Monday, November 24, 2014

Coldplay's 'Ghost Stories Live 2014' is out today

Anyone who saw the Coldplay special when it was broadcast earlier this year on NBC will be excited to get today's release of the special on DVD/CD today. Here is the official media release...

Coldplay's 'Ghost Stories Live 2014' is out today

Concert film and live album available in DVD/CD and digital formats

Ghost Stories Live 2014, Coldplay's new concert film and live album, is available now at music retailers everywhere. Filmed by GRAMMY-nominated director Paul Dugdale, the Ghost Stories Live 2014 film documents the band's unique performance of its latest No. 1 album, Ghost Stories, to a small group of fans in March 2014, two months prior to the album's release. Shot in a custom-built amphitheatre at Sony Studios, Los Angeles, the groundbreaking production sets Coldplay's performance against stunning 360-degree and overhead imagery. It is the band's first DVD release since the GRAMMY-nominated Live 2014 concert film.

Parts of the performance were first broadcast in May 2014 as a Coldply TV special by major broadcasters around the world, including NBC in the US and Sky Arts in the UK, where the film has already been nominated for Best Live Coverage at this year's UK Music Video Awards. But Ghost Stories Live 2014 is the first time that the performance has been sequenced as originally conceived: a visual representation of the Ghost Stories album.

The package also contains an exclusive Ghost Stories live album, as well as eight music videos from the Ghost Stories era. In addition, there is an exclusive Extended Director's cut of the "Magic" video, which features a new cameo by Peter Fonda.

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