Friday, February 02, 2018

Inbox Update: "YACHT ROCK: The Oral History of the Soft, Smooth, Sounds of the 70's and 80's" coming March 6, 2018

‘It’s amazing that this style came to be. Can you imagine being a struggling musician back then? It must take an incredible amount of restraint to play that gently.’
Actor/comedian Fred Armisen, from his foreword

The first-ever book that tells the full story of the genre of music you know you love!

Featuring interviews with many of the heavy hitters of the genre, including John Oates, Kenny Loggins, and Don
Felder, The Yacht Rock Book leaves no sail unturned. This is the definitive story of the genre’s creation, rise, chart-smashing success, fall, and stunning rebirth.

Just what is ‘yacht rock,’ you ask? Perhaps the easiest description is music that would not sound out of place being played while carousing aboard a yacht back in the good old days. But these songs were also some of the top pop gems of the 1970s and ‘80s. And while some associate yacht rock’s biggest songs with one-hit wonder artists, several of rock’s most renowned artists fall under this category, too – including Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, Steely Dan, Hall & Oates, The Doobie Brothers, Toto, and more. Yacht rock seemed to have become extinct by the early twenty-first century … until a comedic video series, simply titled Yacht Rock, went viral and introduced captain’s hats and blazers to a whole new generation – as well as the emergence of a popular cover band, the Yacht Rock Revue, and of course, Jimmy Fallon’s on-air admiration of all things yacht rock. Now, yacht rock is one of the most celebrated ‘yesteryear’ styles of pop music, and has resonated with a new generation of musicians (including the Fred Armisen/Bill Hader-led Blue Jean Committee and soul/funk/electronica crossover act Thundercat).

THE YACHT ROCK BOOK: The Oral History of the Soft, Smooth, Sounds of the 70’s and 80’s
By Greg Prato

On-Sale March 6, 2018
Published by Jawbone Press
Paperback, 320 pages with 20 color & b/w photos
ISBN: 9781911036296

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