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Album reviews: 'Joy' soundtrack, The Miamis, Green River Ordinance, Alan Price

Listeners with an eclectic-minded approach to seeking out new music will love the wide-range of releases featured here.

Artists: Various
Title: Music From the Motion Picture Joy (ABKCO)
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Tell me more: Whether or not listeners have seen the David O.Russell film JOY (starring Jennifer Lawrence), all will enjoy the outstanding and original soundtrack featuring a mix of songs and instrumental score from the movie. While there are some classic songs that appear here ("To Love Somebody" from Bee Gees and "I Want to Be Happy" from Ella Fitzgerald, for example), there are many exclusive and rare selections that add heft to the 21-track collection. Among this writer's favorite touches are kicking off Music From the Motion Picture Joy"with Cream's "I Feel Free" and then having Alabama Shakes singer Brittany Howard offering up an enticing new version of the same song to finish off the collection. The film's star, Lawrence and co-star Edgar Ramirez sing an affecting version of "Something Stupid," a duet that hit the top of the charts for Frank and daughter Nancy Sinatra back in 1967. Information: abkco.com.

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Artist: The Miamis
Title: We Deliver: The Lost Band of the CBGB Era (1974-1979) (Omnivore Recordings)
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Tell me more: In the early 1970s, New York City spawned a number of seminal new music artists including the Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads and Television. One of the city's most successful club acts was the Miamis, a band led by brothers James and Thomas Wynbrandt that failed to ultimately win the mainstream success of its musical contemporaries. Now Omnivore Recordings has issued We Deliver: The Lost Band of the CBGB Era (1974-1979), a 23-track collection compiling studio tracks, demos and live tracks recorded by the Miamis." At times the Miamis' songs recall the strongest of the era's power-pop records (notably "We Deliver" and "Another Place, Another Time"), while elsewhere there is garage rock (the rollicking "Dancin' Together") or fun pop ("We Need a Bigger Navy"). Information: omnivorerecordings.com.

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Artist: Green River Ordinance
Title: Fifteen (Residence Music)
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Tell me more: Formed in Ft. Worth, Texas in 2000, Green River Ordinance is celebrating their career with the aptly-titled Fifteen, an 11-track set of all-original songs highlighting the quintet's tuneful style of authentic modern-day country music. Among the most memorable songs on the album is the fiddle-anchored "Red Fire Night" (featuring guest musician Lindsey Duffin), the country ballad "Simple Life" and the romantic mandolin-flavored "Endlessly." On "Tallahassee," the members begin the song with an impressive a cappella intro showcasing how well their vocals blend even without instrumental accompaniment. Information: GreenRiverOrdinance.com.

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Artist: Alan Price
Title: Savaloy Dip: Words & Music by Alan Price (Omnivore Recordings)
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Tell me more: It is hard to think of many recordings made in the early 1970s that are more original than Alan Price's Savaloy Dip. Long considered one of music's great lost albums, Savaloy Dip was issued in 1974 (it was only released on 8-track and quickly recalled) by 32-year-old Price, best known as the founding keyboardist of the Animals. Blending rock, blues, jazz and other styles with a free spirit personified by the soul-meets-spoken word "Smells Like Lemon, Tastes Like Wine," a swinging "You Won't Get Me" and the genre-twisting "Country Life." Information: omnivorerecordings.com.

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