Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Classical Mystery Tour

Last Friday, I was able to catch a time machine back to the 196os. Indeed, Classical Mystery Tour is just that. Featuring a top-notch Beatles tribute band that performs with a 40-member orchestra, the performance was wonderful.

What makes the experience so amazing isn't simply that the four key players look so much like John, Paul, George and Ringo. But it it how they sound like them, move like them and how the arrangements of classics such as "A Day in the Life" and "Yesterday" benefit from the layers provided by violins, cellos, brass, etc. It truly elevates these concerts to a level seldom reached at rock 'n' roll shows.

The cast features Jim Owen (as Lennon), Tony Kishman (as McCartney), Tom Teeley (as Harrison) and Chris Camilleri (as Starr). Kishman was particularly strong and if he was left handed, people might think he was Paul his voice and look were so dead on...

Information: www.ClassicalMysteryTour.com.

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