Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Sorry about the delay

Hi Friends,

Sorry about the delay since my last posting. I actually have been listening to loads of new music - and surprisingly - much of it has been great. I'm not telling many of you anything you don't know when I celebrate Moby's "Hotel." A great double-disc set, with the first one full of strong songs ("Raining Again" and "Slipping Away" are my favorites today), while the second disc is filled with trance-minded instrumental gems that are perfect for those lazy, late afternoons.

Also, Aimee Mann has kindly posted her forthcoming "The Forgotten Arm" on her Web site, although the album doesn't come out until May 3. It's a fantastic album and go to her official site (www.aimeemann.com) to check it out. According to notes on her site, it's a concept album whose story involves a couple and their journey (physical and emotional) across America in the 1970s. She is that rare singer-songwriter who crafts music that is as accessible as it is intelligent.

Also, any of you who can pick up the latest copy of LIVE magazine (available throughout Orange County and parts of L.A.) can read my monthly Kinslerscope music DVD column; I review Aimee's "Live at St. Ann's Warehouse" DVD that was released in November, as well as the latest DVDs featuring Johnny Cash, Snow Patrol and Steppenwolf.

I'm always behind in my listening because I get so much stuff and there are not enough hours in the day. But all of you know that too...

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