Thursday, February 16, 2006

Junos join race to bottom

We just survived the Grammys. Now, what to make of the upcoming Juno Awards, Canada's answer to the America's Grammy Awards.

I'm not going to reflect on every category. I don't have time, and I truthfully don't know all the artists well enough. But in the International Album Of The Year category, they have two albums that are a joke. Gwen Stefani's "Love.Angel.Music.Baby" and Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway" are up for consideration. Artistry is obviously not the issue. I agree that female artists should be in the category; what about Aimee Mann's "The Forgotten Arm" or the Magic Numbers' self-titled debut - both released last year.

And I'm not sure, but why wasn't Neil Young (a native of Canada) nominated for "Prairie Wind" in that category. A wonderful album, at least it earned Young nominations in Best Songwriter and Adult Alternative Album categories where the winners will be announced on April 2.

However, credit our friends up north for nominated the LIVE 8 show from Toronto that featured a range of artists including Young, Bruce Cockburn and Tom Cochrane in the Music DVD of the Year field. Nice going.

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