Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Okay and Out?

I've been a bit out of it because of medical-related stuff, not feeling 100 percent and all that stuff, so the blog has been dry. Sorry.

I have been listening to music, but most of it has been related to getting articles finished for the Register. For example, I interview Van Morrison's daughter, singer-songwriter Shana Morrison tomorrow, so I have been busy listening to her 1999 CD ("Caledonia") this week getting ready for that phone chat. I'm also reviewing a bunch of local CDs for my May 26th column, notably the latest from The Attractions and The Prisoners Dilemma. There is also a new compilation CD with songs about Superman coming out in connection with the new movie "Superman Returns" and I'm going to review that too.

I'll check in again soon with a more comprehensive update!

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