Thursday, August 04, 2005

Down and About

Hi Friends,

Where have I been. Listening to tunes - music.

Cowboy Junkies. Remember them? On August 16, they have a new record coming out.
It's called "Early 21st Century Blues" and is a strong 11-song collection featuring a mix of reworked covers by the likes of Bruce Springsteen ("Brothers Under the Bridge" and "you're Missing"), George Harrison ("Isn't It a Pity") and Bob Dylan ("License To Kill"), as well as several original songs penned by Cowboy Junkies guitarist Michael Timmins. And Margo Timmins still is armed with the most haunting and emotive of voices.

Berlin. Another name, band out of the past. The Fullerton-launched outfit, featuring singer Terri Nunn, performed a show at the Pacific Amphitheatre in Costa Mesa last month and among the songs played was an energetic version of Prince's "Erotic City." It led me to seek out getting a copy of the disc featuring the remake, the recently-released "4Play." Not bad, not bad at all. And fans of Peter Gabriel will love the rousing "Big Time." Nunn sounds strong on the album and it works...

On a sad note, I missed yesterday's performance by Harry and the Potters at the Dana Point Branch Library. I kid you not; there really is a punk band where they dress up like the popular wizards and crank out songs such as "Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock" and "Wizard Chess."
Check mate.

That's all folks. Pass me a pork chop.

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