bolstered by backing gospel vocals, a rousing "That Smell" featuring all three of the guitar greats in action, and an affecting acoustic medley of "Mississippi Kid" and "Red White & Blue."

From left, Mark Matejka, Rickey Medlocke, Johnny Van Zant, Michael Cartellone and 
Damon Johnson during their mini-acoustic set at the Los Angeles County Fair.

The momentum built as the band performed their biggest hits, ending the night with the audience on their feet for bona fide greats like the powerful "Simple Man" (featuring some of Van Zant's greatest vocals of the night), along with the rollicking "Gimme Three Steps," a cover of JJ Cale's "Call Me the Breeze," rocking "Sweet Home Alabama" and marathon 12-minute run through "Free Bird" from its piano-anchored sing-along early section through the mighty guitars-on-steroids finale

Lynyrd Skynyrd Concert Setlist for Friday, May 13, 2022

Guitarist Mark Matejka on May 13, 2022.

1. Workin' for MCA

2. You Got That Right

3. Double Trouble

4. Whiskey Rock-A-Roller

5. That Smell

6. Cry for the Bad Man

7. Saturday Night Special

8. What's Your Name

9. Tuesday's Gone

10. Mississippi Kid 

Drummer Michael Cartellone behind the kit.

11. Red White & Blue

12. Simple Man

13. Gimme Three Steps

14. Call Me the Breeze

15. Sweet Home Alabama


16.  Free Bird

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New Music: The Cult, Librarians With Hickeys, Billy Idol, Mountain City Four

The CultLibrarians With Hickeys, Billy Idol and Mountain City Four are back with essential new releases.

The Cult
Title: Under The Midnight Sun (Black Hill Records)
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Tell me more: Blending hard rock and soaring gothic melancholy has always marked The Cult's best work and that winning approach is displayed across the band's most recent album Under The Midnight Sun. Although this marks the English outfit's first new disc since 2016's Hidden City, the British quintet sounds as great as ever. Songs such as the shimmering "Mirror," edgy "A Cut Inside" (the latter showcasing Ian Astbury's vocal firepower), ambitious "Knife Through Butterfly Heart" with its acoustic-to-electric arc and dramatic closer "Under The Midnight Sun" deliver on the band's sonic imprint. The standout cut on the album is the rousing "Give Me Mercy," a track that is wonderfully nuanced and showcases Billy Duffy's stunning guitar work along with an explosive build. Information:

Librarians With Hickeys
Title: Handclaps & Tambourines (Big Stir Records)
You might like if you enjoy: Elvis Costello & The Attractions, early R.E.M., Todd Rundgren
Tell me more: With a sound that evokes an array of melodic heroes from the '60s, '70s and '80s, the four members of Akron, Ohio's Librarians With Hickeys also put a decidedly original stamp on their melody-minded rock. The group's latest album Handclaps & Tambourines features a dozen magical tracks that shine via smart songwriting, sharp hooks, enticing vocal harmonies and the collective talents of Mike Crooker (guitars, keyboards, vocals), Ray Carmen (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Rob Crossley (drums, percussion) and Andrew Wilco (bass guitar). Highlights abound on the disc, including the lovely "Ghost Singer," dynamic "Fairground," wistful "Can't Wait 'Till Summer" (the latter bolstered by some sweet guitar harmonics), rollicking "Lady Overdrive," magical "I Can't Stop Thinking About You," gorgeous Celtic-tinged "Last Days Of Summer" and inspired power pop closer "Me and My Big Mouth." Information:

Billy Idol
Title: The Cage EP (BMG)
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Tell me more: Billy Idol makes the most of his newly-issued The Cage EP, with the rocker delivering four fantastic tracks that recall his most beloved '80s material. Idol's signature baritone vocals are powerful and used in the service of songs where he is exploring his life with artful candor across the disc. "Cage" is a catchy rocker, its fierceness a welcome opener for the 66-year-old singer who was among the first to blend punk, new wave and hard rock styles. "Running From The Ghost" is a reflective original, whose musical run includes a relatively quiet intro before a choir of otherworldly voices and Steve Stevens' blazing guitar work elevate the track. "Rebel Like You" is a winning riff rocker enhanced by a heavy rhythm and AC/DC-worthy thunder. "Miss Nobody" is an interesting cut that blends Idol's spoken word, gospel backing vocals and a funky dance soundscape to perfection. Information:

Mountain City Four
Title: Mountain City Four (Omnivore Recordings)
You might like if you enjoy: Linda Ronstadt, Maria Muldaur, American folk music
Tell me more: Canadian folk group Mountain City Four are celebrated on their self-titled album, which features 15 previously-unissued recordings completed between 1963 and 1970. The marvelous album simultaneously documents the early career of sisters Kate and Anna McGarrigle, who released their eponymous debut in 1976 and released a number of more albums together through 2008; Kate died in 2010, at the age of 63, from a rare form of cancer. Mountain City Four features the talents of the McGarrigle sisters along with Jack Nissenson and Peter Weldon. The group's stellar harmonies and enduring folk sound are used in the service of creating reworking a range of selections in their signature Americana style. Works by the far-flung likes of Willie Johnson, Bill Monroe, Rosetta Tharpe and Wade Hemsworth are covered. Produced by original member Weldon and Jane McGarrigle (the latter was a sister of Kate and Anna and served as their long-time business manager), the album packaging includes photos and liner notes from Weldon, Jane and Anna McGarrigle, and Joe Boyd. Information:

Robert Kinsler

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Sights and Sounds: Neil Young, Queen, Bruce Springsteen

While I was on a hiking trip in Utah this week there was a number of major music news headlines. Here is a recap of some of the biggest announcements...Robert Kinsler

Neil Young's 'Harvest' to be reissued as a 50th anniversary edition on Friday, Dec. 2, 2022 via Reprise Records

Neil Young's best known album, 1972's Harvest, will be reissued in a 40th anniversary edition on Friday, Dec. 2, 2022 via Reprise Records.  Harvest was Young's third solo album and reached number 1 in many nations; the enduring album features the hit single "Heart of Gold" as well as classics including "Old Man," "The Needle and the Damage Done" and "Alabama." Among the artists who contributed to the proceedings on Harvest were Linda Ronstadt, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, James Taylor and David Crosby

The 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Box sets will be released on vinyl and audio CD. The box sets include the original album released in February 1972, three outtakes from the Harvest sessions, two DVDs and a hard bound book tat includes 40 photographs (as well as liner notes by Joel Bernstein). 

Both the vinyl box set and the CD format will include Young's oft-bootlegged Feb. 23, 1971 BBC In Concert performance (a version of "Heart of Gold" from that show is out now, and the previously-unreleased two-hour documentary Harvest Time. Watch the video performance of "Heart of Gold" HERE.

Queen's 'The Miracle Collector's Edition' to be released on Nov. 18, 2022. Listen to the rediscovered gem "Face It Alone" featuring the late Freddie Mercury

On Nov. 18, 2022, Queen will release The Miracle Collector's Edition, revisiting the band's 13th studio album The Miracle (originally released in May 1989). 

In retrospect, the world is fortunate that the aptly-titled album was recorded. Indeed, after playing their biggest concert ever on Aug. 9, 1986, Queen took a hiatus from each other. The four members only reunited three years later to record The Miracle.

The recording of the album also played out around the same time as Mercury's positive HIV diagnosis being shared with the other band members (but not yet with the public).

The Miracle Collector's Edition will include a remastered LP version of the original album, along with a slew of bonus material including “original takes, demos and rough cuts, and six previously unreleased tracks – plus intimate fly-on-the-wall audio of the band at work in the studio.”

One of those previously unreleased tracks, “Face It Alone,” serves as a shining preview of the expanded title:

The track is the first new song featuring Mercury since 2014, when the band released Queen Forever, which included “Let Me in Your Heart Again,” “Love Kills” and “There Must Be More to Life Than This.”

A news release issued in connection with the forthcoming title provides more details about the enticing "Face It Alone":

Among its contents, the expanded set includes The Miracle Sessions: an hour-plus disc of further previously unreleased recordings, including six unpublished songs. Just as tantalising for fans, the audio includes the band’s candid spoken exchanges on the studio floor in London and Montreux, giving the most revealing window yet into the four members’ creative process and the joy, in-jokes and banter on their return to working together.

“Face It Alone” was originally recorded during the band’s historic 1988 sessions for that album, a prolific period which saw the band lay down around 30 tracks, many of which were never released, but remained among those that didn’t make the final album cut. It was rediscovered when the band’s production and archive team returned to those sessions to work on The Miracle box set reissue.

“We’d kind of forgotten about this track,” admits Roger Taylor, “but there it was, this little gem. It’s wonderful, a real discovery. It’s a very passionate piece.”

Adds Brian May:

“I’m happy that our team were able to find this track. After all these years, it’s great to hear all four of us … yes, Deacy is there too … working in the studio on a great song idea which never quite got completed … until now!”

Get more details on the upcoming release via Queen's official website.

Bruce Springsteen releases video for advance track 'Nightshift' from forthcoming album 'Only The Strong Survive' coming Nov. 11, 2022

Check out the latest official music video from Bruce Springsteen; the song "Nightshift" will be featured on his forthcoming album Only The Strong Survive due on Nov. 11, 2022.

Watch the video HERE.