Saturday, April 16, 2011

Coachella Day 1: The Rural Alberta Advantage

Photo info: Rural Alberta Advantage singer-songwriter Nils Edenloff led his band through an impressive 35-minute set to kick things off on the Outdoor Theatre stage on April 15, 2011.

Power trio indeed.
The Rural Alberta Advantage launched proceedings on the Outdoor Theatre with a hard-hitting set under a blistering sun on day 1 of Coachella 2011. And not an electric guitar in sight!
Performing its intoxicating blend of indie rock, folk and electronica (thanks to several songs that utilized only drums and keyboards), singer-songwriter-guitarist-keyboardist Nils Edenloff fought off a cold as he led his threesome (keyboardist Amy Cole, drummer Paul Banwatt) through 13 songs over the course of 35 minutes.
Highlights of the set came quickly, with my favorite song "Tornado '87." Edenloff explained that the song was a true story of a terrible twister experience he has as a child.
"Muscle Relaxants" allowed Edenloff and Cole to blend their voices, while Banwatt's incredible drum playing served as the lead instrument, bounding over and around the acoustic guitar and keyboards.
"Drain the Blood" was a driving rocker, not an easy feat as the Alberta-born Edenloff played his sweat-soaked acoustic guitar like his troupe was the day's headliner.
Maybe before long they will be.

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