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Inbox Update: Wes Anderson Tribute set for 2014 release; Stream Synkro's new EP in full now

Here are the latest media releases of note to land in my inbox...

Wes Anderson Tribute in the works from American Laundromat Records
Freelance Whales, Grand Hallway, Generationals, SSLYBY, Telekinesis, PHOX, Escondido, Matt Pond, William Fitzsimmons, Juliana Hatfield, Black Francis, Kristin Hersh, and others on board to cover songs.

American Laundromat Records is proud to announce plans to produce a Wes Anderson music tribute for spring 2014 release. The double-CD titled “I SAVED LATIN!” will feature a bevy of indie artists covering songs from Bottle RocketRushmoreRoyal TenenbaumsLife AquaticDarjeeling LimitedFantastic Mr. Fox, and more.

CONFIRMED ARTIST - Track (Original Artist) / Film Song Appeared In:
BLACK FRANCIS - Seven and Seven Is (Love) / Bottle Rocket
ELK CITY - Play with Fire (The Rolling Stones) / Darjeeling Limited
ESCONDIDO - Strangers (The Kinks) / Darjeeling Limited
FREELANCE WHALES - Let Her Dance (The Bobby Fuller Four) / Fantastic Mr. Fox
GENERATIONALS - Making Time (Creation) / Rushmore
GRAND HALLWAY - I Am Waiting (The Rolling Stones) / Rushmore
JOY ZIPPER - Ooh La La (The Faces) / Rushmore
JULIANA HATFIELD - Needle In The Hay (Elliot Smith) / Royal Tenenbaums
KRISTIN HERSH - Fly (Nick Drake) / Royal Tenenbaums
MATT POND - These Days (Nico) / Royal Tenenbaums
MIKE WATT & THE SECONDMEN - Street Fighting Man (The Rolling Stones) / Fantastic Mr. Fox
PHOX - The Way I Feel Inside (The Zombies) / Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
SANTAH - Five Years (David Bowie) / Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
SARA LOV - Alone Again Or (Love) / Bottle Rocket
SOLVENTS - Nothing In This World Can Stop Me Worrin' Bout That Girl (The Kinks) / Rushmore
SOMEONE STILL LOVES YOU BORIS YELTSIN - Margaret Yang's Theme (Mark Mothersbaugh) / Rushmore
TEA COZIES - Here Comes My Baby (Cat Stevens) / Rushmore
TELE NOVELLA - Stephanie Says (The Velvet Underground) / Royal Tenenbaums
TELEKINESIS - This Time Tomorrow (The Kinks) / Darjeeling Limited
THE GHOST IN YOU - Oh Yoko! (John Lennon) / Rushmore
TOMTEN - 30 Century Man (Scott Walker) / Life Aquatic
TRESPASSERS WILLIAM - Fairest Of The Seasons (Nico) / Royal Tenenbaums
WILLIAM FITZSIMMONS - The Wind (Cat Stevens) / Rushmore

* Additional artists to be announced.

American Laundromat Records is now offering six exclusive pre-order bundles loaded with limited-edition bonus items from their website ( The bundles range from $14.00 (CD, Promo Pin and Rushmore Academy Business Card) to $60.00 (CD, Bonus 7” White Vinyl Single, Free Digital Download, 2 exclusive T-Shirt designs, Steve Zissou-inspired Red Beanie and Master Frogman Decal, Moonrise Kingdom-inspired Scout Patch, Rushmore-inspired Lapel Pins, and much more).

Critically-acclaimed rock poster designer and screen printer Lonny Unitus (Death Cab For Cutie, New Pornographers, Stereolab, Sun Volt) was hired on to handle art direction. Unitus is a huge Wes Anderson fan and jumped at the opportunity to design and illustrate every aspect of the project. He had his hands full too as I SAVED LATIN! is by far American Laundromat’s most ambitious tribute to date.

Official release date and final tracklist will be announced in early 2014, and there’s still a chance a limited-edition LP may be offered. It would be American Laundromat’s first.

American Laundromat Records is an independent record label based in Mystic, CT. The label gained national attention for its popular 2005 compilation High School Reunion: a tribute to those great 80's films which featured indie-rockers covering beloved tunes from some of the 80's most popular teen films. All Music Guide called the 20-song thematic compilation “One of the finest tributes ever amassed!” and went on the say, “Let this serve as a blueprint for all future tribute sets.” Other ALR projects include the critically-acclaimed double-CD; Cinnamon Girl: Women Artists Cover Neil Young for Charity, the award-winning children’s album Sing Me To Sleep: Indie Lullabies, and the popular tributes; Dig For Fire: a tribute to the PixiesJust Like Heaven: a tribute to The Cure, and Please, Please, Please: a tribute to The Smiths.

Stream Synkro's new EP in full & download his mix for Thump

Lost Here EP out now on Apollo Records 
 EP Stream: Synkro -  Lost Here - 
Close your eyes and breathe deeply with this one, as Synkro returns for his third release on Apollo with four new productions of affecting, midnight electronica.
Joe McBride's ear for inimitable melodies has always fit his intricate percussion patterns like a glove. On the Lost Here EP, however, the Synkro project has been elevated to a new level with subtle flourishes of pop structure and two standout vocal performances by Robert Manos.
"Lost Here" ascends to the clouds, hovering on cavernous chords that wrap Manos' words in a cocoon as rhythms flit underneath. Touching down again, "In My Arms" calls on oscillating layers of synthesizer to create a dreamlike environment, isolating Manos' vocals in an antechamber of space and sound. The B-side slinks in with a playful bass riff on "Nights of Pleasure," underpinning celestial waves of chimes, tones, and chords before "Fading Lights" suspends each element in zero-gravity as a pure, heat-treated distillation of the Synkro sound. 
Synkro's Lost Here EP was released earlier this week on Apollo Records and it's now available to stream in full through their YouTube channel
Synkro has also done an exclusive mix for Thump, which is currently available for download. 

Lost Here EP
Apollo Records
Street Date: December 3, 2013
12" / Digital   
1. Lost Here (feat. Manos)
2. In My Arms (feat. Manos)
3. Nights Of Pleasure
4. Fading Lights

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