Friday, August 12, 2005

You're kidding, right

It's Friday. Why not have some fun.

Billboard reports Ashlee Simpson is in talks with "Saturday Night Live" to host and perform in connection with the release of her second CD in early October. Sick.

Wasn't faking it once bad enough? So "SNL" can't find any real musicians to feature on the show. Are they kidding? Here are a few suggestions: Dada, Dead Can Dance, Neil Young, Keane, Snow Patrol, New Order, Color Theory, Michael Ubaldini, Lee Rocker, Trespassers William, Rusty Anderson, Social Distortion, Aimee Mann, Bruce Cockburn and hundreds more. Maybe they can actually champion some real music. Now that's a stretch...

Check out my Orange Pop column in the Orange County Register today. I talk about Summerfest, a promising six-hour power pop-minded show coming to Stanton tomorrow, kicking off at noon. And it's free. All ages. You can read it via and click on the ENTERTAINMENT button on the left and you'll find my story under the Music area.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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