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Omnivore Recordings and The International Pop Overthrow Music Festival announce 'International Pop Overthrow: Volume 23'

Fans of power pop, melodic rock, indie rock and stellar songcraft will want to plan to pick up the forthcoming 'International Pop Overthrow: Volume 23' on Sept. 9, 2022...Robert Kinsler

Omnivore Recordings and The International Pop Overthrow Music Festival Announce
International Pop Overthrow: Volume 23
Out On September 9, 2022

Featuring Songs From April March, Fernando Perdomo, The Loud Family and Anton Barbeau,
The Rave-Ups, Seth Swirsky, Kimberley Rew and
Lee Cave-Berry, and many more

July 28, 2022: Omnivore Recordings and The International Pop Overthrow Music Festival are proud to present International Pop Overthrow: Volume 23, the first since before the pandemic: a three-disc compilation featuring 68 tracks by artists from all over the world who have played the International Pop Overthrow festival… along with some who haven’t.

The IPO compilation goes back as far as the festival, to 1998 when Vol. 1 was a single disc. Since then, the compilation had expanded to two discs the following year, and then three discs in 2002 for Vol. 5, and it has remained a three-disc set through 2022. IPO Vol. 23 showcases artists from nine different countries, doing just about every subgenre of pop music, including power pop, pop/rock, folk/pop, psychedelic pop, garage, indie-rock, modern rock, etc., making it one of the most well-rounded compilations available to the general public.

Although the International Pop Overthrow festival is essentially a showcase for unsigned bands, the compilation has featured signed acts, as well as acts who have gone on to be signed. These include Jason Falkner, Brendan Benson, Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. (Jellyfish; Imperial Drag), AM Radio, Marvin Etzioni (Lone Justice), and Shoes (power pop legends!).

Acts on Vol. 23 to watch out for include:

• April March (sunshine pop chanteuse and animator)
• Fernando Perdomo (producer and member of Echo In The Canyon film band)
• The Loud Family (featuring Game Theory’s Scott Miller) and Anton Barbeau
• David Minchin From The Innocents (Aussie power pop legends)
• Seth Swirsky (Grammy-nominated® songwriter, filmmaker and author)
• The Rave-Ups (Classic Alternative rockers back on the scene)
• Kimberley Rew (founding member of The Soft Boys and “Walking On Sunshine” writer) and Lee Cave-Berry 

When mainstream pop/rock fans play any volume of the IPO compilation, their first response is invariably “this is great; I had no idea people were still making music like this!”. Well, they certainly are, and you can find some of the best examples of it on IPO Vol. 23!

Track List:
1. Tambourine Love - The Tambourine People
2. Girl With A Record Collection - Fernando Perdomo
3. The Rain Comes - The Vinylos
4. A Place in The Sun - Mansfield
5. The Street Leads To The River - The Newds
6. Stardeath - James Booth & The Return
7. Shake Your Hair - Golden Richards
8. Lost In A Daydream - Lannie Flowers
9. Let Me Tell You - The RAZ Band
10. Lift Off - April March
11. There’s Only One Way Out Of This - Black Mail House
12. The Real Sound Of The World - Ramírez Exposure & Marc Jonson
13. Too Much Of Nothing - The Greeting
14. Blue Room - Stephem Lawrenson
15. Best Days Gone - Vanilla
16. Platinum Girl - Rome 56
17. Counting Dreams - Jody And The Jerms
18. Drink It Up - Jeremy
19. Carry You (Redux) - Rich Arithmetic
20. Magnesium - Rainy Day Crush
21. What I Mess - Go Time!
22. The Only Girl - The Pozers
23. Vinyl Junkie - Blake

1. Julee - Dave Cope And The Sass
2. Verse 2 - Underwater Sunshine
3. The Cup Has Run Over - Petrified Max
4. Mavis Of Maybelline Towers - The Loud Family and Anton Barbeau
5. On The Motorway - Emperor Penguin
6. One Of Us Is Crazy (The Other Is Me) - David Brookings
7. Paper Letter - Lisa Marie Claire
8. Endless Haze - Danny Wilkerson
9. Heartbreaker - Andrew Stonehome
10. Blue In The Red Room - The James Clark Institute
11. I Can Be Any Woman - Kimberley Rew and Lee Cave-Berry
12. Rapid Transit - Elephonic
13. 99 Reasons - The Arcadeans
14. Far Away - The Incurables
15. Roller Coaster Ride - Brent Seavers
16. Temescal Canyon - The Magnet Hearts
17. Miss Amphetamine - Your Academy
18. I Gotta Know - David Minchin from The Innocents
19. My Secret Love - Athanor 2.0
20. Pony Up - The Bishop’s Daredevil Stunt Club
21. Dreaming About Sleeping - Blake Jones & The Trike Shop
22. Around The Bend - Brent Windler

1. Summer Camp - Frederick Julius
2. Rose Avenue - Seth Swirsky
3. Dear Jo - Sunbourne Rd
4. Tenerte Circa - El Inquieto Roque
5. Breathe Deep - Solitary Friends
6. So, You Wanna Know The Truth? - The Rave-Ups
7. Don’t Worry California - Circles
8. Best Of Luck - Rolling Numbers
9. Dry January - Barmudas
10. Melody Told You - Amoeba Teen
11. Unreliable Friend - Eric Crugnale
12. Party All Night On Sunset - Morty Shallman
13. S.E.M.A. (Sunday Evening Misery Attack) - Searching For Sylvia
14. Save Me - Street Duo
15. Happy Faces - Blaine Campbell
16. Songs In A Different Light - Sue Hedges
17. Test Of Time - Glowbox
18. Early Morning Days - The Top Boost
19. Waiting On Me - Jody Quine
20. Zeros And Ones - Danny Echo
21. I Don’t Want To Let You Down - Naked House
22. Sunday - The Glimmer Stars
23. Feel The Light - The Parlophonics

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