Tuesday, August 05, 2014

The Who 'Who Hits 50' - 50th Anniversary Celebrations

With legendary British bands The Beatles, The Zombies and The Rolling Stones having already celebrated their 50th anniversaries, its The Who's turn. Here is an exciting that landed in my inbox today...

2014 marks the 50th anniversary of The Who.
There is no more significant a milestone in Rock Music than the 50th Anniversary. Alongside The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, THE WHO complete the holy trinity of British Rock bands that have the honor of celebrating that landmark.

WHO HITS 50 will be celebrated with a year-long series of releases, promotions and events designed to capture the imagination of existing fans and the younger generation of fans that are only coming to realize the enormity of THE WHO’s influence not only musically, but through music, art, film and fashion.

All launched in June with the announcement of a string of UK Arena shows and a Greatest Hits collection to be released on October 28, 2014.

In anticipation of the celebrations, THE WHO are reaching out to fans and collectors around the world, looking for rare and lost recordings to complete a thorough trawl of their archives.

The band is looking for rare radio and TV performances, home movies from gigs, extraordinary bootleg material, demos, unusual photos and memorabilia for their 50th anniversary releases. If you think it’s rare, we’d like to see it!

In 2002 the legendary film The High Numbers at the Railway Hotel from 1964 was found in a loft in the Netherlands. This priceless snapshot of the band in their formative years shows that there is always undiscovered material somewhere.

Any item that is used will be fully credited on any release and the person with the most outstanding find will receive 2 VIP tickets for a show on the next Who tour.

The contact for any fan wanting to get in touch is thewho@umusic.com

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I informed some superfans that I know after seeing this.