Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Rock Hall fall; does anyone care?

I saw today on Billboard.com all the reporting from the 21st annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction dinner, held on March 13 (I can't say I'm sorry I missed it; I was watching a great new episode of "24").

Looking over the list of so-called rock icons and those inducted, I have to honestly say "Who cares?" Black Sabbath didn't perform; Ozzy Osbourne is burned out and should just fade away. Apparently, whenever he was asked a question in the press room, he apparently couldn't really hear very well and didn't say anything very insightful. Kind of like that stupid MTV show he did a few years ago that I couldn't stomach.

When it came to the Sex Pistols, they didn't even show up.

Blondie was kind of bizarre, with apparently some of the various members not getting along anymore. I wouldn't have cared 25 years ago and I still don't care. Especially when a band is celebrated for such disposable fluff as "Call Me" and "Rapture." I would much rather have seen the Cars (the most successful American new wave band of the late 1970s) or the Smithereens (they released their debut "Girls About Town" in 1980) get in there.

I'm torn about Lynyrd Skynyrd. I guess they deserve to get in. I just don't hear their music and think it belongs in the company of U2, the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Queen. It's like bands such as ZZ Top, Billy Joel and Aerosmith - they are pretty good (and commercially successful) bands but shouldn't the Hall be reserved for the best of the best in terms of artistry? I guess in an age where we can't give any child a failing grade because it might hurt their self esteem, that's what we're left with...

Miles Davis was a great jazz musician. Very deserving of many accolades. But until rockers such as Hall & Oates, the Cure, Badfinger and Cheap Trick get in, why is the Rock Hall worrying about jazz players? I don't get it...

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