Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sights and Sounds: Ringo Starr, Sigur Rós, Garbage, James McCartney, Big Country and more

I was out of town much of this week so I was unable to post music stuff at my usual clip. How about a game of "catch up"?

Read George A. Paul's great article on the new Ringo Starr exhibit titled Ringo: Peace & Love opening that played out at The Grammy Museum on Tuesday, June 11. 

After reading the post on George's Music Minded blog, I am hoping to get up to L.A. Live soon to check out this exhibition soon.

Make sure to check out my latest reviews on the site. In addition to Sigur Rós' forthcoming Kveikur (which will be released this Tuesday, June 18), I praise the DVD/Blu-ray release of Garbage's One Mile High...Live and James McCartney's excellent Me. Look for upcoming reviews of the latest albums from Julian Lennon (Everything Changes), Bell X1 (Chop Chop), Robert Randolph and the Family Band (Lickety Split) in the near future; I've received a number of strong releases and I'm working on getting reviews of them up as I have a good chance to give all repeated listenings. On the DVD front, I'll have a review of the exciting Frank Zappa A Token of His Extreme.

Big Country will be at The Coach House on June 21.
I'm also going to be checking out Big Country's forthcoming concert stop at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano on June 21 and will post a review of that show the next day.

I've read glowing reviews of some of the recent tour stops by Big Country (now featuring singer Mike Peters of The Alarm) and look forward to seeing the group play its classics as well as new material from 2013's The Journey

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