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Alex Chilton's 'Live In London: Encore Edition' coming November 25, 2022

Big news for fans of the late great Alex Chilton (of Big Star fame). A forthcoming release will feature live recordings from 1980 featuring Chilton...Robert Kinsler

Alex Chilton’s Live In London: Encore Edition Out November 25 on Sundazed Music
Features Previously Unreleased Songs From 1980 London Shows
Available on 2-LP or CD; Pre-order Now Available 
Sundazed Music announces the November 25 release of Alex Chilton’s Live in London: Encore Edition. Available on 2-LP or CD, the album is now available for pre-order.
Featuring unheard songs from his 1980 London dates, the live performance set marks the first time anyone beyond the hardy handful in attendance on the first night of his U.K. solo shows at Dingwalls will get an earful of Chilton’s distorted stock of Memphis psychobilly at its best. The package also includes new liner notes from Jim Allen, who chats with key players from the two-day pajama party.                                                                                                                                                                                             
With eight previously unreleased songs on LP (nine on CD) and pressed on colored vinyl, the Encore Edition of Live in London includes 14 songs from the original Live in London album, which were culled from the second night when Chilton and his new British buddies had fully gelled. The bonus tracks offer an extended peek into Chilton’s arcane bag of cover tunes. A complete tracklisting is below.
Chilton had recorded The Seeds’ “Can’t Seem to Make You Mine,” Troy Shondell’s 1961 rocker “Girl After Girl,” and The Kinks’ “Come on Now” all summarily savaged with a gusto that goes even beyond the brutalism of postmodern prankster he accorded them earlier. Plus, the band lends a feral bite to Big Star power-pop evergreens adding furry layers of feedback and existential yearning in equal amounts.
All of it presented a greasy, ground-level picture of where Chilton’s heart resided at the time, delivered with an earnest derangement roughly akin to Captain Beefheart’s early funhouse mirror distortions of the blues. Chilton may have arrived in his pajamas, but he came to rock.  Live in London: Encore Edition confirms that his mission was accomplished. 
Live in London: Encore Edition Tracklisting:
Recorded live at Dingwalls, London, England 
May 27*-28, 1980
1.Bangkok (Lenny Lindon-Alex Chilton)
2. Tramp (Lowell Fulsom-Jimmy McCracklin)
3. In The Street (Alex Chilton-Chris Bell)
4. Hey! Little Child (Alex Chilton)
5. Nightime (Alex Chilton)
6. Rock Hard (Alex Chilton)
7. Alligator Man (Floyd Chance-Jimmy Newman
8. The Letter (Wayne Carson)
9. Train Kept A Rollin’ (Howie Kay-Lois Mann-Tiny Bradshaw)
10. Kanga Roo (Alex Chilton)
11. My Rival (Alex Chilton)
12. (Stranded On A) Dateless Night (Cordell Jackson)
13. September Gurls (Alex Chilton)
14. No More The Moon Shines On Lorena (A.P. Carter)
15. Come On Now* (Ray Davies)*
16. Hey High School Baby* (Benny Eidson)*
17. Ghost Riders Tuning*
18. Can't Seem to Make You Mine* (Sky Saxon)* 
19. Once I Had a Car* (Eddie Cusic)*
20. I'm On This Rocket* (Marvin Moore)*
21. Girl After Girl* (Gary Shelton)*
22. Oowee Baby* (Jerry Reed)*
23. Doubtful Of Your Love*^
*previously unreleased

^CD only 

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