Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Reasons Why I No Longer Hate American Idol (And why season XIII has been so worth watching)

Reasons Why I No Longer Hate American Idol 
(And why season XIII has been so worth watching)   By TJR

No one has prayed for the death of American Idol more than me, but Season XIII has given me a real change of heart. Here's a few reasons why. 

All the judges are now not only veteran performers, but are also currently working professionals too (in other words, they have a right to be there). 

All the judges are passionate about helping the contestants improve and grow. 

The judges have spoken out against auto tuning. 

The judges have continually stated that the goal is not to be famous but to be the best at your craft (and then the rest will follow). . 

All the unnecessary sadism of the Simon Cowell era has been replaced with "real" useful constructive criticism. 

75% of the fluff and cheese from the original series is gone. 

None of the contestants this year are obvious "Cookie Cutter" singers (as opposed to previous seasons). 

Originality is encouraged as opposed to the way it was discouraged during the Simon Cowell Era 
"Being artistic is fine,,,,but not on this show".......Real quote from Simon Cowell

They are letting the contestants perform their own original songs. 

The theme weeks aren't designed to help the contestants grow as opposed to screw them up.   

It's no longer about the drama....It's now about the music and camaraderie. 

On the elimination nights they have showcased up an coming new bands and artists (chosen by the judges) that deserve attention as opposed to the current flavor of the month top 40 chartbusters (who don't really need it). 

Harry Connick Jr: His classic formal music training, combined with his passion for music and sense of humor has brought an integrity that this show previously didn't have. 

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newwavegeo said...

I agree TJR. Connick is one of the best judges the show has ever had. And Randy Jackson is not an incisive mentor like Jimmy Iovine was. But Iovine does have major record and headphone companies to run, so I guess he couldn't stay on the show forever.