Thursday, March 02, 2006

Catch-up time

I have not been posting lately. Sorry.

I have been listening to music, writing my weekly columns for the OC Register and all that stuff, but nothing significant has compelled me to put down anything here as of late. So I just wanted to check in, say "hello" to you and share a non-music related item here.

I read today that NASA is honoring Walter Cronkite with an actual moon rock. I have a story about Walter Cronkite to share with you. In spring of 2004, I went to Orlando, Florida to attend a communications conference. While on my way back to Orange County, California, at the Orlando airport and waiting for the security check, right next to me in a wheelchair being wheeled by several airport/security persons was legendary CBS Evening News anchor Walter Cronkite. Everyone in line pretty much recognizes him and is pointing at him, etc. Although he has difficulty moving (he was in his late 80s two years ago), security makes him take off his shoes and checks him out as if he might be a terrorist. Is this junk silly or not? How many of the terrorist attacks in America, Israel, Iraq and everywhere Islamic facists are targeting innocents have been carried out by retired American newscasters?

I understand NASA is giving Cronkite, who is now around 90, a piece of the moon in rcognition of his decades of covering the space program. Our society should be going after the real terrorists, checking people coming from places such as Saudi Arabia and Yemen and making sure we know where all those people are.

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