Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Curt Smith set to release 'This Is Christmas' on Nov. 29

Curt Smith set to release 'This Is Christmas'

Tears For Fears co-founder's first original holiday song

Curt Smith, co-founder of seminal music group Tears for Fears, will release “This Is Christmas,” his first original holiday song, on November 29, 2010. Smith is releasing “This Is Christmas” via his KOOK Media label as a standalone single, which will be available in digital format from iTunes, Amazon MP3, and other online retailers. It will also be available as a signed, limited edition CD single, sold only at concerts and via Smith’s website.

“This Is Christmas” tells the story, Smith says, “of an adult visiting his parents at Christmas and lamenting how he’s always made to feel like a child when he returns home. It culminates in his realization and acceptance that they’re family after all, and nothing will (or even should) change that.” Fittingly, backing vocalists on the track include Smith’s daughters Diva and Wilder, along with Charlton Pettus (Smith’s longtime friend and collaborator) and his children Georgica and Harry, Jason Joseph, Simon Steadman, and a chorus comprised of local school children.

“This Is Christmas” will be featured in the December 15 episode of the USA Network series “Psych.” “I’d been attempting to write a holiday song for years,” Smith says, “but always found them a bit trite and forced. I was trying again when Psych’s James Roday approached me about licensing a song for the holiday episode of “Psych.” Once he sent me a clip of the scene he had in mind, it all made sense and the song came together naturally.”

Like Smith’s previous solo efforts, he’s releasing “This Is Christmas” under a Creative Commons license. The license Smith uses allows others to freely share, perform, and remix his work, so long as the uses are non-commercial, Smith is credited, and any derivative works carry the same license. Smith shares production credits on the song with Charlton Pettus.

Smith will play several Los Angeles-area solo gigs in 2011, along with planned Tears For Fears tours in South America and the U.S. West Coast.

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newwavegeo said...

I look forward to hearing the Xmas song as well as future new stuff from him. Hope Curt and Roland record another TFF album in the near future.

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And look for Curt every Wednesday at