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America to release “Half Century” box set to Celebrate 50th Anniversary

Dewey Bunnell, left, and Gerry Beckley of America perform at the
Coach House in Orange County, CA, in December 2014.
Photo: Kelly A. Swift
This is amazing news for America fans, including yours truly. (Check out my review of the first time I caught America in concert here)...

America To Release “Half Century” Box Set To Celebrate 50th Anniversary!

Rare archival studio & live recordings consisting of alternate mixes, demos and rehearsals

The year 2020 marks the 50th Anniversary of music legends America. America Records is proud to release in early June the ultimate 8-disc Anniversary Box Set Half Century. Produced for release and Compiled by Jeff Larson for America Archives, Containing CD's of rare archival studio recordings consisting of alternate mixes, demos and rehearsals, including several previously unreleased tracks ranging from 1970 - 2000. Along with the re-mastered Bremen 1973 in studio performance and two CD's of Radio Interviews providing an audio overview of the band's career, along with a DVD of Super 8 “Home Movies” (1972-1975) to give fans a behind the scenes look at the early years of this enduring band.

Founding members, Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell (along with former band mate Dan Peek) met in high school in London in the late 1960s and quickly harmonized their way to the top of the charts on the strength of their signature song “A Horse With No Name.” America became a global household name and paved the way with an impressive string of hits following the success of their first #1 single. Forty plus years later, these friends are still making music together, touring the world and thrilling audiences with their timeless sound.

From their formative years, America has been a band capable of transcending borders with its uplifting music and positive message. Embracing a rainbow of divergent cultures, America's audiences continue to grow, comprising a loyal legion of first, second and third generation fans, all bearing testament to the group's enduring appeal.

“I think that the ingredients of the America sound are the basic fundamentals that translate internationally,” explains Beckley. “The Italians are huge fans of dance music, but they also love a ballad - they're romantic at heart. It's the same in the Far East. A lot of times in these countries, we see people singing along, and they don't really know what the words mean. Music is truly the international language.”

Watch the promotional film:

Disc 1: London Demos 1970: All Previously Unreleased 
Early demos from the Fall of 1970 of the trio preceding their first Warner Bros self-titled album. This set represents the most complete set to date from this era recorded between several iconic London studios of the time.
1) Children (Dick James Session)
2) Riverside (Chalk Farm)
3) Rainy Day (Polydor Studios)
4) Here (Chalk Farm)
5) Satan (Polydor Studios)
6) Bummer (Chalk Farm)
7) Sea of Destiny (Chalk Farm)
8) How Long (Chalk Farm)
9) James Holladay (Dick James Session)
10) Children (Chalk Farm)

Disc 2: Bremen 1973 (Live on Air) – First Time Remastered Audio Release (Only previously available as a DVD) 
An on-air live recording of the Trio from 1973, in-between the albums “Hat Trick” and “Holiday.”  This recording has been remastered for the first time and includes all the un-edited studio banter.
1) Ventura Highway (Live)
2) I Need You (Live)
3) Don't Cross The River (Live)
4) A Horse With No Name (Live)
5) Moon Song (Live)
6) Lonely People (Live)
7) Wind Wave (Live)
8) Rainbow Song (Live)
9) Tin Man (Live)
10) California Revisited (Live)
11) Green Monkey (Live)

Disc 3: The Caribou Sessions 1976 - All Previously Unreleased 
Rehearsals, outtakes, and demos from February1976 for the album “Hideaway,” recorded at the famed Caribou Ranch Studios in the Rockies - Nederland, Colorado.  These recordings provide a “you are there” experience as these songs were being formed on their initial takes.
1 She's A Liar (Outtake / Alternate Mix)
2 Amber Cascades (Alternate Early Mix)
3 Today's The Day (Outtake / Walkthrough)
4 Lovely Night (Outtake / Take 1 Session
5 Hideaway PT 1 (Early Band Outtake)
6 Watership Down (Alternate Mix)
7 Letter (Alternate Mix)
8 Lovely Night (Buzz Studio Demo)
9 Jet Boy Blue (Outtake / Alternate Mix)
10 Who Loves You (Alternate Mix)
11 Caribou (Outtakes Montage)
12  I'm New In Town –(Buzz Studio Demo)

Disc 4: The Poison Oak Sessions 1981: All Previously Unreleased 
In 1981, between the album “Alibi” (1980) and “View From The Ground” (1982), the band recorded several songs at Dewey's home studio, Poison Oak, in Northern California. This set contains early incarnations and alternate versions of songs released on later America albums as well as unheard songs that have been in the vault until now.  
1. Sailors and Seagulls (unheard song)
2. Look at Me Now (Early Version)
3. My Dear (Early Version)
4. Sometimes Lovers (Early Version)
5. All The People - Whole Wide World (Early Version)
6. Coming On  (unheard song)
7. Now I Want Your Love (unheard song)
8. Inspector Mills (Early Version)
9. China Sea  (unheard song)
Bonus Tracks:
10. Doesn't The Time (unheard song)
11. Someday Forever  (unheard song)

Disc 5: The Alternate 90's Plus: All Previously Unreleased 
Alternate mixes from the albums “Hourglass” (1994) and “Human Nature” (1998) along with unreleased songs that came before, in-between and after these official releases. 
1. Young Moon (mix without inst. intro)
2. Call of the Wild (Alternate Early Mix)
3. Sleeper Train (Alternate Early Mix)
4. Ports of Call ((Alternate Early Mix)
5. Mirror to Mirror (Alternate Early Mix)
6. Whole Wide World (Alternate Early Mix)
7. Hope (unheard song)
8. The Hills Are Green (unheard song)
9. Horse (Interlude)
10. From A Moving Train (Single Version - edited shorter intro)
11. Wheels Are Turning (unheard song)
12. Town and Country (unheard song)
13 Moment To Moment (Alternate Mix)  
14. Wednesday Morning (unheard song)
15. Oloololo (unheard song)
16. Overwhelming World (Alternate Mix)
17. Moment to Moment (Alternate Mix)
18. Hot Town (unheard song)
19. Pages (Alternate Early Mix)
20. If It Is The End (Previously Unreleased)
21. Remembering (New 2020)

Discs 6 & 7 America on the Radio - All Previously Unreleased 
Various radio interviews stemming from 1974 - 2000's which provides a narrative and unique overview to their long career.
America Radio Interviews and Promo - The 70's
America Radio Interviews and Promo - The 80's
America Radio Interviews and Promo - The 90's - 2000's


Disc 8 – America - Home Movies (DVD)- All Previously Unreleased 
“Home Movies” is all previously unreleased footage from the bands personal archive. A collection of very, “fly on the wall” footage, these films provide an amazing insight into the band, shot between 1972 and 1975, showing behind the scenes footage of, “Hat Trick at Home”, early attempts at making home making of music videos and various on the road activities. These films give the viewer an amazing view of historical events as they unfolded. To any America fan, the ultimate access all area’s time machine.
This DVD is EXCLUSIVE to this box set and will not be available beyond it.
Film 1) America Hat Trick at home 1: Rooftop Jam - Green Monkey - 1973 Kings Road, Los Angeles, CA
Film 2) America Hat Trick at home 2: Goodbye – 1973 Kings Road, Los Angeles, CA
Film 3) America Hat Trick at home 3: Sandman – 1973 Kings Road, Los Angeles, CA
Film 4) America Hat Trick at home 4: Hat Trick Rehearsal - 1973 Kings Road, Los Angeles, CA
Film 5) America: Bremen Behind The Scenes - 1973 (No Audio) Bremen, Germany
Film 6)  America: Dorothy Chandler Pavilion 1 – 1973 Los Angeles, CA
Film 7) America: Air Studios - London Misc. Footage - 1974 London, England
Film 8)  America: Airplane High Jinx 1 - 1974 (No Audio) In the Air
Film 9) America: Airplane High Jinx 2 – 1975 In the Air
Film 10) America: Tour Plane Interview – 1975 On the Ground

For more information: 

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Sights and Sounds: Get ready for the arrival of the Lickerish Quartet on May 15, 2020

What promises to be one of the best albums of the year (based upon the fantastic track "Lighthouse Spaceship," here are details about the debut offering from The Lickerish Quartet.

Roger Joseph Manning Jr.  Vocals, Keyboards
Tim Smith  Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Eric Dover  Vocals, Guitar

Absence makes the collaborative heart grow fonder. Just ask the three masterful musicians who comprise the modern-day supergroup known as The Lickerish Quartet. Fans and eagle-eared listeners alike will instantly recognize the shared pedigree that Roger Joseph Manning Jr. (Beck, Air, Cheap Trick, Imperial Drag), Tim Smith (Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, The Finn Brothers, Sheryl Crow, Umajets), and Eric Dover (Imperial Drag, Slash’s Snakepit, Alice Cooper, Sextus) all have together by way of the melodiously fruitful time they spent in the ’90s alt-rock cult-favorite collective known as Jellyfish. After many years in the interim of supporting the visions of other artists, they were eventually able to reconvene on their own in early 2017, spending whatever time they could spare in the ensuing three years to create something they could truly call their own.
To that end, Manning, Smith, and Dover’s undeniable chemistry can now be found within every sonic pore of the four songs that comprise The Lickerish Quartet’s cheekily named Threesome Vol. 1 EP, which is set for release on May 15, 2020 via The Lickerish Quartet/Label Logic, as distributed by Ingrooves. From the mischievous harmonic invitation of “Fadoodle” to the folk-tinged uplift of “Bluebird’s Blues” to the twangy lamentation of “There Is a Magic Number” to the cosmic muscle of “Lighthouse Spaceship,” Threesome Vol. 1 confirms the communal strengths of a trio of songwriters who have clearly retained an intuitive sense of knowing exactly how to elevate the sum of each other’s musical chops.

Watch the lyric video for "Lighthouse Spaceship" here.
“While touring with Jellyfish, it was pretty clear to me that both Eric and Tim had plenty to say as writers in their own right,” Manning reports. “All these years later, it was like picking up where we left off in many ways. Ultimately, the songs go on their own journeys, but I also think our collective vocal sound puts a stamp on all of them, no matter who’s singing lead. That’s what really joins it all together.” Smith very much agrees with that assessment. “It’s a good feeling knowing we found a way to blend together again as the three of us, and then find new ways to explore our ideas,” he marvels. “I think all the songs we did make something magical out of the mundane aspects of daily life.”
Threesome Vol. 1 opens with “Fadoodle,” a Dover-driven look at how to rekindle the fires of a long-entrenched relationship. “Well, I’m always looking for new ways to say dirty things,” Dover observes with a laugh. “I found a big list of naughty words from back in the day for what people used to denote fornication. It’s fascinating, because this has the distinction of being a pop song that has the world’s oldest slang yet is released in the 21st Century.” Adds Manning, “This one has that eighth-note driving thing that was a big part of the glitter sound of the early punk wave, so it’s got that kind of energy right out of the gate. Thankfully, once we had Eric’s lyric in place, it was just a free-for-all in having fun with the vocal interplay.” 
Next comes Manning’s “Bluebird’s Blues,” which features Mellotron and a 3D feel born from a musical bed he initially came up with back in 1988. “That one was very much a guitar song,” explains Manning, “and after showing my idea on piano to Tim and Eric, they were able to run with it immediately to give it that folkie guitar feel that it needed, and was calling out for. All of our contributions, including those of our drummer Jeremy Stacey, show the intricacies and clever ways of how we were able to move through that folk chord progression.” Interjects Dover, “It was an instantaneous thing we did, from Note 1. It set the mood, and it’s a beautiful moment. Being able to do that is one of the things we have going on together musically.” 
The third track is “There Is a Magic Number,” a Smith-penned rumination on how to deal with the sad circumstance of two people who have drifted apart after putting the blame for their dissolution on a number that signified the last straw — all buttressed by a signature trippy guitar line courtesy of Dover. “That just had to do with my favorite ’60s psychedelic garage records along with a little bit of surf music thrown in because I like some of those clean, twangy things,” Dover confirms. Adds Smith, “You never really hear any sad surfer music, do you? I just thought this was an interesting play on the idea of what could cause a relationship to end, without them really knowing why but blaming the circumstances on the final number you reach in your head after experiencing X amount of things, X amount of times.”

The EP concludes with the quite heady 6½-minute trip on a “Lighthouse Spaceship.” Manning reflects, “It was just a big experiment we were eager to conduct, and Eric’s genesis for the idea of the lyric really helped pull it all together. Once we had that very vivid imagery in hand, we could start expanding upon it in the arrangement to help paint the visual extension of his lyrics, which are wonderfully psychedelic.”
While The Lickerish Quartet don’t anticipate playing any live dates together anytime soon, they can confirm there are two more four-song EPs waiting in the wings, if demand warrants their release. Acknowledges Manning, “Realizing original ideas of my own is the most gratifying thing about making music, and the natural progression of what the three of us are doing together is you want to share it with people.” Declares Dover, “I’m always going to have time for doing music with these two people, even if we don’t live near each other. And if we only do two songs instead of 12, then we only do two. I’m cool with that.” Concludes Smith, “There’s a level of trust between collaborators who all share the same general goal. Only that can keep it interesting and push it even further to where it can go. At the end of the day, as long as all three of us are excited and inspired with what we come up with, we’ll figure out a way to do more of it.” Hear, hear. Given the inherent, aurally seductive nature of Threesome Vol. 1, we have a feeling many fans both old and new will want much more of The Lickerish Quartet music in their lives — and then some.

The Record Company to release 'Early Songs and Rarities' digitally tomorrow

Amidst all the tough news lately, one good thing to look forward to is the release of a new digital release from The Record Company tomorrow, April 3, 2020...

The Record Company to release Early Songs and Rarities 

The sold out 12” special edition vinyl LP from Record Store Day Black Friday 2019

Los Angeles, CA (April 2, 2020) – Grammy-nominated trio The Record Company will release Early Songs and Rarities, a SOLD OUT 12” special edition vinyl LP of 11 previously unreleased recordings that was available exclusively for Record Store Day Black Friday 2019, digitally this Friday, April 3rd 2020.

The RSD Black Friday sell out LP followed another huge year for the Los Angeles-based band – Chris Vos (vocals, guitars, harmonica), Alex Stiff (bass, guitars, vocals) and Marc Cazorla (drums, piano, organ, vocals) – who released their sophomore album All Of This Life in June 2018 via Concord Records. The album debuted in the top 5 on multiple Billboard charts, including Top New Artists and Top Alternative Artists, and lead single, “Life To Fix” hit #1 on the Billboard AAA charts, the FMQB Top 200, and the Americana radio chart.

In 2019, The Record Company was featured on Bob Seger’s Farewell Tour, earning standing ovations each night while playing to packed arenas. Last summer their headline All Of This Life tour included performances at more than a dozen American cities, with stops at Red Rocks Amphitheater, Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, and Firefly Music Festival. 

More info on The Record CompanyWebsite:

COVID-19 claims the life of Fountains of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger

When I learned of the death of Adam Schlesinger yesterday afternoon at the hands of COVID-19, I was too upset to immediately write anything (he reportedly passed away on March 31, 2020). Although I only caught his band Fountains of Wayne once in concert (you can read my glowing review of the band's January 2009 performance at The Coach House here), I have since explored most of the band's rich discography and have appreciated Schlesinger's top-tier skills as a songwriter and producer. Although he had already enjoyed a long and successful career (he was an Emmy and Grammy winner, and earned an Academy Award nomination for his “That Thing You Do!,” the title track to the 1996 Tom Hanks-directed film), he was only 52. He is survived by his two children, making his early death additionally heartbreaking.

Fountains of Wayne, from left, guitarist-singer Jody Porter, drummer Brian Young,
singer-guitarist Chris Collingwood and bassist-singer Adam Schlesinger.
Photo: Courtesy of Fountains of Wayne
As fine as the song "That Thing That You Do" and the 2003 FOW hit "Stacy's Mom" are, I really encourage music lovers to explore his other work with the New Jersey-spawned power-pop band and some of his work as an album producer (especially his role on the Monkees' 2016 wonderful comeback Good Times! and 2018's equally-stellar Christmas Party; he produced and wrote songs on both discs) and as a songwriter across television (Sesame Street, Big Time Rush, Crank Yankees and more).

The album artwork for 'Sky Full of Holes'
My favorite FOW album is the 2011 masterwork Sky Full of Holes. Almost every music fan has certain albums that connect with them in deep and intangible ways. As a life-long musician and music fan, I have many albums that connect with me that way to be sure. But I count Sky Full of Holes with its perfect blend of melody and melancholy, shimmering song craft and emotional punch as a perfect album. But that is not the band's only great album; the band's self-titled 1996 LP, 1999's concept album Utopia Parkway, 2003's Welcome Interstate Managers and 2007's Traffic and Weather are all outstanding and sound as great today as on their respective release dates.

John Brodeur of Bird Streets wrote on Twitter on April 1: "I am in shock. Devastated. Adam was a good and generous friend. We had planned to write together before this all started. It meant so much to me that he was interested. I hoped and prayed he would beat this, and I want badly for it to not be true."

From left, the Monkees' Peter Tonk and Micky Dolenz with
Adam Schlesinger. Photo: Rhino Records
John Hughes, Rhino Records' Senior Vice President of Fan Engagement wrote: "Adam Schlesinger's kindness and blazing talent were unmistakable. I will miss my friend, and the world will miss his musical spark."

“There would be no Playtone without Adam Schlesinger, without his That Thing You Do!” Tom Hanks wrote following the death of the artist. Hanks also was stricked by the coronavirus last month. “He was a One-der. Lost him to Covid-19. Terribly sad today.”

Robert Kinsler

Monday, March 30, 2020

Comforting Sounds amidst COVID-19 outbreak

The coronavirus pandemic has had an impact around the globe, and that includes on the arts where theaters have closed and concert events have either been cancelled or delayed. During this period of uncertainty and "social distancing," it's a good time to rediscover the comforting sounds of reassuring voices to help get us through these tough times courtesy of some special greatest hits, reissues and special editions titles available now.

Artist: Paul Kelly
Title: Songs From the South 1985-2019: Paul Kelly's Greatest Hits (Cooking Vinyl)
You might like if you enjoy: Paul Kelly, Neil Finn, Tim Finn, Kasey Chambers
Tell me more: It's all about the song. Australia's Paul Kelly is one of the most celebrated artists to ever emerge from Down Under and it's no wonder. His songs exude an authenticity, warmth and sonic grace; they are also sumptuous listens that typically connect with a single listen. On the recently-released compilation Songs From the South 1985-2019: Paul Kelly's Greatest Hits, Kelly's stellar talents are showcased via 43 essential selections. From the tuneful acoustic introduction "From St. Kilda to Kings Cross" and tuneful power pop-minded "Before Too Long" and "Leaps and Bounds" to the indie rockers "Look So Fine Feel So Low" and "Sweet Guy," Kelly is expert as pulling in the best sensibilities of any number of genres to craft his finely-crafted songs. Indeed spoken word ("Bradman"), folk ("Everything's Turning to White," "When I First Met Your Ma"), and melodic rock ("Deeper Water") are also showcased on the first disc covering his work from 1985 to 1999. Bluegrass (the affecting "Our Sunshine"), baroque folk ("If I Could Start Today Again," "I'm On Your Side"), country-western ("Your Lovin' Is On My Mind," "They Thought I Was Asleep") and potent rockers ("God Told Me To," "With the One I Love") are on display on the equally strong second disc. The title closes out with a previously-unreleased cut, "When We're Both Old & Mad," an Americana duet featuring Kelly and Aussie songstress Kasey Chambers. The ambition and wide range of material on Songs from the South astounds across the outstanding set. If you haven't yet discovered Kelly's considerable talents, this two-disc collection is a wonderful place to start. Information:

Artist: Mister Rogers
Titles: You're Growing; Coming and Going; You Are Special; Bedtime (Omnivore Recordings)
You might like if you enjoy: Johnny Costa, Mister Rogers, children's music, jazz 
Tell me more: Generations have grown up watching episodes of "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" since it premiered on television in the late 1960s. A large part of the magic of the beloved PBS-TV series were the songs that were written and sung by show host Fred Rogers. Between 1968 and 2001, Rogers created more than 200 original songs; casual fans might be surprised to learn he wrote all the lyrics and melodies heard on the children's show. Now on the heels of 2019's It's Such a Good Feeling: The Best of Mister Rogers Omnivore Recordings compilation comes four new full-length audio reissues featuring delightful music from "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood." The release of the 2018 documentary "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" and the popular 2019 film "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" (starring Tom Hanks as Rogers) rekindled widespread interest in the legacy of "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood." 

The four new reissues include 1992's Bedtime, You're Growing, and You Are Special, as well as 1997's Coming and Going. The four audio CDs provide a comprehensive overview of the magic created by Rogers (who is backed by long-time collaborator and pianist Johnny Costa, bassist Carl McViker and percussionist Bobby Rawsthorne). The 60 songs work on several levels with lyrics focused on teaching about a wide variety of topics while also offering up inviting jazz stylings to help young audiences develop an appreciation of jazz-flavored song craft. There is a uniform sense of fun and intelligence on this welcome series of releases. Information:

Artist: Kiefer Sutherland
Title: Reckless & Me: Special Edition (BMG)
You might like if you enjoy: Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings
Tell me more: When I first reviewed Kiefer Sutherland's excellent sophomore album Reckless & Me in 2019 I somehow missed that it was available via a two-disc special edition. The second disc features live versions of many of the finest originals from his 2016 debut Down in a Hole and last year's Reckless & Me that were recorded at a concert in Berlin, Germany. Sutherland has quickly established him as one of the strongest talents in country music, primarily because he has found a way to tap into the rich vein of outlaw music and make it his own. Whether singing intimate ballads such as "Saskatchewan," probing confessionals like "Down In A Hole" or kicking things up with "Rebel Wind," the tracks on the expanded set capture the excitement of Sutherland's recent concert tours. Information:

Artist: Ten Years After
DVD Title: Live from the Marquee Club, London (Store For Music)
You might like if you enjoy: Ten Years After, Alvin Lee, Joe Bonamassa, Humble Pie
Tell me more: Released back in 2012, Ten Years After's Live from the Marquee Club, London is definitely worth watching if you love classic British blues rock. Ten Years frontman Alvin Lee was a gifted singer and one of the world's first guitar heroes. On this performance captured in 1983 that was staged in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Marquee Club, Lee and company tear through a fiery set including the masterful blues cut "Help Me," jazz jam "Woodchoppers Ball," and a marathon tear through "I'm Going Home." Information:

Robert Kinsler

Friday, March 27, 2020

The Beatles, Jeff Lynne, Jim James, and more get behind The Inner Light Challenge

The music community continues to rally behind the world as COVID-19 has continued to claim the lives of people around the world...

The Beatles, Jeff Lynne, Jim James and more get behind the Inner Light Challenge following the Material World Foundation's $500,000 donation to help those impacted by COVID-19

Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Jeff Lynne, Joe Walsh, Rita Wilson, Jim James, Mike Campbell, Jewel, Young the Giant, Lukas and Micah Nelson, Susanna Hoffs, Richard Marx, Daniel Lanois and more have all put their support behind The Material World Foundation's fundraising Inner Light Challenge. Following a donation of $500,000 to the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief FundSave the Children and Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) charities, which are providing much needed aid and care during this COVID-19 pandemic, the Foundation launched The Inner Light Challenge to raise a further $100,000. The challenge is asking people to share their take on The Beatles song 'The Inner Light' with the hashtag #innerlight2020.

Without going out of my door, I can know all things on earth.
Without looking out of my window, I can know the ways of heaven.

Olivia Harrison said, "These lyrics sung by George are a positive reminder to all of us who are isolating, in quarantine or respecting the request to shelter in place. Let's get and stay connected at this difficult time.  There are things we can do to help and we invite you to share your Inner Light."
The Inner Light Challenge:
- The Material World Foundation will donate another $1 (up to $100,000) for every one of you who shares their own "Inner Light" moment on social media using the hashtag #innerlight2020 
- This can be a verse, a chorus, or a line from the song. Just sing it, play it, hum it, strum it, paint it, knit it, chant it, plant it, pray or meditate and post it to social media using the hashtag #innerlight2020
- Watch Dhani Harrison's cover of the song HERE.

"The Inner Light" - The Beatles
Watch The Beatles "The Inner Light" video HERE
Without going out of my door
I can know all things on earth
Without looking out of my window
I can know the ways of heaven
The farther one travels
The less one knows
The less one really knows
Without going out of your door
You can know all things on earth
Without looking out of your window
You can know the ways of heaven
The farther one travels
The less one knows
The less one really knows
Arrive without traveling
See all without looking
Do all without doing

The Material World Foundation
The release of George's 1973 album entitled Living in the Material World coincided with the creation of his own charitable foundation. The royalties from that album - including the single "Give Me Love" - were donated by George in perpetuity to the Material World Foundation. George established the Foundation to encourage the exploration of alternate and diverse forms of artistic expression, life views and philosophies as well as a way to support established charities and people with special needs. In the autumn of 1973, the first project of the foundation was the "Ravi Shankar Music Festival," which brought together renowned Indian classical musicians to perform and record compositions especially created by Ravi Shankar. Even though George passed on from this material world in 2001, his charitable work has continued. In response to an outpouring of emotion by fans and friends, "My Sweet Lord" was re-released in 2002. The profits from that single benefited: Médicins Sans Frontières, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Macmillan Nurses, National Deaf Children's Society, NSPCC and many more.

MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund

In recent weeks, COVID-19 has devastated the music community, leaving thousands of music creators and professionals without work and an uncertain future. The Recording Academy and its affiliated charitable foundation Musicares have established the COVID-19 Relief Fund to help musicians and their families affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

During this difficult time, school districts are making the difficult decision to close due to COVID-19. An unintended consequence for kids is losing valuable learning and instruction time. The earliest years are most important for a child's development, and missing out on learning now could have devastating impact on their future growth. Save the Children is committed to help children and families during this uncertain time by providing learning resources for our nation's youngest learners.

Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders)

Medecins Sans Frontieres teams are responding to the coronavirus emergency on multiple fronts-caring for patients, offering health education and mental health support, and providing training for vital infection control measures in health facilities around the world. MSF is working with local authorities in many of the countries where they have medical projects to help prepare for the impact of COVID-19.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Jeff Healey's "Heal My Soul: Deluxe Edition" 2CD set for release May 22, 2020

Very exciting to see the late blues great Jeff Healey's celebrated album 'Heal My Soul' is going to be reissued as a 2CD deluxe edition on May 22. Following is a media release with all the details...

Eagle Rock Entertainment to release Jeff Healey's 'Heal My Soul: Deluxe Edition' on Friday, May 22, 2020

On May 22, Eagle Rock Entertainment will celebrate the genius of guitarist/blues-rock vocalist Jeff Healey, with the release of a 2-disc deluxe edition of Heal My Soul. For the first time, this critically acclaimed masterpiece will be packaged with its companion album Holding On. This will also be released on digital formats.
Originally released on what would have been Healey’s 50th birthday in 2016, Heal My Soul was a “lost” album of 12 unheard songs recorded over a three-year period (from 1996-98). Written during a tumultuous period in The Jeff Healey Band’s history, these songs were shelved until his estate unearthed and restored these songs after his passing in 2008. It was a big endeavor, per Roger Costa (co-administrator/ archivist of Jeff Healey’s estate): they had to research the lost songs, recover two-inch masters, transfer the tracks to digital, and remix/remaster. “There were a lot of moments when everyone was getting choked up,” Costa states. “It was like he was there. It was like he was never gone.”
Holding On was always intended to be released as a companion to Heal My Soul - a dream that finally comes to light with this deluxe edition release. The album is a blend of five additional studio tracks and a live performance from Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo, Norway. Accentuating the songs on Heal My SoulHolding On serves as the perfect complement, painting the full picture of his musical direction at this time in his career.
Live in Oslo, with Healey Band veteran guitarist Pat Rush in tow, The Jeff Healey Band tore through a set of great covers and classics. Despite having to deal with some radio interference from his wireless rig between songs, Jeff was on fire that night. Then there’s the breathtaking version of Mark Knopfler’s “I Think I Love You Too Much” (which Jeff originally recorded with Knopfler for 1990’s Hell To Pay). The set is closed off by a great, playful 8 1/2 minute take on Jeff’s signature tune, “See The Light,” Jeff and Pat weaving sonic shapes that leave the audience breathless.
A Grammy nominee and JUNO Award winner, Jeff Healey amassed millions of sales worldwide with the five albums released by his Jeff Healey Band. Blind since childhood due to a rare form of eye cancer, he developed a revolutionary style of guitar playing, laying it flat like a lap-steel and fretting with all five fingers. Described by Steve Lukather as “a musician’s musician,” his instrumental dexterity allowed him to deftly maneuver between rock, blues, and jazz. His contributions to music led Healey to be inducted into the Terry Fox Hall Of Fame in 2019 (an organization recognizing Canadians who made significant contributions to enrich the lives of those with physical disabilities).
A powerful collection of material from one of Healey’s most creative periods, this deluxe edition of Heal My Soul is a majestic display of his unmatched virtuosity.
Track list:
CD 1
1. Daze Of The Night
2. Moodswing
3. Baby Blue
4. I Misunderstood
5. Please
6. Love In Her Eyes
7. Temptation
8. Kiss The Ground You Walk On
9. All The Saints
10. Put The Shoe On The Other Foot
11. Under A Stone
12. It’s The Last Time
CD 2
1. Love Takes Time
2. Every Other Guy
3. Dancing With The Monsters
4. All That I Believe
5. CNIBlues
6. My Little Girl (live)
7. Dust My Broom (live)
8. How Blue Can You Get (live)
9. I Think I Love You Too Much (live)
10. Stuck In The Middle With You/Tequila (live)
11. Macon Georgia Blue (live)
12. I Can’t Get My Hands On You (live)
13. Yer Blues (live)
14. Holding On (live)
15. See The Light (live)

Star-filled lineup announced for “ACM® PRESENTS: OUR COUNTRY”

Here is a timely update on a strong lineup featured on the upcoming April 5th telecast coming to CBS focusing on contemporary country music hit makers, as well as a tribute to Kenny Rogers (who passed away at the age of 81 earlier this month)...Robert Kinsler

Carrie Underwood will be among the artists performing on April 5, 2020.


Special to feature At-Home Performances by Kelsea BalleriniDierks Bentley,
Kane Brown & John LegendLuke BryanBrandi CarlileEric Church,
Luke CombsSheryl CrowFlorida Georgia LineLady Antebellum,
Miranda LambertLittle Big TownTim McGraw, Old Dominion,
Brad Paisley & Darius Rucker, Thomas Rhett
Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani, Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood, and Keith Urban

Luke Bryan, Brad Paisley & Darius Rucker to Honor Kenny Rogers

Tim McGraw / Photo Credit: Kelly A. Swift
LOS ANGELES, CA (March 26, 2020) – The Academy of Country Music® and dick clark productions announced today the all-star lineup of performers for ACM® PRESENTS: OUR COUNTRY, a two-hour special featuring intimate conversations and at-home acoustic performances with Country Music’s biggest stars, along with clips from the Academy of Country Music Awards’™ 55-year history. Confirmed performers include Kelsea Ballerini, Dierks Bentley, Kane Brown & John Legend, Luke Bryan, Brandi Carlile, Eric Church, Luke Combs, Sheryl CrowFlorida Georgia Line, Lady AntebellumMiranda LambertLittle Big Town, Tim McGrawOld Dominion, Brad Paisley & Darius Rucker, Thomas RhettBlake Shelton & Gwen StefaniShania Twain, Carrie Underwood, and Keith Urban. The special will be broadcast Sunday, April 5 (8:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT and 7:00 PM CT) on the CBS Television Network and on CBS All Access.

Miranda Lambert / Photo Credit: Ellen von Unwerth
ACM® PRESENTS: OUR COUNTRY will also honor 10-time ACM Award® winner Kenny Rogers with performances by Luke BryanBrad Paisley and Darius Rucker. As previously announced, artists will appear from their homes to share heartfelt thoughts and perform acoustic versions of Country hits. Additionally, video clips from previous ACM Award broadcasts will highlight favorite ACM moments from the past. It will be a night filled with entertainment, hope and reflection, bringing the healing power of music to Americans at a time when they need it most.

The special will broadcast during the time slot previously scheduled for the 55th Academy of Country Music Awards, which will now be broadcast Wednesday, Sept. 16 (live 8:00-11:00 PM ET/delayed PT) on the CBS Television Network and streaming live and on demand on CBS All Access. The 55th ACM Awards, hosted for the first time by reigning ACM Entertainer of the Year and 15-time ACM Award winner Keith Urban, honors the biggest names and emerging talent in the Country Music industry.

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ACM® PRESENTS: OUR COUNTRY invites fans to join their favorite superstars for a new kind of entertainment special featuring at-home acoustic performances with top Country artists along with clips of their favorite moments from the Academy of Country Music Awards’™ 55-year history. ACM PRESENTS: OUR COUNTRY is produced for television by dick clark productions. R.A. Clark, Barry Adelman, Mark Bracco and Amy Thurlow are executive producers. Damon Whiteside is executive producer for the Academy of Country Music®.