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NAMM 2017 offers wealth of sonic gizmos, gadgets and groundbreaking products

The 2017 NAMM Show runs through Sunday, January 22, 2017.
The NAMM Show has hit the ground running in 2017.

Geoff Downes, left, with yours truly at NAMM.
In addition to music icons seemingly appearing around every aisle (by Thursday afternoon, I had run into Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick, Geoff Downes of ASIA and Laurence Juber of Paul McCartney's Wings fame), there is a wealth of amazing music-related products and instruments that have caught the attention of trade show goers.

Based in Modena, Italy, IK Multimedia has revealed an advanced and affordable microphone system for acoustic guitar players. The iRig Acoustic Stage is a compact digital microphone system that brings the clarity and precision of a studio microphone to a small acoustic microphone that clips to the sound hole of a guitar.
The iRig Acoustic Stage is new for 2017.

"With this iRig Acoustic Stage mic, it allows you to get the quality sound of a studio microphone live," said IK Multimedia's Starr Ackerman. She also noted there is a feature to immediately kill feedback (a frequent challenge for those playing acoustic guitars live), and other features to assist in capturing an acoustic instrument's nuanced sound when recording. The iRig Acoustic Stage mic retails for $99.

It's no wonder the company's tagline is "Musicians First." Get more information on all of the company's impressive products at: http://www.ikmultimedia.comYou can get more specifics on the iRig Acoustic at:

First look at both versions of Yamaha's beautiful
50th Anniversary drum set.

Buena Park-based Yamaha Corporation of America is the world's largest music manufacturer and has unveiled several new products at the NAMM Show. Blending the latest technology and attention to music making, the newly-designed YSV104 SILENT Violin is the most advanced version in the 20-year history of the instrument. The YSV104 is significantly lighter than previous models and utilizes engineering advances to improve the sound of the instrument. 

"The YSV104 also incorporates Yamaha's SRT Powered system, Studio Response Technology, which vibrates when you are playing it," said Heather Mansell, product manager in Yamaha's orchestral strings, band & orchestral division.

Also showcased at this year's show is the company's limited-edition 50th Anniversary drum set. Get more information on Yamaha's new products via the company's official website: As of the date of this post (Jan. 21, 2017), Yamaha also has a part of its site specifically dedicated to new products showcased at the NAMM Show, available here:

Deering Banjo Company introduced its Goodtime Six instrument at this year's NAMM Show. While the San Diego-based company has produced previous six-string banjo models (which are tuned and play like a 6-string guitar), the Goodtime Six marks the first Deering instrument to retail for under $1,000. 

"It's fantastic for the guitar player who wants to add that banjo-esque sound to their arsenal," said Jamie Latty, vice president of sales and marketing for Deering. That's Latty holding the beautiful new Goodtime Six in the photo on the right.

Get more information on the wide range of stunning Deering Banjos at:

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