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The Zombies bring magic to a global audience via performance from Abbey Road Studios

The Zombies

Where: Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios in London

When: Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021

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Review by Robert Kinsler

Photography by Jules Annan

The Zombies took advantage of every single moment of their only public performance of the year on Sept. 18, 2021 to celebrate a 60-year legacy that continues to grow and thrill fans across the globe.

The Zombies, from left, are keyboardist Rod Argent, bassist Søren Koch,
singer Colin Blunstone, drummer Steve Rodford and guitarist Tom Toomey.

It is hard to believe that the British band 
 whose inception dates back to a jam held in St. Albans, England in 1961 — continues to be among today's most exciting rock groups. The growing parade of the band's admirers includes everyone from Paul Weller and the late Tom Petty to Paramore singer Hayley WilliamsArcade Fire and Susanna Hoffs (the famed Bangles singer-guitarist famously inducted the band into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2019). At the worldwide livestream staged in Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios on Sept. 18, the quintet thrilled with a mix of enduring classics, artful covers, deep cuts as well as the live premiere of new songs set to be included on an as-of-yet untitled album likely to be released in 2022.

Colin Blunstone at Abbey Road Studios on Sept. 18.

Led by founding members Rod Argent (keyboards, vocals) and Colin Blunstone (lead vocals), the group also includes guitarist-backing vocalist Tom Toomey, drummer Steve Rodford and bassist-backing vocalist S
øren Koch. The five members have a strong chemistry and together displayed top-tier musicianship and resplendent harmonies to bring the Zombies signature masterful style blending classic rock, baroque pop, jazz and blues to life throughout their 90-minute livestream. Blunstone's vocals defy time, and his soaring tenor remains a true wonder.

Rod Argent performing on Sept. 18, 2021.

Opening with a luminous version of "Moving On," the band's performance was equaled by the fantastic high-resolution visuals and great sound provided via the livestream. The band's 1965 single "I Want You Back Again" followed, this rendition a nod to the version covered by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers featured on their The Live Anthology released in 2009. Argent's wistful keyboard solo and Blunstone's soaring tenor bolstered the classic.

The jazzy "Edge of the Rainbow," driving "I Love You" and rocking cover of Denny Laine's "Say You Don't Mind" were other early standouts. 

From left, Søren Koch and Tom Toomey.
The Zombies then premiered several new songs, bringing the Q Strings quartet to the stage to further boost the new selections. The first of the songs, a beautiful chamber pop gem titled "Different Game," featured Argent playing a Mellotron; the song ended with the strings sans the rest of the group in a beautiful instrumental section. The lovely "You Could Be My Love" followed, bolstered by the strings and Argent's playing on a grand piano. A version of "I Want To Fly" also benefitted from the work of the quartet (sisters Laura, Ellie and Amy Stanford, and Jess Cox).

Throughout the event, Argent and Blunstone often shared interesting insights into the background of the creation or recording of their songs. For example, Blunstone noted that while in the studio recording "Tell Her No" around Christmas in 1964 they learned that they had just scored their first number 1 hit in America ("She's Not There"). 

They then performed a four-song set of tracks from their 1968 album Odessey and Oracle, noting that when they entered Abbey Road Studios to begin work on the LP in June 1967 they literally were there right after The Beatles completed work on Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The Zombies were able to use some of the same instruments used by the Fab Four on their sessions.

A divine "Care of Cell 44," joyful "This Will Be Our Year" and melodic "I Want Her She Wants Me" were performed first, with the band's beloved "Time of the Season" expanded with an extended solo by Argent. 

From left, Rod Argent, Søren Koch and Tom Toomey.
The winning rock original "Merry Go Round" and debut performance of the reflective "Run Away (For All My Life)" followed.

A marathon-length version of Argent's "Hold Your Head Up" was dedicated to Jim Rodford (the long-time bassist of the Zombies and former member of Argent and the Kinks died in January 2018). 

The main set ended with a sweeping take on "She's Not There" complete with Argent and Toomey dueling on their instruments before Steve Rodford and Koch were featured in a rhythm section break-out.  Before leaving the studio, a tender version of "The Way I Feel Inside" focusing on Blunstone's vocals and Argent's skillful work on the grand piano provided the perfect close to the latest chapter in the Zombies' singular journey.  

The Zombies' setlist at Abbey Road Studios on Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021

Drummer Steve Rodford of The Zombies.

Moving On

I Want You Back Again

Edge of the Rainbow

I Love You

Say You Don't Mind (Denny Laine cover)

Different Game (live debut, with string quartet)

You Could Be My Love (live debut with string quartet)

I Want To Fly (with string quartet)

Tell Her No

Care of Cell 44

This Will Be Our Year

I Want Her She Wants Me

Time of the Season

Merry Go Round

Run Away (For All My Life)  (live debut)

Hold Your Head Up (Argent cover)

She's Not There

The Way I Feel Inside

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Brian Wilson strips down Beach Boys classics via 'At My Piano' - hear his version of "God Only Knows" now

Brian Wilson
 and Decca Records have announced the release of At My Piano, a full-length album where Wilson revisits Beach Boys classics via instrumental piano arrangements. Hear the lovely version of "God Only Knows" HERE.

Versions of enduring classics including "In My Room," "Wouldn't It Be Nice," "California Girls," "Don't Worry Baby," "Good Vibrations" and many more are set to be included on the collection. 

Brian Wilson behind the piano in Indio, CA on Sept. 1, 2019.
Photo: Robert Kinsler

In a press release, Wilson says: "We 
had an upright piano in our living room and from the time I was 12 years old I played it each and every day. I never had a lesson, I was completely self-taught. I can’t express how much the piano has played such an important part in my life. It has bought me comfort, joy and security. It has fueled my creativity as well as my competitive nature. I play it when I’m happy or feeling sad. I love playing for people and I love playing alone when no one is listening. Honestly, the piano and the music I create on it has probably saved my life.”

Wilson is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential songwriters of the rock era...Robert Kinsler

At My Piano:

01 God Only Knows

02 In My Room

03 Don’t Worry Baby

04 California Girls

05 The Warmth of the Sun

06 Wouldn’t It Be Nice

07 You Still Believe in Me

08 I Just Wasn’t Made for these Times

09 Sketches of Smile: Our Prayer/Heroes and Villains/Wonderful/Surfs Up

10 Surf’s Up

11 Friends

12 Till I Die

13 Love and Mercy

14 Mt Vernon Farewell

15 Good Vibrations

Rock icons KISS celebrate multi-platinum 'Destroyer' album- Super Deluxe Anniversary Edition out November 19, 2021

KISS is set to revisit their greatest studio album 'Destroyer' via a Super Deluxe 45th Anniversary Edition out Nov. 19, 2021...Robert Kinsler 

KISS celebrate multi-platinum 'Destroyer' album



NOVEMBER 19, 2021




Watch The Unboxing Video Here



Los Angeles, CA – September 17, 2021 –
 Celebrating its 45 anniversary, Destroyer was originally released in 1976 and is considered to be one of the quintessential KISS albums. It is the band’s first album to sell one million copies in its first year and holds the title of being their all-time best selling studio album. Packed with concert staples and KISS Army favorites including “Detroit Rock City,” “Shout It Out Loud,” “God Of Thunder” and “Beth,” on November 19, 2021 UMe will release KISS – Destroyer 45th in the form of a Super Deluxe 4-CD + Blu-ray Audio box set as well as on standard double black vinyl and limited edition yellow and red double colored vinyl2-CD set, and digital. Destroyer 45thcan be pre-ordered, HERE.


For the recording of Destroyer, Bob Ezrin was brought in as KISS’s new producer, helping the band reach new levels, both sonically and creatively. The album also showed the band’s growth as musicians and songwriters, experimenting with new sounds which came in the form of the softer side of songs like “Do You Love Me?,” and songs heavy with orchestral arrangements including “Great Expectations” and their Billboard No. 7 hit single “Beth.” Following the breakthrough success of 1975’s No. 9 Billboard charting Alive!Destroyer was the KISS album that brought them to the forefront of the mainstream and transformed them into global rock icons. For its anniversary, UMe celebrates this seminal album’s legacy with a staggering amount of bonus material. 


CD 1 includes the original album newly remastered at Abbey Road Mastering, while CD 2 features 15 demos from Paul Stanley’s and Gene Simmons’s personal archives – 9 of which are unreleased. CD 3 is packed with studio outtakes, alternate versions / mixes and single edits – most notably a brand-new stripped-down mix for “Beth (Acoustic Mix),” and CD 4 contains an electrifying performance from the band’s visit to Paris France at the L’Olympia on May 22, 1976. For the Blu-ray Audio disc, Steven Wilson was brought in to create a first-ever Dolby Atmos and 5.1 surround mix of the original studio album plus 2 bonus tracks “Beth (Acoustic Mix)” and “Sweet Pain (Original Guitar Solo)” the latter featuring Ace Frehley’s original recorded guitar solo that was not released on the studio album (this track is available on the 2012 Destroyer: Resurrected project.)


Additionally, the Super Deluxe box features an extravagant array of collectable KISS memorabilia and ephemera, including a complete recreation of the original KISS Army Kit with the original folder and following items: 


  • KISS Army newsletter Volume 1 – No 2 announcing Destroyer 
  • 2x 8”x10” Destroyer Press Photos
  • Discography Sheet 
  • Gene, Paul, Ace & Peter Bio Sheet
  • KISS Army Member Certificate 
  • KISS Army Membership Card 


Also included in the Super Deluxe set: 


  • KISS logo Iron-on
  • KISS Army Sticker
  • “Detroit Rock City” Bumper Sticker
  • Destroyer Cover Sticker
  • 11”x17” KISS on Westminster Bridge UK Poster
  • 4 brand new 8”x10” Band Member Photos
  • 8”x12” Destroyer Foil Flyer 
  • 8”x12” Destroyer Canadian Flyer (super rare)
  • 4x Band Member Trading Cards (newly created for this boxset) 
  • 16”x24” KISS Over New York Skyline Poster
  • 16”x24” KISS Halloween 1976 Concert Poster
  • 2x 9”x12” Destroyer Tour Stage Blueprints on Transparent Vellum (never been seen before) 
  • 16-page Destroyer 1976 Tour Program 
  • Gotham Rock City News Volume 1 Newspaper that is a track-by-track interview with all 4 band members, Bob Ezrin and crew 
  • 68-page hardcover book with extensive liner notes by Paul Elliott & Ken Sharp featuring interviews from Gene, Paul, Ace, Peter, then-manager Bill Aucoin, album producer Bob Ezrin, and many more about the album’s writing and production process, U.S. and European tours, photo shoots, promotional stories, band member memories from their TV appearance on The Paul Lynde Halloween Special, and an intoxicating amount of unreleased photos and imagery 


The entire contents are housed in a lift top- style box and features artist Ken Kelly’s original Destroyer cover art, arguably one of the most iconic album covers in rock, making this the ultimate KISS Destroyer souvenir.


KISS is America’s #1 Gold Record Award winning group of all time in every category and have sold over 100 million records worldwide. Peerless as a live act, the band’s illustrious legacy is marked by record breaking global tours. Now, after an astonishing 48-year career, KISS - Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer - are currently in the midst of their END OF THE ROAD tour. 





DESTROYER: Original Album Remastered

1. Detroit Rock City
2. King of The Night Time World 

3. God of Thunder
4. Great Expectations
5. Flaming Youth
6. Sweet Pain
7. Shout It Out Loud
8. Beth
9. Do You Love Me? 





1. Doncha Hesitate
2. God Of Thunder And Rock And Roll 

3. It’s The Fire*
4. Detroit Rock City*
5. Love Is Alright* 



6. Bad, Bad Lovin’
7. Man Of A Thousand Faces 

8. I Don’t Want No Romance* 

9. Burnin’ Up With Fever* 

10. Rock N’ Rolls Royce* 

11. Mad Dog 

12. Night Boy*
13. Star* 

14. Howlin’ For Your Love* 

15. True Confessions 


DESTROYER: Outtakes, Alternate Versions / Mixes, Single Edits 

1. Beth (Acoustic Mix)* 

2. Shout It Out Loud (Single Edit)
3. Flaming Youth (Single Edit)
4. Detroit Rock City (Single Edit)
5. Shout It Out Loud (Mono Single Edit)
6. Flaming Youth (Mono Single Edit)
7. Detroit Rock City (Mono Single Edit)
8. Beth (Mono)
9. King Of The Night Time World (Live Rehearsal Instrumental)* 

10. Do You Love Me? (Mono Instrumental)*
11. God Of Thunder (Early Instrumental Mix)*
12. Ain’t None Of Your Business (Instrumental)* 

13. Detroit Rock City (Instrumental)*
14. King Of The Night Time World (Alternate Mix)* 

15. Great Expectations (Early Version)*
16. Flaming Youth (Early Version)*
17. Do You Love Me? (Early Version)*
18. Shout It Out Loud (Alternate Mix)*
19. Ain’t None Of Your Business (Outtake)*
20. Beth (Take 6 – Instrumental)*
21. Beth (Instrumental)*
22. Do You Love Me? (Alternate Mix)* 


LIVE IN PARIS – L’Olympia – 22 May, 1976* 

1. Deuce

2. Strutter
3. Flaming Youth
4. Hotter Than Hell
5. Firehouse
6. She / Ace Frehley Guitar Solo
7. Nothin' To Lose
8. Shout It Out Loud / Gene Simmons Bass Solo 

9. 100,000 Years / Peter Criss Drum Solo 

10. Black Diamond
11. Detroit Rock City
12. Rock and Roll All Nite 


DESTROYER: *Dolby Atmos 48kHz 24-bit, *Dolby True HD 5.1 96kHz 24-bit, 

DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 96kHz 24-bit, PCM Stereo 96kHz 24-bit

1. Detroit Rock City
2. King Of The Night Time World 

3. God Of Thunder
4. Great Expectations
5. Flaming Youth
6. Sweet Pain
7. Shout It Out Loud
8. Beth
9. Do You Love Me? 


Bonus Tracks: 

10. Beth (Acoustic) 

11. Sweet Pain (Original Guitar Solo) 


* Previously unreleased 






Original Album Remastered 

1. Detroit Rock City
2. King of The Night Time World 

3. God of Thunder
4. Great Expectations
5. Flaming Youth
6. Sweet Pain
7. Shout It Out Loud
8. Beth
9. Do You Love Me? 




1. God Of Thunder And Rock And Roll 

2. Detroit Rock City*
3. Love Is Alright* 



4. I Don’t Want No Romance* 

5. Rock N’ Rolls Royce*
6. Star* 



7. Beth (Acoustic Mix)*
8. Shout It Out Loud (Mono Single Edit)
9. King Of The Night Time World (Live Rehearsal Instrumental)* 

10. Detroit Rock City (Instrumental)*
11. Flaming Youth (Early Version)*
12. Shout It Out Loud (Alternate Mix)* 


LIVE IN PARIS – L’Olympia – May 22, 1976* 

13. Deuce 

14. Strutter 

15. Flaming Youth 

16. Hotter Than Hell 


*Previously Unreleased 






Original Album Remastered

Side One 

1. Detroit Rock City
2. King of The Night Time World 

3. God of Thunder
4. Great Expectations 


Side Two 

1. Flaming Youth 

2. Sweet Pain
3. Shout It Out Loud 

4. Beth
5. Do You Love Me? 



Side Three 


1. God Of Thunder And Rock And Roll 

2. Detroit Rock City*
3. Love Is Alright* 



4. I Don’t Want No Romance* 

5. Rock N’ Rolls Royce*
6. Star* 


Side Four 


1. Beth (Acoustic Mix)*
2. Shout It Out Loud (Mono Single Edit)
3. King Of The Night Time World (Live Rehearsal Instrumental)* 

4. Detroit Rock City (Instrumental)*
5. Flaming Youth (Early Version)*
6. Shout It Out Loud (Alternate Mix)* 


*Previously Unreleased 




DESTROYER: *Dolby Atmos 48kHz 24-bit

1. Detroit Rock City
2. King Of The Night Time World 

3. God Of Thunder
4. Great Expectations
5. Flaming Youth
6. Sweet Pain
7. Shout It Out Loud
8. Beth
9. Do You Love Me? 


Bonus Tracks: 

10. Beth (Acoustic Mix) 

11. Sweet Pain (Original Guitar Solo) 


* Previously unreleased 


KISS Online

Facebook / Instagram


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New Music: Elvis Costello and the Attractions, Kacey Musgraves, Ashley Monroe

A trio of eagerly-awaited releases are reviewed this week.

 Elvis Costello
Title: Spanish Model (UMe)
You might like if you enjoy: Elvis Costello, Juanes, Nina Diaz
Tell me more: Elvis Costello and the Attractions' 1978 masterwork This Year's Model has been revisited via the newly-released Spanish Model, an ambitious project where 19 artists representing 10 different nations and territories were recruited to add their lead vocals to the original instrumental tracks recorded by Costello, keyboardist Steve Nieve, bassist Bruce Thomas and drummer Pete ThomasCostello worked with longtime collaborator producer Sebastian Krys to assemble the cast of Latin rock and pop artists who complete the new album. Things kick off with the hard-charging power pop-styled "No Action" featuring singer Nina Diaz; the version includes an extended ending where Thomas is really working his drum kit. The reggae-flavored "(Yo No Quiero Ir A) Chelsea ((I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea)" featuring Raquel Sofia & Fuego, the soulful piano-anchored "Detonantes (Little Triggers)" and animated "Tu Eres Para Mi (You Belong To Me)" featuring Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi are other early standouts on the collection. American-born Chilean singer Francisca Valenzuela and Enjambre lead singer Luis Humberto Navejas joining forces for a duet on the tuneful "Hand In Hand," the playful "Viviendo en el Paraiso (Living In Paradise)" featuring Mexican pop duo Jesse & Joy and driving "Lipstick Vogue" with Columbian band Morat are welcome standouts on the last part of Spanish Model. My favorite cut on the disc is "Pump It Up," featuring celebrated Colombian hero Juanes; the remastering on the original instrumental tracks is incredible with the power of the song palpable with every measure of its hard-stomping groove. Information:

 Kacey Musgraves
Title: Star-Crossed (MCA Nashville/Interscope)
You might like if you enjoy: Kacey Musgraves, Ashley Monroe, Alison Krauss
Tell me more: Acclaimed singer-songwriter Kacey Musgraves is back with Star-Crossed, her first studio album since 2018's "Golden Hour." The highly-anticipated 15-track return displays continued growth for the Texas songstress, who explores the world around her with literate precision and musical depth. The confessional "Good Wife," shimmering electronica-tinged uptempo forays "Cherry Blossom," "Star-Crossed" and "What Doesn't Kill Me," probing "Hookup Scene" and infectious "Justified" are among the poignant original tracks on the disc. Even when visiting oft-covered themes  the breezy "Simple Times" and inviting "Keep Lookin' Up" come to mind — Musgraves infuses enough authenticity, spirit and originality to make Star-Crossed a strong listen across its entire run. Although Musgraves' country roots are often hard to hear on Star-Crossed, her well-aimed musical instincts and messages of empowerment will likely appeal to listeners who have enjoyed all of her acclaimed past efforts. Information:

 Ashley Monroe
Title: The Covers (Ashley Monroe)
You might like if you enjoy: Kacey Musgraves, Pistol Annies, Miranda Lambert
Tell me more: Earlier this summer country music songstress Ashley Monroe revealed she had been diagnosed with a rare cancer (Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia); the 34-year-old artist started chemotherapy on July 14. Now the celebrated singer-songwriter has released The Covers, a five-song EP where nuanced takes on five classic songs that are obvious favorites of the singer. The performances are uniformly tender and moving. Sparse readings of Extreme's "More Than Words" and The Police's "Every Breath I Take" are especially stirring, focusing on the lyrics of the songs. Even Bryan Adams' "[Everything I Do] I Do it For You" that was overwrought on the original 1991 version is deeply affecting via Monroe's reworking on The Covers. The beautiful take on Boudleaux Bryant's "Love Hurts" masterfully melds the vocals of Monroe with those of Ruston Kelly; it is a performance that echoes the romantic pathos of the 1973 recording featuring Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris (included on Parsons' 1974 posthumously-released classic Grievous Angel). Information:

Robert Kinsler

Sights and Sounds: Colin Blunstone’s One Year Celebrated With 50th Anniversary Edition; The Zombies' livestream from Abbey Road Studios

Lots of Zombies-related updates to share. Before I provide the latest on the Zombies' much-anticipated livestream from Abbey Road Studios on Saturday, Sept. 18, here is the big announcement on the 50th Anniversary reissue of singer-songwriter Colin Blunstone's debut "One Year" coming Nov. 5, 2021...Robert Kinsler

Colin Blunstone’s One Year Celebrated With 50
th Anniversary Edition

Exclusive LA and NYC Shows Confirmed

Double LP of 1971 Solo Debut from The Zombies’ Vocalist Features 14 Previously Unreleased Recordings and Nine Unrecorded Compositions

Features Never-Before-Seen Photos and New Liner Notes Penned by Blunstone

 First-Ever Live Performances of Album in its Entirety Confirmed for November 2 (LA) and November 8 (NYC) with Joe Wong’s Nite Creatures

Available November 5 via Sundazed Music

Originally released in November 1971, One Year is the debut solo album from The Zombies’ frontman Colin Blunstone, recorded over the course of “one year” following the band’s break-up and the posthumous success of their single “Time of the Season.” 
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the landmark album, Sundazed Music will release a double LP edition on November 5. The second LP, That Same Year, features Colin singing his own compositions, many accompanied solely by his acoustic guitar, and gives a deeper introspective look into that time in his life. The double LP is now available for pre-order and the previously unreleased track, “I Won’t Let You Down” from That Same Year, which features fellow Zombie Rod Argent on piano, is available today at all DSPs; listen here.

Coinciding with the anniversary release, Colin will join forces with composer Joe Wong (Russian DollThe Midnight GospelMaster of None) to recreate One Year live on stage in its entirety for the first time, with exclusive shows at Los Angeles’ Regent Theater (November 2) and New York City’s Gramercy Theatre (November 8). Tickets are now on sale here.

Wong’s solo debut, Nite Creatures, was released by Decca last year. The collection of baroque psychedelia received praise on both sides of the Atlantic from outlets such as MOJONPR, and Rolling Stone. Wong, who will open the show and then accompany Colin for One Year, has recruited a 20-piece ensemble of top musicians, featuring drummer Joey Waronker (Atoms for Peace, Roger Waters, Beck, REM), Mary Timony (Helium, Ex Hex), Crisanta Baker (Lo Moon), and a chamber orchestra including members of the Orchid Quartet (leading up to the Anniversary, the LA-based string quartet will also be releasing a series of One Year tribute videos, the first with guest vocals from The Voice finalist India Carney, debuting September 17).
Included in The Guardian’s “1,000 Albums to Hear Before You Die” list, One Year was primarily recorded in Abbey Road Studios, and co-produced by Colin’s former Zombies bandmates Rod Argent and Chris White. The album chronicles tales of love and heartbreak, split between upbeat rockers, with Colin backed by Rod’s newly-formed outfit Argent (Rod alongside Russ Ballard, Jim Rodford & Bob Henrit), and haunting ballads, accompanied by Chris Gunning’s delicate string arrangements. Highlights include the incredibly gorgeous bossa nova cover of Tim Hardin’s “Misty Roses,” which erupts into a Bartók-inspired string break, Colin’s own lament “Caroline Goodbye” with the Argent personnel accompanied by string arrangements from Rod Argent & Tony Visconti, along with the full string-backed version of Denny Laine’s “Say You Don’t Mind,” which became a chart hit in the UK.  

One Year has gone on to touch a diverse array of artists, ranging from Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, who called it “a gorgeous example of classic British pop music…very personal, very sophisticated in its sentiment” (NME), to Neil Tenant of Pet Shop Boys, who cites Colin as “the missing link between Dusty Springfield and Nick Drake” and hails One Year as “an incredibly romantic album, which is why it's been with me such a long time” (The Guardian). According to Steve Berkowitz, the late Jeff Buckley’s Executive Producer at Columbia Records, “Part of the reason that Grace has those beautiful and interesting strings, by Jeff Buckley and Karl Berger, is because Jeff was affected by having heard Colin Blunstone and the way they wrote the strings on that record, particularly on the incredibly beautiful ‘Caroline Goodbye.’”
For the Anniversary edition, Colin penned the liner notes that fill the gatefold jacket along with unseen photos from that year. The notes go track by track through One Year along with background on That Same Year. This period marked the point where Colin came into his own as a songwriter, having previously only contributed two songs to The Zombies. This is evidenced by the tracks on That Same Year, fourteen beautifully sparse demo versions of Colin’s compositions that were being considered for One Year, recently unearthed from co-producer Chris White’s archives. Colin accompanies himself on acoustic guitar, with help on some tracks from Rod Argent on piano and the late English singer-songwriter Duncan Browne on classical guitar.

Only three of these songs graced One Year, “Caroline Goodbye,” “Though You Are Far Away” and “Let Me Come Closer To You”, while “Too Much Too Soon Last Night” found life as a B-side, and “I’ve Always Had You” made his second album, Ennismore. Beyond these early versions of familiar songs you will find Colin’s singular voice and wit come through on nine completely unheard compositions that remained lost until now; including “Sing Your Own Song,” a protest after reading about his own death in Rolling Stone.
From the album’s liner notes, Blunstone says of One Year:
“Fifty years on, there’s a dream-like quality to my memories of One Year. Almost seeming like another lifetime, a time of innocence and naivety and a time when anything seemed possible. Chance and circumstance had brought Rod Argent, Chris White and myself together again for the first time since we'd played in The Zombies. This time Rod and Chris would be producing me as a solo artist, a step into the unknown, a moment of truth, a turning point in our lives.
The first tracks were recorded at Sound Technique Studios in Chelsea but we quickly moved on to the more familiar setting of Studio 3 in Abbey Road where we had previously recorded Odessey And Oracle and where we were once again guided through the recording process by the brilliant engineer Peter Vince.
Shortly after we had relocated to Abbey Road we had a moment of epiphany when we were introduced to the stunningly beautiful string arrangements of Chris Gunning as they went on to be the musical backbone of this project taking it to places rarely approached in contemporary music and giving it its own unique appeal. And now all the principal performers are assembled and as the music plays I start to drift and so many of the ghosts who hide inside the secrets of this album suddenly come alive and yesterday becomes today, again!
One Year Track Listing:
1. She Loves The Way They Love Her
2. Misty Roses
3. Smokey Day
4. Caroline Goodbye
5. Though You Are Far Away
6. Mary Won’t You Warm My Bed
7. Her Song
8. I Can’t Live Without You
9. Let Me Come Closer to You
10. Say You Don’t Mind
That Same Year Track Listing:
1. Are You Ready
2. I’ve Always Had You
3. Sing Your Own Song
4. Caroline Goodbye
5. I'd Like To Get To Know You Better
6. Though You Are Far Away
7. Too Much Too Soon Last Night 
8. I Wonder If You Know What You’ve Begun
9. I Won’t Let You Down
10. You Gave Me A Reason
11. I’m Coming Home
12. I Really Do Love You
13. Let Me Come Closer
14. You Really Were A Surprise 

About Colin Blunstone
Predominantly known as the frontman for The Zombies, Colin’s solo career began in earnest in 1971 with One Year on Epic Records, from which the hit single “Say You Don’t’ Mind” was taken. Two more albums on Epic followed, Ennismore and Journey, which spawned the hits, “I Don’t Believe In Miracles” and “How Can We Dare To Be Wrong.” This was followed by a spell living in California where he signed for Elton John’s label, Rocket Records and released three critically acclaimed albums, PlanesNever Even Thought and Late Nights in Soho.

Returning to the UK, Colin supplied the vocals for Dave Stewart’s hit version of “What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted” followed by further hits with Smokey Robinson’s “Tracks Of My Tears” and The Alan Parsons Project’s “Old And Wise”. These tracks were followed by three further albums, Greatest HitsEcho Bridge and The Light Inside, before Colin decided the time was right to play live again where he was joined in 1999 by fellow Zombies founding member, Rod Argent. This led to two decades of touring and recording with the new incarnation of The Zombies, including their 2015 Billboard-charting album Still Got That Hunger and 2019 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction.  Colin still found the time to release and tour two solo albums, The Ghost of You and Me and On The Air Tonight, and is now back in the studio with The Zombies recording their planned 2022 release. 

About Sundazed Music 
Sundazed Music proudly presents original albums, expanded editions, unique compilations and more on vinyl and CD. The catalog is bulging with classic and overlooked blast from the 60s and 70s: a universe filled with the sounds of garage, pop, soul, surf, psych, country, and much more.

The Zombies' triumphant return to Abbey Road Studios on Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021; Paul Weller among celebrity guests to join the band during the event!

The Zombies performing selection from 'Odessey & Oracle'
at the Saban Theatre in Southern California on Oct. 24, 2015.
Photo: Robert Kinsler
Over the years, musical magic has been made in Abbey Road Studios.  Come Sept. 18, Zombie magic will take place within the hallowed walls of this music lover's shrine.  And here's the best part – you have the chance to be an ear and eyewitness to this highly anticipated musical event.
Abbey Road.  The very name conjures up a vision of the iconic photo on one of the Beatles' most famous album covers taken on a street outside the celebrated recording studio.  Ardent and devoted Zombie fans know all too well that about two years before that photo was taken, the Zombies recorded their masterpiece, Odessey and Oracle, in the same studio at Abbey Road where the Beatles had just completed their masterpiece, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.  The late Terry Quirk, our much beloved album cover designer and artist extraordinaire, immortalized the occasion in one of his whimsical and "quirky" drawings.

It seems fitting that, once again, our favourite band, the Zombies, will be replicating a similar world-encompassing experience, and you're invited to be a part of it.

There's certain to be some music fans who were lucky enough to be around to remember the global satellite broadcast 54 years ago when The Beatles were in this very studio introducing the world to their new song called, "All You Need Is Love."  It was beyond phenomenal!  For those not born yet or too young to recall, picture a world without cellphones, the internet, social media and all of the high-tech perks we take for granted.  The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) decided to produce the world's first global television program which would link five continents simultaneously by a satellite orbiting the earth.  This was the most ambitious and historic television program of its time, and the broadcast culminated with the Beatles performing a new song "live" written specifically for this event.  The result was epic!  Friends and family of the Beatles packed the Abbey Road Studios to join in this momentous occasion.  Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were there, along with Eric Clapton, Graham Nash and Keith Moon of The Who.  Jane Asher, Pattie Boyd and Marianne Faithful were among the famous bystanders amid a worldwide audience of a reportedly 400 million people. 

For those who have been patiently waiting for some good news on the pandemic front, we'd like to offer you the opportunity to get some life back into your life!  How long has it been since you were able to experience a concert?  Are you getting the urge to return to some form of normalcy in your mask-wearing, social distancing existence?  Your wish has been granted!  On September 18, the Zombies will be streaming a full concert from Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios in London for you and all of their fans on a global stage. This will be your opportunity to reconnect with the Zombies and be a part of musical history. 
While the cast may be slightly different from The Zombies who entered Abbey Road Studios in 1967, Colin, Rod, Steve, Tom and Søren will be there to perform a career spanning concert with many of our favourites intertwined with some exciting new material.  Yes, the "touring" Zombies have been putting these months of isolation to good use by writing and rehearsing new songs for a soon to be released new album.  
Joining the Zombies in the studio will be the Q Strings, an experienced and versatile string quartet based in London who have performed worldwide with such acclaimed artists as Brian Wilson, OneRepublic and Gilbert O'Sullivan.            
The concert will be followed by an online Q&A session with Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone, hosted by Rock Journalist David Fricke.  The band will also field questions from a virtual audience of surprise celebrities! This will be their first and only worldwide streaming event this year, and you're not going to want to miss it!
The smartest and most economical idea is to purchase a special package in advance which includes the concert, Q&A session, poster and T-shirt.  It makes sense to purchase in advance because the price will increase on the day of the event. Plus, if you happen to miss the live stream or will be travelling, you can watch the concert from anywhere in the world as many times as you'd like for two weeks after it broadcasts!
Sound like a plan?  We think so, and we look forward to you joining us on September 18 at 12pm PDT/3pm EDT/8pm BST!  Tickets can be purchased at here.

-Contributed by Nancy King