Sunday, July 22, 2012

Micky Dolenz premieres new 'Remember' tracks on 'Breakfast With the Beatles'

Micky Dolenz, seen her performing in Costa Mesa last week
I love to listen to Chris Carter's "Breakfast With the Beatles" radio show broadcast over KLOS (95.5 FM) on Sunday mornings. On today's show, Monkees drummer-singer Micky Dolenz discussed a wide range of topics including his role on the popular late 1960s NBC-TV series, touring with Jimi Hendrix, the unlikely cult status of the band's 1968 feature film Head, and sitting in on a recording session as part of 1967's Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band when the Fab Four recorded "Good Morning Good Morning." It was also touching to hear Micky discuss his friendship with the late Davy Jones, who passed away on Feb. 29.

Among the highlights of Micky's appearance across a number of lengthy segments on the radio show was his announcement for his next full-length album, Remember (set for release on Sept. 25, 2012) and the premiere of several tracks off the forthcoming disc. He described the project as an "Audio scrapbook of my life," and noted he will be performing a version of Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" (the song he used to audition for his role on The Monkees), a country-styled take on "I'm a Believer" and a totally-reworked rendition of the Beatles' "Good Morning Good Morning." His version of "Good Morning Good Morning" was played on the radio show and blended flamenco and Renaissance musical styles with Lennon's iconic lyrics and melody.

The first single off Remember is a new rousing recording of "Randy Scouse Git," one of his earliest original songs and a standout on the Monkees' Headquarters (1967) album. The new version is more lushly arranged and features Micky's strong voice. I can't wait to hear the album with its release in a couple of months.

You can read my review of Micky's performance last weekend as part of the current Happy Together Tour that ran in The Orange County Register here.

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Loch Nessie said...

I wish the writer left out the word flamenco from this story. Monkees fans don't need reminding of the one who filed for divorce from Davy, was a selfish brat, conceited, and gold digger. We want to remember Davy with happiness not the horror of his last few years and the dreadful thoughts of his Newlywed Show and Dr. Phil Show where they showed their dysfunctional relationship based on a woman wanting all she can benefit from an old rock star! Everyone in the UK hated her in the Monkees concert! We wanted to see Monkees, not trash. :(