Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The return of No Doubt, the Grammys: who cares?

Okay, the phrase for today is "Humbug."

Billboard ran an article penned by Jonathan Cohen yesterday (Dec. 12, 2006) that focused on the release of Gwen Stefani's newly-released second solo album. Rather than giving me cause for concern (as if I really care if No Doubt ever completes another album), the story only served to remind me how little her music ever really mattered.

Gwen is really just a product, like Madonna. The airbrushed, Adobe PhotoShop-styled flawless image of her with these silly sunglasses and alien hairstyle only cements that perception that even if she rejoined No Doubt, music would be the last thing on the band's mind. I have to be honest I hardly glanced at the recent Grammy nominations announcement. Does it really matter?

At the end of the day, those of you who really love music and feel excited about specific songs or artists won't be influenced by who wins what award. I won't stop listening to Paul McCartney, Neil Young or Keane if they miss out in their respective fields. Just as I know fans of John Mayer, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and overhyped Dixie Chicks won't stop listening whether or not they have field days when the 49th Grammy Awards are broadcast on Feb. 11, 2007.

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