Sunday, March 16, 2014

Music Worth Buying: 'Mystery Science Theater 3000: XXIX' collection, 'The Dukes of September,' Break of Reality

Why would I include the latest Mystery Science Theater 3000 collection in a roundup of noteworthy new music titles?

Look no further than the first of four episodes on Mystery Science Theater 3000: XXIX (set for release by Shout! Factory on Tuesday, March 25), a rightful skewering of the 1957 teen exploitation flick Untamed Youth. The film not only features early rock 'n' roll hero Eddie Cochran ("C'Mon Everybody," "Summertime Blues") but has the distinction of boasting the first-ever on-screen performance of a rock song sung by a female (famed actress Mamie Van Doren). To be sure the movie itself is dated and campy, but thanks to the clever work of the writers and performers of MST3K, hilarity ensues. Among the extras on the new collection is an interview with the aforementioned Van Doren, and the original theatrical trailer for Untamed Youth. The other three films that get a well-deserved Satellite of Love treatment include Hercules And The Captive Women, The Thing That Couldn't Die and The Pumaman. Laughter aplenty! Information:

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Televised earlier this month as part of PBS' "Great Performances" series, The Dukes of September is now available on both DVD and Blu-ray courtesy of 429 Records. Captured live at Lincoln Center in November 2012, the Dukes of September Rhythm Revue (featuring Donald Fagen, Michael McDonald, Boz Scaggs and a top-tier group of seven other musicians and two back-up singers) features not only some of the trio's biggest hits but rock and R&B nuggets such as "Love T.K.O." and "Sweet Soul Music."  There are all kinds of highlights on the disc (which looks and sounds fantastic), notably Fagen leading the way through Steely Dan's "Kid Charlegmagne" (which features some masterful guitar work from Jon Herrington) and an inspired "Lido Shuffle." For more information, visit

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Blending rock and classical with an authenticity rarely reached, cello-anchored band Break of Reality is back with a new collection titled Ten set for release on March 25 that features 10 instrumental compositions co-written by Patrick Laird (cello) and Ivan Trevino (drums, percussion). From the melancholy-blanketed rocker "Helix" to the more atmospheric "Star" and cinematic "Storm's End" and "Nine Deep," Laird, Trevino and cellists Laura Metcalf and Adrian Daurov, and several guest players, create a world that is at once familiar and new. Magic music making indeed. Information:

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