Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cramming for Coachella

What have I been listening to lately?
A bunch of new discs ranging from the latest disc from Thom Yorke ("The Eraser") to Jonsi's "Go." But the list goes on and on: As Tall As Lion's "You Can't Take It With You" and Band of Skulls' "Baby Darling Doll Face Honey." You get the idea. Lots of music from bands set to perform at Coachella this weekend.

I always look forward to heading east out past the wind farms and Palm Springs, and to Indio, where cutting-edge artists perform in the most amazing of settings amidst a sea of music fans ready to brave the scorching sun during the day and unpredictable weather at night. I hope to update this blog on a daily basis with mini-reviews of the music, artwork and overall experience that is Coachella.

My hope is the three-day concert is worth the lack of sleep, aching feet, stench of humanity and lackluster food that come with a huge music fest.

Some of the artists I plan to see (if things line up since there are five stages and many of the performances overlap) include Muse, Phoenix, Porcupine Tree, Jonsi, Girls, Band of Skulls, Grizzly Bear, Hockey (whose 2009 album "Mind Chaos" is very good), She & Him (I love the duo's latest disc), aforementioned As Tall As Lions, Thom Yorke, DEVO and many, many more!

I'll check in with you on Friday or Saturday this week. To be continued.


thenmaybe said...

uggh Muse. What a good waste of time slot.

Anonymous said...