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Upcoming releases announced: Color Theory, Moving Mountains & Thursday

Hardly a day goes by without word of new music worth noting here. That said, read on...

Color Theory to release 'The Silence + Second Thoughts'

The Silence + Second Thoughts, the new extremely limited edition CD, is now available, along with collector's edition t-shirts and several package offers. combines two digital-only EPs into an extremely limited edition physical CD. There are only 300 copies worldwide, 200 of which have already been sold (more on that later), making it an instant collector’s edition. The CD features 7 Color Theory originals plus 10 remixes of songs from Brian Hazard (the lead singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer of Color Theory) latest two albums, The Sound and The Thought Chapter.

In addition to the CD, limited edition high quality T-shirts with the album artwork on the front will be available until the CDs sell out. At that point, one shirt order will be placed with the silkscreening company, after which these shirts will not be made available again.

Click here to purchase this very special limited edition CD release.

Moving Mountains' new album 'WAVES' set for release on May 10

The Official Moving Mountains pre-sale is underway for WAVES, the forthcoming album by MOVING MOUNTAINS which is due out May 10 on Triple Crown Records. It can be found here:

Like their previous works, PNEUMA and FOREWORD before it, the album was recorded and produced by singer/guitarist Gregory Dunn at the band’s home studio in Westchester, NY. It was mixed by Matt Goldman (Underoath, Copeland, Anberlin), mastered by longtime MOVING MOUNTAINS collaborator Mike Kalajian and features an appearance by Kenny Bridges from Moneen on the song "The Cascade."

“When the band first started, a very close friend of mine died,” he continues. “That was the motivation to for all the lyrics on PNEUMAPNEUMA, FOREWORD and now this new album have all been about that…being young and having people around you die, which when you’re young it’s a very strange thing. A lot of it is also my struggle with understanding faith and existence...and just about questioning those ideas--and most importantly--how to overcome that to appreciate what you have,” continues Dunn. (2008 – Deep Elm Records). They’re very figurative and overly metaphorical, because I was embarrassed to talk about it at that time. With this new album, I said to myself that it's the last time that I’m going to write about it, so I’m going to be really blunt, honest and straightforward about the subject.

Tim Karan at Alternative Press magazine recently took to Twitter to post his thoughts about WAVES: “I was THIS close to giving up on music and instead focusing on learning Portuguese. Then I heard the new @MovMou album. I'm back in.”

The band--Gregory Dunn (guitar/vocals), Mitchell Lee (bass), Frank Graniero (guitar/vocals), Nicholas Pizzolato (drums)—performed three shows at SXSW last week, where they played to capacity crowds and won new fans over at every stop. Next up for MOVING MOUNTAINS is an appearance at the Warped Tour Kick Off Party along with The Wonder Years, MC Lars, and Lionize on Friday, March 25 at House of Vans in Brooklyn, NY. Wristbands for the free event are available at five Vans stores in NY and NJ. Click here for more details:

Stay tuned for more tour dates…


New Jersey's passionate rock band Thursday returns on April 12 with their most dynamic album to date, No Devolución. On their sixth studio album, Thursday explores elements of post-rock, indie, art and experimental styles, blending it all with their post-hardcore roots for a beautifully cathartic experience unlike anything they’ve done before. Check the stream of “Magnets Caught in a Metal Heart” at ( and “Past and Future Ruins” at (

"This is a really different record and we thought we should just come out of the gates with a really different song," Rickly “We were always tempering our desire to make something that was more graceful, more sweeping, and this record was the first one where we said, 'You know what? Who cares? Let's say our career is over tomorrow, who fucking cares? Let's make something beautiful.'”

Emotionally charged atmospheric guitars, rhythm and keyboards swirl in unison with Rickly’s inimitably intense vocals, painting a powerful cinematic-like soundscape and grabbing hold of listeners with each twisting turn. No longer merely the “screamo” band of yore, Thursday has transcended the genre they helped to spark with No Devolución, which translates to “No Returns,” an appropriate title for a band consistently moving forward.

No Devolución wastes no time with the frantic urgency of “Fast to the End,” which strikes a perfect balance between new and old styles. Tom Keeley and Steve Pedulla’s elaborate guitar work, Tucker Rule’s driving percussion, Tim Payne’s rhythmic bass and Andrew Everding’s powerful keyboards fuel the narrative for Rickly’s deeply personal tales of undying devotion, a theme found throughout the album. “Records are always written about new love or break-ups but no one ever writes records about long term devotion,” says Rickly. “After 13 years as a band, this theme seemed self-evident.”

No Devolución’s theme of devotion can be felt as the dramatic arc of the album unfolds. Segueing seamlessly from one to another, “No Answers” and “A Darker Forest” find Thursday at their most vulnerable place ever. Rickly’s haunting vocals float through fields of atmospheric guitars and keyboards, building to the album’s first single “Magnets Caught in a Metal Heart,” a stunning and memorable song of love’s bittersweet attraction.

Thursday continues the intensity with “Past & Future Ruins,” a surging blast of post-rock, slowing only momentarily for the somber “Empty Glass,” an emotionally raw song set to an organ that tears at the heart with every word of Rickly’s vocals. “Open Quotes” races back cutting sharp turns with intricate guitars under Rickly’s echoing vocals, right into the searing indie rock anthem “Millimeter.” Rule’s rhythm provides the backbone to Keeley, Pedulla, Everding and Payne’s sonic landscape on “A Gun in the First Act” and “Sparks Against The Sun” while Keeley and Pedulla lead the rhythmic assault on “Turnpike Divides,” which is sure to be a fan favorite.

Thursday’s parting salvo on No Devolución is “Stay True,” a stunning post-rock track that evokes the epic sweep of Explosions in the Sky and the powerful intensity of Mogwai all the while maintaining a sound which is distinctly Thursday. Rickly sings “We've all got a lot to lose. Whatever else you do, Stay True.” And that is exactly what the band has done here. Moving forward yet staying true to themselves along the way.

Upon completing the album, Rickly says he searched for the perfect artwork to capture the record’s evolving sound and eventually stumbled on artist Mia Pearlman. “I saw an image of Mia Pearlman's "Eye" which is a giant white paper installation and kept thinking about it,” says Rickly. “Eventually, I realized she lived near me and approached her about making a cut paper piece as our album artwork. We're thrilled. The record sounds like her work looks.”


No Devolución Track Listing:
1. Fast to the End - 3:21
2. No Answers - 4:53
3. A Darker Forest - 3:40
4. Sparks Against the Sun - 4:47
5. Open Quotes - 2:55
6. Past and Future Ruins - 4:15
7. Magnets Caught in a Metal Heart - 3:42
8. Empty Glass - 4:59
9. A Gun in the First Act - 5:02
10. Millimeter - 2:48
11. Turnpike Divides - 4:54
12. Stay True - 7:53

Thursday Tour Dates:
May 5 – Boston, MA – House of Blues (w/My Chemical Romance)
May 6 – Upper Darby, PA – Tower Theatre (w/My Chemical Romance)
May 7 – Sayreville, NJ – Starland Ballroom (w/My Chemical Romance)
May 8 – Sayreville, NJ – Starland Ballroom (w/My Chemical Romance)
May 10 – Washington, DC – 9:30 Club (w/My Chemical Romance)
May 11 – Atlanta, GA – Tabernacle (w/My Chemical Romance)

For More Information:

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