Monday, March 31, 2008

7th annual Orange County Music Awards recap

LANCE "ROMANCE" FAULK: The lead singer for the Attraction died of a heart attack in his Huntington Beach home on Nov. 10. He was honored at the Orange County Music Awards on March 29, 2008.

I went to the Orange County Music Awards on Saturday night (March 29). Even if I had not been a presenter, I would have gone to catch all the fine performances and say "hello" to so many of my friends in the local music scene.

For my mind, the performances from The Attraction, Jessica Callahan, CPO (Chris Paul Overall, formerly singer of the incredible Wonderlove), Deccatree and blues outfit Buck Wildstar were all great. The Attraction performed a song written in tribute to Lance "Romance" Faulk, the band's gifted singer who passed away on Nov. 10, 2007. I had a chance to catch up with Attraction guitarist Chris Master John and he plans to keep playing music; that is the ultimate tribute to Lance Romance's winning style and spirit.
Jessica Callahan's performance of "City Streets" was especially sweet, since the talented singer-songwriter-keyboardist was honored a bit earlier with the Best Female trophy.
I got a chance to chat with singer-guitarist TJR, three members of Americana rockers the Fallen Stars and Robert Steffen. Thanks to everyone who came out to support local music, and thanks for the nice applause when I came out on stage. A critic who gets cheered; geez, I must be doing something wrong!
Here is a complete list of winners and congrats to all of you!

Best song: "Red Shoes," Bayadera
Best alternative: Bayadera
Best male: Jonathan Blake
Best female: Jessica Callahan
Best pop rock: Lunar Fiction
Best high school: Marliese
Best jazz: Rare Form Band
Best instrumental:Evan Stone
Best Surf: Reventlos
Best R&B: Jimi E
Best country: Fertitta and McClintock
Best classic Rock: Shawn Jones
Best indie: CPO
Best folk: Marianne Keith
Best electronic: Dead Amps
Best punk: Longway
Best blues: Pamela G
Best rock: Union of Saints
Best hip-hop:Brawdcast
Best urban: Mic Moses and C4mula
Best international: Juan Coronado
Best out of county: A Living Daylight
Best hard rock: Star Off Machine
Best swing: Gary Tole
Best live acoustic band: The Fallen Stars
Best live acoustic female: Robin Lore
Best live acoustic male: AJ DeGrasse
Best metal: Sacred Storm
Best live electric band: Franki Doll and the Broken Toys
Lance Romance Memorial Award: Franki Doll

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Rick said...


You do FANTASTIC work for the local music scene and we all truly appreciate it! I can recall WAY BACK WHEN you reviewed my very first band.. (lousy little gods). A thrill that has lasted a lifetime for us! Thank you!

Speaking of thrill, this years OCMA Awards show was incredible! Martin Brown really knows how to put together a great event doesn't he!

Here are a few pictures from my mobile phone in case anyone missed the event. Take it easy!