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Micropixie shares new Blur cover "The Universal", upcoming album "Dark Sight of The Moon" out March 8, 2019

Blur's "The Universal" is one of my favorite songs of all time, so it's nice to hear a nice cover of the track courtesy of Micropixie...

Micropixie Releases New Cover of Blur's
 "The Universal"
Upcoming Album Dark Sight of The Moon
Out March 2019 
Co-Written and Produced
By Paco Serén of Spain's Los Piratas
And Featuring Rob Myers and Ashish Vyas
of Thievery Corporation
Lead Single "New Year's Day" 
Acclaimed by The New York Times

The UK native, formerly Paris-, now San Francisco-based indie/electronic artist Micropixie has released her new track "The Universal". The track is currently streaming via Under The Radar who writes that Micropixie's interpretation "...brings to the fore the original song's lounge groove and mystified sense of play". Micropixie will release her new album Dark Sight Of The Moon on International Women's Day, March 8, 2019.

Listen: Micropixie - "The Universal"

"After learning that I too was a Damon Albarn fan, it was my collaborator Paco Serén who suggested that we cover 'The Universal'," writes Micropixie. "By that time, I felt free enough with Paco to experiment vocally and not be shy. So that's how those opening 'doodle lüt-du's came about. He loved those, and also these two other places in the song, which he calls my ’perfume moments,’ (he said he imagined me sitting in front of a dressing table spraying perfume out of one those old-time atomizer bottles... hilarious image!) Such brilliant lyrics about the working class being brainwashed to accept their 'fate'; the subjugation of the poor via the con-trick that is the National Lottery. What a perfect candidate lyrically for Dark Sight of the Moon."
Micropixie announced Dark Sight of the Moon with the release of the single "New Year's Day", which was acclaimed by The New York TimesGlide Magazine, and others. She also recently released a video for an abbreviated cut of the song.

Known in human form as Neshma Friend, Micropixie is the alien alter-ego and creative persona through which Friend’s voice finds its muse. The new record is the last chapter in a narratively-linked trilogy of albums alongside The Good, The Beige & The Ugly (2012), and Alice In Stevie Wonderland (2005). The triptych of albums tells the story of Micropixie’s journey to earth and her conflicted search for her true identity among humans, whose behavior she finds illogical. This sci-fi journey parallels Friend’s personal reflections on her own real-world background and international heritage. Micropixie summarizes this complex interweaving of fact, fiction, and cultural politics in her animated short film, “50 Shades of Beige”.

Made with award-winning producer Galician producer Paco Serén of Spain underground legends Los Piratas, and featuring contributions from Rob Myers and Ashish "Hash” Vyas of Thievery CorporationDark Sight of the Moon layers psych-pop instrumentation over Micropixie’s melodically deadpan vocals to create a hypnotic mix that she calls “Tripadelica.” Dark Sight of the Moon is intergalactic in scope, international in outlook, and highly personal in its invitation to the listener to step into Micropixie’s uncannily enticing world.
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