Friday, June 12, 2020

Ambition displayed on new collections

A trio of releases all exploring the sounds of groundbreaking favorites are now available.

Artist: Mike Peters
Title: STREAM {Hurricane of Change} (LABEL HERE)
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Tell me more: Poetic and poignant, STREAM  {Hurricane of Change} is an ambitious two-disc work from Alarm singer-songwriter Mike Peters. The 39-track collection is a mix of spoken word chapters and full-length songs, all chronicling the turbulent times and events of the late '80s that helped fuel the creation of that band's classic Eye of the Hurricane (1987), Electric Folklore (1988) and Change (1989) albums. The performances featured on STREAM are forceful to be sure, spanning from Celtic-tinged moments (notably on "A New South Wales" and "Irish Sea") and blues ("Shelter") to folk ("Rose Beyond The Wall," "World On Fire") and driving rockers ("Hallowed Ground," "Only Love Can Set Me Free"). Some of the Alarm's most beloved tracks are included and reworked as part of this concept work, with "Rescue Me" delivered as an introspective foray where Peters' voice is positioned amidst gospel vocals, piano and acoustic guitar. "Rain In The Summertime" is similarly re-imagined in a more folk rock-styled sonic setting. Peters' signature vocals sound as great as they did 30 years ago and his sense of purpose shines across the inspired autobiographical-minded set. Information:

Artist: Jack Russell's Great White
Title: Once Bitten Acoustic Bytes (Deadline Music)
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Tell me more: Singer-songwriter Jack Russell revisits many of Great White's most beloved hits on the aptly-dubbed Once Bitten Acoustic Bytes, with his top-tier vocals taking center stage on the 10-track collection that pays tribute to Great White's 1987 classic LP. Armed with his powerful voice, Russell guides his band through acoustic-flavored material that simultaneously maintains a propulsive and bona fide rocking spirit. "Gonna Getcha" is bolstered by some fiery lead guitar work on an acoustic guitar, while "Rock Me" has a more playful bluesy vibe than the original recording of the favorite. My favorites on the album are the tender "Save All Your Love" and a first-rate mostly-faithful cover of the classic Led Zeppelin classic "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You." Joining Russell on this LP are the talents of guitarist Robby Lochner (who also produced the album), guitarist Tony Montana, bassist Dan McNay and drummer Dicki Fliszer. Once Bitten Acoustic Bytes is available via digital, on audio CD and via a limited-edition blue vinyl LP. Information:

Artist: New Riders of the Purple Sage
Title: Field Trip (Omnivore Recordings)
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Tell me more: The live recording of New Riders of the Purple Sage featured on Field Trip is a joyful trip into the past. Recorded on Aug. 27, 1972 on the site that now hosts the Oregon Country Fair, this was a wonderfully loose performance of a country-rock band sharing the bill with the Grateful Dead and giving its all. The 17-track performance provides a chance for the band to deliver uptempo countrified nuggets ("Truck Drivin' Man," "Hello Mary Lou"), tender ballads ("Linda," "Lochinvar"), blues-tinged rockers ("Groupie") and mid tempo gems ("Rainbow," "Whiskey"). The 2-LP title was produced by band historian Rob Bleetstein and contains liner notes penned by Ken Babbs last November. Information:

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