Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Welcome Friends

Welcome everybody!
Many of you who read my Orange Pop column in the Orange County Register have been introduced to some wide-ranging and strong artists who do or have called Orange County home; Scarlet Crush, Bright Blue Gorilla, Michael Ubaldini, Rusty Anderson, Walter Clevenger & the Dairy Kings - the list goes deservedly on. This column will allow me to talk about live shows, CDs and other music-related stuff that I simply can't squeeze into my columns that run Friday in the Show section.

I invite you all to check back often. I will try to update this column when I can. I often read or hear things and have a strong opinion and I will post my thoughts on all that and more. So much has been made about downloading, song production and producers, that I really feel the emphasis on great songs and musicianship has taken a back seat. I don't like that, so expect to read much about singers, songwriters and performers who are worth celebrating - especially in a time of diminished returns.

Keep on reading! And you can always read my Orange Pop column via every Friday too!


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