Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sigur Rós remains a wonder

Photo: Kim Kinsler
Sigur Rós always delivers an impassioned otherworldly concert experience. The Icelandic trio comprised of singer-guitarist Jón Þór Birgisson (better known as Jónsi) bassist Georg Hólm and drummer Orri Páll Dýrason did so again throughout a sold-out 110-minute concert at the Hollywood Bowl last night (Saturday, September 24, 2016). 

The concert was divided into two parts. The first half of the night began with a stunning new selection titled "Á". Of course, the capacity crowd loved the intense performance of “Glósóli,” which came late in that first half.

The second half featured them performing behind a screen where you could see them, but them were positioned in a "twilight" world of lights and images.

In the second half, one of my favorite of the band's songs, "Saeglopur," was delivered more sparsely than when I've seen it performed with a larger ensemble in the past. But it was still powerful, with Jónsi's falsetto as powerful as ever. I wasn't reviewing the concert last night, but for fans of the group who want to read an in-depth assessment of the night, check out writer Kyle B Smith's review on MXDWN here.  

The night allowed the trio to perform a mix of well-known and new material. Here is the setlist:

Georg Hólm and Jonsi performing at the
Hollywood Bowl. Photo: Kim Kinsler
Sigur Rós Setlist at Hollywood Bowl, September 24, 2016
  1. Á
  2. Ekki Mukk
  3. Samskeyti (Untitled track 3 off ( ))
  4. E-bow (Untitled track 6 off ( ))
  5. Daudalagid
  6. Glósóli
  7. Smaskifa
  1. Óveður
  2. Starálfur
  3. Sæglópur
  4. Ný batterí
  5. Vaka (Untitled track 1 off ( ))
  6. Festival
  7. Kveikur (aborted)
  8. Hljómalind
  9. Popplagið (Untitled track 8 off ( ))

The fusion of music, stellar symphonic-styled compositions and technology continues to expand the scope of the trio's magical performances, as evidenced by some of the images that my wife Kim and I took during the concert last night.

Robert Kinsler

Sigur Rós, from left, Georg Hólm, Jónsi Birgisson and Orri Páll Dýrason. Photo: Robert Kinsler

Jónsi Birgisson wielding his bow guitar work at the Hollywood
Bowl on September 24, 2016. Photo: Kim Kinsler 

Performing merely as a trio nowadays (multi-instrumentalist Kjartan Sveinsson left in early 2013), Sigur Rós continues to conjure up an intoxicating blend of rock, neo-classical and experimental sonics. Photo: Robert Kinsler

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