Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Adore; the real deal

I somehow got out last night (I'm in the middle of a major move - sorry about posting so seldom lately), and made it to the Anaheim House of Blues on a Monday night. I got to check out two bands, with Adore really hitting a sonic fastball out of the yard. The quartet can rock hard, but songwriting, hooks and focus were never far away during the band's energetic 30-minute set.

The songs off their new CD, "Children At Play," were great, especially "Weight of the Dead" and the closing tune, "Bedridden." Guitarist Jimmy "Vayps" Galinato really delivered some excellent harmonic touches during a solo displayed early in their set, while singer Grant "Sizzo" Vanderboom involved the crowd from start to finish. And the rhythm section has a solid one-two punch with drummer Shawn Yeager and bassist Russ Fyne.

This is a band that rocks without cliche, and with a conviction that is refreshing.
For more information on the band, please visit www.adoremusic.net.

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