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The Turtles' White Whale albums are back on vinyl as expanded double-LP sets, due June 26 on Manifesto

Happy Friday everyone. I wanted to help share the exciting news about soon-to-be-released vinyl reissues featuring some of The Turtles' most legendary titles... 

The Turtles' White Whale albums are back on vinyl as expanded double-LP sets, due June 26 via Manifesto

Formed in Westchester, Calif. by high school friends Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman, along with Don Murray, Al Nichol, Chuck Portz, and Jim Tucker, the Turtles racked up nine Top 40 hits, including the unforgettable “Happy Together,” during their original run from 1965-1970. While the band may be best known for that and a few other chart-toppers, each of their six studio albums offers unique gems and unsung treasures, featuring unforgettable harmonies and sardonic wit. At long last, those albums are being reissued as they were meant to be heard — on vinyl — on June 26, 2020 by Manifesto Records.
Originally released on the Los Angeles-based White Whale label, the long out of print albums were reissued on CD in 2016, but now, for the first time in more than a decade, they’re back on vinyl, digitally remastered from the original tapes.


And purists won’t have to struggle with the old mono vs. stereo conundrum. The band’s first three albums — It Ain’t Me BabeYou Baby, and Happy Together — will be issued in high-quality gatefold jackets as two-record sets with both the mono and stereo versions, so you’ll get the best of both worlds. The later three albums — Battle of the BandsTurtle Soup, and Wooden Head— will also be released in gatefolds as two-record sets with the original album, plus a second disc featuring rare bonus material, including previously unreleased recordings.
It Ain't Me Babe, the Turtles’ 1965 full-length debut, includes the Top 10 hit cover of the classic Bob Dylan tune that served as the album’s title track, and renditions of Dylan’s “Love Minus Zero/No Limit” and “Like a Rolling Stone,” as well as a take on P.F. Sloan’s “Eve of Destruction.” The album also features several Kaylan originals that show his evolution as a songwriting force.
You Baby, the band’s 1966 sophomore set, also features a mix of covers and originals, including the Top 20 hit title track, penned by Sloan and Steve Barri, whose “Can I Get to Know You Better” closes out the album. Another Sloan cover from the album, “Let Me Be,” was also released as a single and cracked the Top 30 prior to the album’s release.
With 1967’s Happy Together, the Turtles reached their peak, both chart-wise (#25 on the Billboard Pop Albums chart) and artistically. It features the band’s two highest-charting singles:  the #1 title track as well as “She’d Rather Be With Me” (#3), both written by the songwriting team of Garry Bonner and Alan Gordon. A third song written by the duo, “You Know What I Mean,” reached #12. Also notable are the Kaylan/Volman co-write “Think I’ll Run Away,” and “Like the Seasons,” composed by a young Warren Zevon.
On 1968’s The Turtles Present the Battle of the Bands, the group broke out of their, er, shell with a concept album in which the band adopted the personas of 11 fictitious acts, including the Atomic Enchilada and Chief Kamanawanalea and His Royal Macadamia Nuts. It included the band’s most original material to date, plus the title track, written by Harry Nilsson and producer Chip Douglas, and “You Showed Me,” penned by the Byrds' Jim McGuinn and Gene Clark, which became the Turtles’ final Top 10 hit. “Elenore,” credited to Howie, Mark, Johny, Jim and Al on the album, also cracked the Top 10.

Although 1969's Turtle Soup failed to spawn a hit single, and stalled at No. 117 on the Billboard Pop Albums chart, it’s notable as the full-album production debut of the Kinks’ Ray Davies, who likely felt a kinship to a group that seemed the American pop cousins of the British band. With 1970's Wooden Head, the Turtles collected B-sides and other rarities, including an alternate version of “The Wanderin’ Kind,” which goes back full circle, as the original version was the opening track on the band’s first album, 1965’It Ain’t Me Babe.
It Ain’t Me Babe (MFO 48041)
Record One - MONO
Side A
1. Wanderin' Kind         
2. It Was A Very Good Year      
3. Your Maw Said You Cried      
4. Eve of Destruction     
5. Glitter and Gold        
6. Let Me Be
Side B
1Let the Cold Winds Blow        
2It Ain’t Me Babe
3A Walk in the Sun     
4Last Laugh   
5Love Minus Zero       
6Like A Rolling Stone
Record Two - STEREO
Side C
1. Wanderin' Kind         
2. It Was A Very Good Year      
3. Your Maw Said You Cried      
4. Eve of Destruction     
5. Glitter and Gold        
6. Let Me Be
Side D
1Let the Cold Winds Blow        
2It Ain’t Me Babe
3A Walk in the Sun     
4Last Laugh   
5Love Minus Zero       
6Like A Rolling Stone
You Baby (MFO 48042)
Record One - MONO
Side A
1Flyin' High     
2I Know That You'll Be There  
3. House Of Pain          
4. Just A Room
5. I Need Someone      
6. Let Me Be
Side B  
1Down In Suburbia     
2.Give Love A Trial       
3. You Baby     
4. Ball Bearing, Ball Bearing World        
5. All My Problems        
6. Almost There
Record Two - STEREO
Side C
1. Flyin' High     
2. I Know That You'll Be There  
3. House Of Pain          
4. Just A Room
5. I Need Someone      
6. Let Me Be
Side D  
1Down In Suburbia     
2Give Love A Trial       
3. You Baby     
4. Ball Bearing, Ball Bearing World        
5. All My Problems        
6. Almost There
Happy Together (MFO 48043)
Record One - MONO
Side A
1Makin' My Mind Up    
2. Guide For The Married Man   
3. Think I'll Run Away    
4. The Walking Song     
5. Me About You          
6. Happy Together        
Side B
1. She'd Rather Be With Me       
2. Too Young To Be One          
3. Person Without A Care          
4. Like The Seasons     
5. Rugs Of Woods And Flowers
Record Two – STEREO
Side C
1. Makin' My Mind Up    
2Guide For The Married Man   
3. Think I'll Run Away    
4. The Walking Song     
5. Me About You          
6. Happy Together        
Side D
1She'd Rather Be With Me       
2. Too Young To Be One          
3. Person Without A Care          
4 .Like The Seasons     
5.R ugs Of Woods And Flowers
Battle of the Bands (MFO 48044)
Record One - Stereo
Side A
1The Opening: The Battle of the Bands
2. The Last Thing I Remember   
3. Elenore        
4. Too Much Heartsick Feeling  
5. Oh Daddy!    
6. Buzz Saw
Side B  
1. Surfer Dan    
2. I'm Chief Kamanawanalea (We're the Royal Macadamia Nuts)
3. You Showed Me       
4. Food
5. Chicken Little Was Right        
6. The Closing: Earth Anthem (All)         

Record Two - The Bonus Tracks
Side C
1. She's My Girl
2. Chicken Little Was Right (single version-stereo)          
3. Sound Asleep           
4. Umbassa The Dragon           
5. The Story of Rock and Roll
Side D  
1. Can't You Hear the Cows       
2. The Last Thing I Remember (The First Thing I Knew)  
3. The Owl        
4. To See the Sun        
5. Earth Anthem (alternate version) [previously unreleased]        
6. Battle of the Bands Radio Spot
Turtle Soup (MFO 48045)
Record One
Side A
1Come Over
2 .House on the Hill
3. She Always Leaves Me Laughing      
4. How You Love Me
5. Torn Between Temptations   
6. Love in the City
Side B  
1. Bachelor Mother       
2. John & Julie  
3. Hot Little Hands        
4. Somewhere Friday Night
5. Dance This Dance With Me    
6. You Don’t Have to Walk in the Rain    
Record Two - The Bonus Tracks
Side C
1. Goodbye Surprise
2. Like It Or Not
3. There You Sit Lonely
4. Can I Go On
5.Y ou Want to be A Woman
6 .If We Only Had the Time        
Side D
1. Dance This Dance With Me (Demo)    
2. Come Over (Demo) [Previously Unreleased]  
3. How You Love Me (Demo)     
4. Strange Girl (Demo) [Previously Unreleased]  
5. Marmendy Mill (Demo)           
6. Turtle Soup Radio Spot
Wooden Head (MFO 48046)
Record One
Side A
I Can't Stop  
She'll Come Back      
Get Away      
Wrong From The Start           
I Get Out Of Breath   
Side B
We'll Meet Again       
On A Summer's Day  
Come Back   
Say Girl         
Tie Me Down
Wanderin' Kind         

Record Two - The Bonus Tracks
Side C
You Baby (1967 Stereo Mix)  
So Goes Love           
Makin' Up My Mind (1966 Version-Stereo)     
Is It Any Wonder?     
Let Me Be (1967 Stereo Mix)
Grim Reaper Of Love
Side D
It Ain't Me Babe (1967 Stereo Mix)     
2 .
Can I Get To Know You Better           
Outside Chance        
You Know What I Mean         
Cat In The Window    
We'll Meet Again (Alternative Take) [Previously Unreleased]   
The Turtles! Golden Hits Radio Spot   

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Sights and Sounds: Bill Kirchen, Sara Evans, PJ Harvey

Plenty of news to share! While we all wait (and wait...) for concerts and live music events to return, the focus now is on new albums, reissues and special live stream events...

Bill Kirchen - Telecaster titan - readies 'The Proper Years'

Combines three solo albums connecting dots across his acclaimed 50-year career

AUSTIN, Texas — Upon tallying how many decades he’s worked as a professional guitar slinger, Telecaster master Bill Kirchen quips, “Well, they don't make 50 years like they used to.”
They don’t often make careers like his, either. From performing with his Who Knows Pickers jug band in Ann Arbor High School’s senior talent show (also on the program: the future Iggy Pop), to birthing the Americana genre with the original “hippie country band,”Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen, this affable Austinite has been everywhere, man, flying alongside some of the planet’s coolest cats — including the Jesus of Cool, Nick Lowe, and Lowe’s old protégé, Elvis Costello. Kirchen has toured the world with Lowe, who produced an album by Kirchen’s post-Airmen band, the Moonlighters, and Costello recruited Kirchen for high-profile gigs like the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival — and even named his festival band after Kirchen’s Hammer of the Honky-Tonk Gods album.
Lowe appears on that 2006 album, and its 2010 follow-up, Word to the Wise, along with Costello, Maria Muldaur, Dan Hicks and other luminaries. And now those albums, plus Kirchen’s third Proper American release, 2013’s Seeds and Stems, are being combined as a two-CD retrospective titled The Proper Years. The package, on U.K. label The Last Music Co., arrives July 24, 2020. Waxworks, a vinyl best-of version, also releases July 24.
A well-balanced mix of engaging originals and wonderfully rendered covers, The Proper Years admirably conveys Kirchen’s versatility as a player and singer — one of the first to mash up rockabilly, country, Western swing, honky-tonk, jump blues, jazz, boogie-woogie and even the “psychedelic folk rock” he played with the Seventh Seal, the band he formed while attending the University of Michigan. (MC5 manager/activist John Sinclair got them a deal on the ESP-Disk label, home of Sun Ra, but the band turned it down.) Somewhere between steering Commander Cody’s “Hot Rod Lincoln” into a top-10 hit and scoring a Grammy nomination for Best Country Instrumental Performance, Kirchen dubbed his sound “dieselbilly,” wrapping his fondness for country’s truck-driving song subgenre (as in big rigs, not pickups), its intersection with the Bakersfield Sound, and his own name into one memorable moniker.
Kirchen’s right-place-at-the-right-time career has put him at the forefront of many musical movements, including outlaw country; Commander Cody’s 1974 album, Live From Deep in the Heart of Texasrecorded at Austin’s legendary Armadillo World Headquarters, made Rolling Stone’s 100 Best Albums of All Time list. 
But whatever label Kirchen’s music wears, it’s always notable for its balance of high-octane energy and deft understatement. There’s no leadfoot excess; Kirchen’s all about finesse — a sensibility absorbed from the symphonies and Broadway musicals his parents loved, along with the orchestral works he played as a school-band trombonist. Through another major influence, Interlochen Center for the Arts summer camp counselor David Siglin (who would go on to run famed Ann Arbor venue the Ark), Kirchen became immersed in folk traditions and learned to love the “big, sonorous tones” of an undistorted guitar. 
“I was more interested in sounding like Doc Watson than Eric Clapton,” admits Kirchen, whose main guitar was crafted by Rick Kelly of Carmine Street Guitars from 200-year-old pine floorboards recycled from film director Jim Jarmusch’s loft.
It’s fitting that this collection begins with his ode to that Telly-modeled “stick of wood” he calls “the bicycle of the electric guitar — the most efficient way to get from point A to point B.” That song also serves as exhibit A in a collection showcasing a central facet of Kirchen’s songwriting: his wit. If there’s a laugh to be reached for — or stooped to — Kirchen’s goin’ for it; you don’t survive years in a band named Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen, or drop album titles like Seeds and Stems, without possessing a gleefully subversive, double-entendre-loving funnybone. 
“I like music where at least someone onstage is smiling sometimes, fer crissake,” jokes Kirchen, who’s often grinning happily when he’s not busy singing. But for every injection of humor, there’s an equal dose of heart (and in some cases, heartbreak). And songs like “Tell Me the Reason” or “Get a Little Goner” illustrate another truism: Kirchen often sets the saddest or most biting lyrics to the jauntiest melodies. 
Those two were cowritten by his wife, Louise; “Goner” also features frequent contributor Sarah Brown(coincidentally also raised in Ann Arbor). Kirchen likes collaborating: on Word to the Wise, a musical reminiscence of sorts, he tapped several favorite artists to join him, carefully selecting or writing songs for each. In the liner notes, he explains, “The criteria we used were that you had to be A) someone I had actually played with, either on stage or record, and B) not dead yet.” 
Sadly, Norton Buffalo, who played harmonica with the Airmen and Moonlighters, passed away shortly after recording “Valley of the Moon” — in which Kirchen revisits scenes of his early life with Louise on a trip to attend a funeral (for Hacienda Brother Chris Gaffney, another musical mate). Dan Hicks, who delivered a note-perfect duet on the title tune — written for him — died in 2016. But as of this writing, Lowe, Costello, Maria Muldaur, Paul Carrack, original Asleep at the Wheel vocalist Chris O’Connell and Commander Cody (a.k.a. George Frayne) are still very much with us. 
Kirchen’s entertaining liner notes explain his connection to each, tracing many of these relationships directly to longtime collaborator and “main man” Austin de Lone, who appears on all three albums and is part of the core band on two.

Philadelphia-born keyboardist de Lone and his band, Eggs Over Easy, moved to England in 1970, urged by Jimi Hendrix’s manager, Chas Chandler. Their rootsy mix of blues, country and rock caught on — and germinated the pub-rock movement, whose acolytes included Brinsley Schwarz, in which Lowe played bass. In 1972, de Lone moved to California, where he met Kirchen. Years later, de Lone wound up joining the Moonlighters and introducing Kirchen to Lowe, who produced the band’s 1983 album, Rush Hour (and introduced Kirchen to Costello). That album was engineered by Paul Riley, who eventually would produce all of Kirchen’s Proper releases.
A devoted Anglophile, thanks to two aunts who married Brits, Kirchen began recording for the British label (distributed in the U.S. under the Proper American name) after owner Malcolm Mills promised, “I'm going to give you the best deal you've had in 25 years.” 
He did, too. Mills not only supports Kirchen’s recorded output, he also supports the guitarist onstage, right alongside bassist Riley. “Where else do you get a record company where the owner plays drums, the producer plays bass, and they tour with you?” Kirchen says of his good friends. “They’re the best.” 

That’s just another twist in an incredible career trajectory set in motion, according to Kirchen, by two pivotal events: the 1964 and ’65 Newport Folk Festivals. As a high-school kid on a quest to catch Mississippi John Hurt, he thumbed to the first one, then went back the following year — and witnessed Dylan going electric.
“That pretty well blew away the competition for what I was going to do before, or if, or when I grew up,” he says of those experiences. Five years later, he found himself sharing a bill with John Lennon, Yoko Ono,and Stevie Wonder, when Commander Cody and the Airmen, who’d formed in Ann Arbor, played a benefit for Sinclair after he got 10 years for two joints.
A mere 50 years later, Kirchen’s still having a blast. He’s even planning another tour with Riley and Mills. But releasing this package, he says, “nicely puts a bow on a whole, very enjoyable period of my life.” 
“Not that it's over,” he adds quickly. “I mean, I’ve got more stuff in the works.”
Then he cracks, “Don’t tell anybody, but it's not as hard as it looks.” 

Sara Evans 'Copy That' livestream on Friday, May 29 to benefit local venues
Celebrates new album with Virtual Performance,
Q&A, and Meet & Greet

Nashville, TN — May 27, 2020 – Sara Evans is celebrating the success of her brand-new album, Copy That, with a live stream performance on Friday, May 29.  The special event, featuring Sara playing a mix of hits and new music, taking a request or two, a Q&A and meet & greet, will benefit local venues in four states – Indiana, Nebraska, Texas and Wisconsin.  For more information and to participate in this event, click HERE.
Local Venues Supported By Livestream Include:
Riviera Theater / The Pabst Theater Group - Milwaukee, WI
Meyer Theater - Green Bay, WI
Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center – Midland, TX
Victory Theater – Evansville, IN
Orpheum Theater, Omaha Performing Arts - Omaha, NE

“Participating in the Sara Evans live stream performance not only provides much needed financial help for The Pabst Theater Group during these difficult times, it also helps us to stay connected with our community and provide them with one of the very special things that has been taken away from them…the beauty of a live performance,” said Gary Witt, CEO Pabst Theater Group-Milwaukee.

“We’re really excited to bring Sara into the Omaha area and be a part of a new initiative to connect with our community,” said Andy Cassano, Vice President of Programming & Education for Omaha Performing Arts.

Copy That, the first solo studio album in three years from multi-platinum star Sara Evans, released on May 15 and opened at #1 on the iTunes Country Chart. Co-produced by Sara and Jarrad K (Ruston Kelly, Weezer, Goo Goo Dolls), and released on her own Born To Fly Records, the 13-song collection spans six decades. Featuring collaborations with Old Crow Medicine Show and Little Big Town’s Phillip Sweet, Copy That showcases Evans’ creative take on some of the most iconic songs in country and pop music, songs that have inspired her life and career, as well as shines a spotlight on some little-known gems. Sara pays tribute to her early days fronting her family band and covers everyone from Hank Williams to Patsy ClineFleetwood MacThe PretendersPoco, John MayerDexy’s Midnight RunnersChicago and more.  Download or stream Copy That by visiting

Sara will continue her wildly popular “Closet Chaos” Instagram Live series each Monday. The hilarious series, which she has been doing alongside daughter Oliva Barker, has welcomed guests such as Tony DovolaniClinton KellyMartina McBrideMelissa Peterman, and Phillip Sweet.

About Sara Evans: 
Multi-platinum entertainer SARA EVANS is at the top of her game. As the fifth most-played female artist at country radio in nearly the last two decades — her five No. 1 singles include “No Place That Far,” “Suds In The Bucket, “A Real Fine Place To Start,” “Born to Fly,” and “A Little Bit Stronger,” which spent 2 weeks in the top spot and was certified platinum by the R.I.A.A. Sara’s “stunning, country voice” (Rolling Stone) has earned her the prestigious Academy of Country Music Top Female vocalist accolade as well as numerous American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Country Music Association, CMT and Grammy Awards nominations. In addition, the CMA awarded Video of the Year honors for her hit chart-topping single, "Born to Fly" from her landmark double-platinum album of the same name, which celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2020.  Evans’ discography also includes the platinum-selling studio albums Real Fine Place and Restless as well as the gold-certified projects Stronger and No Place That Far.

Sara has continued to forge her bold, creative path with Copy That, which opened at #1 on the iTunes Country chart, released on her own Born To Fly Records on May 15, 2020. The 13-song collection, spanning six decades, showcased Evans’ distinctive creative stamp on some of the most iconic songs in country and pop music, songs that have inspired her life and career, as well as shining a spotlight on some little-known gems. Copy That follows her critically acclaimed Words, which debuted at #2 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums Chart in 2017. Last year brought album and touring collaborations with her children, Avery and Olivia Barker, for The Barker Family Band.

On September 8, 2020, Sara will release her memoir, Born To Fly, through Howard Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.  For the first time, Evans will open up and share stories not only about her career and what it is like living in the spotlight, but about what inspires her and how her faith keeps her strong.  Drawing on stories from her own life, she shares wisdom on topics ranging from motherhood and marriage to finding your purpose.

For more information on Sara Evans, visit and engage with her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram

PJ Harvey entire back catalog reissued on vinyl 

Plus album demos available as stand-alone collections for first time

‘DRY’ and ‘DRY – Demos’
Available July 24

Listen to demo version of “Sheela-Na-Gig” here

Photo Credit: Maria Mochnacz
Watch video for “Dress” here

“[DRY] …still fearless, forever timeless. It’s both vicious blues-punk – a noise that’s bruised and battered, murky and muscular.” – THE GUARDIAN 

Santa Monica, CA – May 28, 2020 – UMe/Island and Beggars today announce a comprehensive reissue campaign which will see PJ Harvey’s entire back catalog - plus her two albums in collaboration with John Parish - released on vinyl over the next 12 months. For the first time, each of PJ Harvey’s album demos will be available as a stand-alone album on digital and vinyl. 

This catalog project will celebrate every aspect of Harvey’s recording career and afford a comprehensive and exciting look at the evolution of one of the most singular and extraordinary artists of modern times. 

The first release is DRY, Harvey’s seminal debut album back in print on vinyl for the first time in 20 years with the Beggars Archive/Too Pure Records reissue on July 24. Released to worldwide critical acclaim on March 30, 1992, it was recorded at The Ice House in Yeovil and features the singles “Dress” and “Sheela-Na-Gig.” DRY saw PJ Harvey burst onto the global stage to begin her unique path. “… a seductive calling card that signals the arrival of an extraordinary new artist.”  - Robert Hilburn, LOS ANGELES TIMES. 

July 24 also sees the release of the 11 track DRY- Demos, previously released with DRY almost 30 years ago, and now available for the first time as a stand-alone vinyl/CD/digital release. Listen to “Sheela-Na-Gig” demo here.

"Polly dredges these sounds from the pit of her dissected soul and drags them out of her mouth with clenched fists." – NME (DRY review,1992)

On her debut [DRY], Polly Jean Harvey matched Patti Smith’s incandescence with Bessie Smith’s lasciviousness, outplayed everyone on the British indie circuit, and became an instant star.” – PITCHFORK

[DRY] ….an uncompromising work of exhilarating, cauterizing beauty." – ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

An 11-track collection of demos of all songs from the debut studio album Dry by PJ Harvey, available for the first time since 1992 and previously unreleased as a standalone album. 

Featuring brand new artwork with previously unseen photos by Maria Mochnacz.

LP Info:
  • 1LP, 180gram black vinyl
  • Full color outer sleeve, with printed inner sleeve
  • Artwork includes 3 previously unreleased photos
  • Download card

CD Info:
  • Mini-gatefold style outer sleeve, with printed inner sleeve
  • Artwork includes 3 previously unreleased photos

Digital Info:
11-track standard definition release, available digitally for the first time. 

  1. Oh my Lover (Demo)
  2. O Stella (Demo)
  3. Dress (Demo)
  4. Victory (Demo)
  5. Happy & Bleeding (Demo)
  6. Sheela-Na-Gig (Demo)
  7. Hair (Demo)
  8. Joe (Demo)
  9. Plants & Rags (Demo)
  10. Fountain (Demo)
  11. Water (Demo) 

Dry – Demos is available on digital, CD and vinyl on July 24 on UMe/Island Records. Pre-order here


Remastered by DRY producer ‘Head’ and replicated to the original version. 

Dry (studio album) is available on Too Pure/Beggars Archive on vinyl on July 24. Pre-order here.

PJ HARVEY – Discography: 
Dry (1992)
Rid Of Me (1993)
To Bring You My Love (1995)
Is This Desire? (1998)
Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea (2000)
Uh Huh Her (2004)
White Chalk (2007)
Let England Shake (2011)
The Hope Six Demolition Project (2016)

With John Parish:
Dance Hall At Louse Point (1996)
A Woman A Man Walked By (2009)

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

INXS "Live Baby Live" on DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Formats - June 26, 2020

Very exciting news that a legendary INXS 1991 performance is coming next month! Get all the details and see the cover artwork for the highly-anticipated release below - Robert Kinsler


New York, NY (May 27th 2020) – Eagle Vision today announced the release of Live Baby Live, the seminal live show by INXS from 1991, on digital download, 4K Ultra High Definition Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD on June 26th. The release follows the restored film’s hugely successful debut theatrical run in late 2019, playing on over a thousand screens from Sydney to Stockholm and London to Los Angeles.
The home entertainment release features the film presented in widescreen for the first time, and in over 20 times greater resolution (on 4K UHD blu-ray) than the original DVD release. The full Wembley soundtrack is available in the blu-ray and DVD bundles, plus “Shining Star”, the studio track recorded the day after the show in London which then became the lead single from the original live compilation album in 1991.
This masterclass in showmanship and musicianship has been meticulously restored over a twelve-month period from the original 35mm negative to 4K Ultra HD, and during the process a previously thought lost performance of the ‘X’ album track “Lately” was discovered and reinstated into the film, much to the fans delight.
To accompany the astonishing visual upgrade, the audio is now presented in Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD Master Audio (Blu-ray only), DTS 5.1 Surround and Dolby 5.1 Surround - all created by Giles Martin, the band’s Executive Music Director, and Sam Okell at Abbey Road Studios.
The physical packages feature new 4K-sourced photography from the show, new notes from the band and an essay by broadcaster and uber INXS fan Jamie East, who was in the crowd that day.
1.) Guns in the Sky
2.) New Sensation
3.) I Send a Message
4.) The Stairs
5.) Know the Difference
6.) Disappear
7.) By My Side
8.) Hear That Sound
9.) Lately*
10.) The Loved One
11.) Wild Life
12.) Mystify
13.) Bitter Tears
14.) Suicide Blonde
15.) What You Need
16.) Kick
17.) Need You Tonight
18.) Mediate
19.) Never Tear Us Apart
20.) Who Pays the Price
21.) Devil Inside
22.) Shining Star
Previously unseen/unheard performance
INXS ‘LIVE BABY LIVE'’ Technical Specs
BD & 4K BD Audio: LPCM Stereo, DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio, Dolby Atmos
BD & 4K Region: ABC (All Regions)
4K BD Format: UHD-66
BD Format: BD-50
DVD Audio: Dolby Digital Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, DTS 5.1 Surround Sound
DVD Region: 0 (All Regions)
DVD Format: DVD-9
DVD, BD & 4K BD Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Total running time: 98 mins approx.
About INXS
INXS has sold over 50 million records worldwide including number ones in 4 different continents and performed over 4,000 live shows to over 25 million people in almost 50 countries.
The band had 23 hits in the UK, 18 in the US (7 top ten) and 36 Australian hits (13 top ten). They had 6 consecutive top ten UK and US albums and 13 Australian top 10 albums. The band won countless awards including seven Arias, two Brits, a dozen Countdown Awards, five MTV Awards and in 2001 were inducted into the Aria Hall of Fame.
In 2014 ‘Never Tear Us Apart’ a two-part miniseries about the band was a ratings smash and catapulted the band back into the Australian charts resulting in six albums in the top 40 and two singles in the top 30. The band’s legacy lives on in 2019 with songs such as Never Tear Us Apart, New Sensation, What You Need, Listen Like Thieves, Need You Tonight and many more now rightfully recognised as classics.
About Eagle Rock
Eagle Rock Entertainment is the world-leading producer and distributor of music-based programming, including documentaries and concert films. Founded in 1997, the multi-award-winning company creates over 50 productions a year and distributes over 2,000 hours of music-related programming.
Their catalogue includes work by award-winning filmmakers such as Martin Scorsese, Brett Morgan, Mike Figgis, Stanley Nelson, Paul Dugdale, Jeremy Marre, Leslie Woodhead and Michael Epstein. They work with a huge number of artists over a wide spectrum of genres, including the Rolling Stones, Eminem, Katy Perry, Queen, Muse, Steven Wilson, Madonna, Imagine Dragons, The Cure, Eric Clapton, Shania Twain, Iggy Pop, Paul McCartney, and Black Sabbath. Eagle is a Universal Music Group company, and is headquartered in London.
About Petrol Records
Petrol, founded in 2001, is the world’s most successful first all-digital record company and the first independent label to sign a worldwide distribution agreement with Apple Inc.’s iTunes. Petrol’s numerous chart and sales successes over the years in various musical genres, together with Christopher M. Murphy’s other multimedia endeavours, resulted in Murphy receiving the New South Wales Premier’s Expo Award for Arts & Entertainment and being named Australian Entrepreneur of the Year by Business Review Weekly for his many achievements.
In 2008 Murphy received a Grammy nomination for his documentary on the street music of Cuba (now referred to as ‘Reggaeton’). In 2009, Petrol signed INXS’ classic catalogue to the label and in 2017, INXS were awarded for 50 million worldwide sales. With iTunes alone, Petrol has achieved more than 180 #1’s, more than 700 Top 10, and more than 1,600 Top 100 positions. In addition to Murphy’s Grammy nomination for a cutting-edge documentary, and following the # 1 rated television mini-series in 2014, Petrol broke all records with six albums in the Top 10. With millions of records sold worldwide and ranking as one of the world’s most successful independent labels, Petrol continue to succeed in the marketplace.