Thursday, August 29, 2013

Aptly-titled 'New' track released by Paul McCartney; Sir Paul to release 'New' album in October 2013

Photo: Mary McCartney
I just finished listening to Sir Paul's melodic Beatles-styled (think Magical Mystery Tour era) "New,"a fantastic song which is likely a featured track off his forthcoming full-length studio album set for release this fall. The Mark Ronson-produced track showcases McCartney's enduring and unique gift for melodic songcraft; the song's choruses have a bit of the classic Beach Boys' vocal sound mixed into the winning sonic brew.

You can listen to the track here via Soundcloud here.

You can also hear "New" via YouTube here.

New, which is set for release in the UK on Oct. 14 and here in the U.S. on Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013 will be McCartney's first album of all new material since 2007's wonderful Memory Almost Full. For all things Paul McCartney, visit his official Web site at

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