Friday, February 18, 2005

That ain't music!

Isn't Billboard a music magazine?

Why the heck do any of us care about Shania Twain developing a fragrance with Stetson? Why did Billboard post that story on the front page of their Web site? They can't be bothered with wonderful new releases by the George Fryer Combo, Ken Garcia Band or Eric Anders (you have to read my Orange Pop column in the Register today to get the goods on those discs), but have plenty of electronic ink to showcase the so-called Canadian country singer.

Other thoughts after reading a bunch of music stuff on the Net today.

I agree with just about every credible critic that Ashlee Simpson was terrible before her "Saturday Night Live" stint and is still bad. And I didn't even catch her show in Orange County earlier this week. I heard her CD and that was bad enough...and another thing, Jessica Simpson is equally bland.

And while I'm on that subject, I think every music fan can celebrate the announcement that Jennifer Lopez has cancelled her European tour. Maybe the undiscerning listeners who would have attended those shows will happen to pursue something where real music is in the offering...

Have a great weekend! Go out and listen to something worthwhile. Snow Patrol today, Neil Young tomorrow...

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