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Record Store Day 2021: Dates announced for Varèse Sarabande record titles

As more Record Store Day details come in, I will get those updates posted...Here is the latest exciting news from Varèse Sarabande Records...Robert Kinsler


Record Store Day 2021 

Titles to be released on June 12, 2021 and July 17, 2021



(Los Angeles, CA, April 7, 2021) — Varèse Sarabande Records will be releasing seven amazing soundtrack LPs on Record Store Day 2021’s newly announced release dates: The Matrix will be released as a deluxe 3-LP set, Village of the Damned will be released as a deluxe-edition double LP, The Iron Giant and The Goonies will get the picture disc treatment, and ShrekGhosts of Mars, and Aliens will be released as limited-edition color LPs. This annual celebration will be held through a series of Record Store Day drops, which will occur on June 12, 2021 and July 17, 2021.
These seven Varèse Sarabande Records titles will be available on the dates listed below at thousands of independent record stores. For a list of participating stores and more information about these special LPs, visit
*JUNE 12thThe Matrix, The Goonies, Village of the Damned, Shrek
*JULY 17thThe Iron Giant, Ghosts of Mars, Aliens
THE MATRIX: The Complete Edition – Don Davis (3-LP Set) – *RELEASE DATE: JUNE 12th*
The science-fiction masterpiece has captured the imagination of another generation with news of a new Matrix film in production. This deluxe 3-LP set is pressed on Glitter-Infused Green vinyl, expanded to 44 tracks, and housed in a stunning new art design. Also included are classic film stills and an exclusive new interview with composer Don Davis.

Side A
1. “Logos / The Matrix Main Title”
2. “Trinity Infinity”
3. “Neo Con Brio”
4. “Follow The White Rabbit”
5. “Neo On The Edge”
6. “Through The Surveillance Monitor”
7. “Unable To Speak”
8. “Bait And Switch”
Side B
1. “Switched For Life”
2. “Switched At Birth”
3. “Switches Brew”
4. “Cold Hearted Switch”
5. “Nascent Nauseous Neo”
6. “A Morpheus Movement”
7. “Bow Whisk Orchestra”
Side C
1. “Domo Showdown”
2. “Switch Or Break Show”
3. “Shake, Borrow, Switch”
4. “Switch Works Her Boa”
5. “Bring Me Dinner”
6. “The System”
7. “Freeze Face”
8. “Switch Woks Her Boar”
9. “Cypher Cybernetic”
10. “Ignorance Is Bliss / Cyber Cyphernetic”
11. “See Who?”
12. “Switch Out”
Side D
1. “Boon Spy”
3. “Oracle Cookies”
4. “Threat Mix”
5. “Exit Mr. Hat”
6. “On Your Knees, Switch”
Side E
1. “Mix The Art”
2. “Whoa, Switch Brokers”
3. “The Cure”
4. “It’s The Smell”
5. “The Lobby”
6. “No More Spoons”
7. “Dodge This”
8. “Fast Learning”
9. “Ontological Shock”
Side F
1. “That’s Gotta Hurt”
2. “Surprise”
3. “He’s The One Alright”
THE GOONIES – David Grusin (Picture Disc) – *RELEASE DATE: JUNE 12TH*
In celebration of the 35th anniversary of The Goonies, the beloved soundtrack by Dave Grusin will be released on an LP picture disc for the first time ever! The special release features the album cover on side A and the infamous One-Eyed Willie on side B. The track listing to this abbreviated single-disc version of the original score was personally selected and assembled by Grusin himself.

Side A
1. “Fratelli Chase”
2. “Cellar And Sloth”
3. “The Goondocks (Goonies Theme)”
4. “The ‘It,’ Fifty Dollar Bills And A Stiff”
5. “Pee Break And Kissing Tunnel”
6. “Skull And Signature”
7. “Plumbing”
8. “Restaurant Trash”
9. “Boulders, Bats And A Blender”
Side B
1. “They’re Here And Skull Cave Chase”
2. “Playing The Bones”
3. “Mikey’s Vision”
4. “Triple Stones And A Ball”
5. “Wishing Well And The Fratellis Find Coin”
6. “Mama & Sloth”
7. “One Eyed Willie”
8. “No Firme And Pirate Ship”
VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED: The Deluxe Edition – John Carpenter & Dave Davies (2-LP Set) – *RELEASE DATE: JUNE 12TH*
The Deluxe Edition for Village of the Damned presents the full score as heard in the film for the first time, a far more complete presentation than the 1995 Original Soundtrack which was not only truncated but made of an entirely separate mix that wasn’t featured in the film. The set does, however, include the track “Midwich Shuffle,” a fun number which was created specifically for the 1995 soundtrack, despite never actually appearing in the film. Interest in John Carpenter’s original film scores has never been higher, and his collaboration with Dave Davies of the Kinks is a one-of-a-kind moment in cinematic music history. The album includes all-new original art direction with new notes and classic film stills and comes pressed on Orange Haze vinyl.

Side A
1. “Angel Of Death / Midwich Sleeps / Daybreak”
2. “The Fair (Extended Version)”
3. “Gas Station / Asleep”
4. “Awaken / The Funeral”
5. “Welcome Home, Ben (Extended Version)”
6. “Big Meeting / The Decision”
7. “The Same Dream”

Side B
1. “Baptism (Extended Version)”
2. “Baby Mara”
3. “Children’s Theme / Dilemma”
4. “The Parents Arrive”
5. “Children’s Carol (Instrumental)”
Side C
1. “Loss / Carol Of The Damned”
2. “Carlton”
3. “Ben’s Death / Ultimatum”
4. “Burning Desire (Extended Version)”

Side D
1. “Last Kiss / The Bomb”
2. “The Brick Wall (Extended Version)”
3. “March Of The Children (End Credits)”
4. “Midwich Shuffle”
SHREK – Harry Gregson-Williams & John Powell (Limited-Edition Color LP) – *RELEASE DATE: JUNE 12TH*
Shrek is the second most successful animated franchise in history and celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2021. Harry Gregson-Williams and John Powell are two of the most prominent composers working on animated features today, and they joined forces to create a score that is still as fun and memorable as it was when it was first released. The LP will be released on Neon Green vinyl, making it a standout addition to any record lover’s collection.

Side A
1.  “Fairytale”
2.  “Ogre Hunters / Fairytale Deathcamp”
3.  “Donkey Meets Shrek”
4.  “Eating Alone”
5.  “Uninvited Guests”
6.  “March Of Farquuad”
7.  “The Perfect King”
8.  “Welcome To Duloc”
9.  “Tournament Speech”
10. “What Kind Of Quest”
11. “Dragon! / Fiona Awakens”
12. “One Of A Kind Knight”
13. “Saving Donkey’s Ass”
14. “Escape From The Dragon”
Side B
1.  “Helmet Hair”
2.  “Delivery Boy / Shrek / Making Camp”
3.  “Friends Journey To Duloc”
4.  “Starry Night”
5.  “Singing Princess”
6.  “Better Out Than In / Sunflower / I’ll Tell Him”
7.  “Merry Men”
8.  “Fiona Kicks Ass”
9.  “Fiona’s Secret”
10. “Why Wait To Be Wed / You Thought Wrong”
11. “Ride The Dragon”
12. “I Object”
13. “Transformation / The End”
THE IRON GIANT – Michael Kamen (Picture Disc) – *RELEASE DATE: JULY 17TH*
This first-ever picture disc of this heartwarming 1999 animated film celebrates The Robot, his best friend, Hogarth, and a cast of characters. The music is by Academy Award®-nominated composer Michael Kamen (Lethal Weapon, Die Hard), who was well-known for his work with Eric Clapton, Metallica and Pink Floyd, in addition to his brilliant theatrical scores.

Side A
1. “The Eye Of The Storm”
2. “Hogarth Hughes”
3. “Into The Forest”
4. “The Giant Wakes”
5. “Come And Get It”
6. “Cat And Mouse”
7. “Train Wreck”
8. “You Can Fix Yourself?”
9. “Hand Underfoot”
10. “Bedtime Stories”
11. “We Gotta Hide”
12. “His Name Is Dean”
13. “Eating Art”
14. “Space Car”
15. “Souls Don’t Die”

Side B
1. “Contest Of Wills”
2. “The Army Arrives”
3. “Annie And Dean”
4. “He’s A Weapon”
5. “The Giant Discovered”
6. “Trance-Former”
7. “No Following”
8. “The Last Giant Piece”
GHOSTS OF MARS – John Carpenter (Limited-Edition Color LP) – *RELEASE DATE: JULY 17TH*
In celebration of Ghosts of Mars’ 20th anniversary, the epic soundtrack will be released on “Red Planet” vinyl. John Carpenter recruited an unbelievable cast of musicians to record the soundtrack to this sci-fi horror film, starring Ice Cube and Natasha Henstridge. Among the featured players are GRAMMY®-winning musician Steve Vai, most of the heavy metal band Anthrax (including Scott Ian), Elliot Eason of the rock band The Cars, Buckethead of Guns N’ Roses, and Robin Finck of Nine Inch Nails and Guns N’ Roses. This soundtrack is apocalyptic and an important mark in John Carpenter’s unparalleled career as a director and composer.

Side A
1. “Ghosts Of Mars”
2. “Love Siege”
3. “Fight Train”
4. “Visions Of Earth”
5. “Kick Ass”
Side B
1. “Slashing Void”
2. “Power Station”
3. “Can't Let You Go”
4. “Dismemberment Blues”
5. “Fightin’ Mad”
6. “Pam Grier’s Head”
7. “Ghost Poppin’”
ALIENS: 35th Anniversary Edition – James Horner (Limited-Edition Color LP) – *RELEASE DATE: JULY 17TH*
Aliens is regarded as one of the greatest science fiction franchises of all-time. In honor of its 35th anniversary, the long out-of-print original soundtrack gets a fresh reboot on Acid-Blood Yellow-Green vinyl.  The soundtrack is scored by the great Academy Award®-winning composer James Horner (Titanic, Avatar, Beautiful Mind). The LP features the original Sigourney Weaver key art and original film stills.

Side A
1. “Main Title”
2. “Going After Newt”
3. “Sub-Level 3”
4. “Ripley’s Rescue”
5. “Atmosphere Station”

Side B
1. “Futile Escape”
2. “Dark Discovery”
3. “Bishop’s Countdown”
4. “Resolution And Hyperspace”
Founded in 1978, Varèse Sarabande is the most prolific producer of film music in the world, releasing the highest quality soundtracks from the world’s greatest composers. From current box office hits and top television series to the classics of Hollywood’s Golden Age, Varèse Sarabande’s catalog includes albums from practically every composer in every era, covering all of film history; from Bernard Herrmann, Alex North and Jerry Goldsmith to Alexandre Desplat, Michael Giacchino and Brian Tyler. Varèse Sarabande is a part of Concord.

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