Thursday, August 27, 2009

Walter Trout to headline benefit for Guitar Doctor

This email was sent to me earlier this week and I am sorry I didn't get it posted sooner. If you are a fan of singer-songwriter-guitarist Walter Trout, Social Distortion or just into helping out a great guy, read on:

"Hey Robert I was given your contact info from Walter Trout's publicist. I want to inform you about the benefit for The Guitar Doctor that Walter will be performing at on Saturday night, Sept. 5th at The Galaxy Theater.
You may have heard about the accident at the Guitar Doctor shop in Fountain Valley on July 25th. An illegal alien with no drivers license drove his Astro van through the front of the shop, nearly killing the Doc and damaging a lot of vintage instruments, and a few customers' instruments. Lots of twisted metal and broken glass, and a tremendous disruption in business.
Walter and Doc have been friends for 30 years, and Walter has been so gracious as to give up his time to play a benefit show for his friend. Unfortunately, our notice of the Galaxy becoming available was so quick, that I have not had nearly enough time to advertise the event. I know you have written about Walter in the past, and your paper (Orange County Register) did a story on the accident. I just want to get the word out about this appearance so as to make it as successful as possible." Stacy Walker

All the information is on the flyer published on this post too. Or check out for more details.

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