Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Jack's Mannequin; a full-length show!

On April 14, Jack's Mannequin played a full-length headlining show at the Anaheim House of Blues. I saw Andrew McMahon and his band play a 35-minute show last month at the same venue, but seeing how they could pull off a more ambitious set was worth a return visit to Downtown Disney last Friday night.

Andrew appears to be getting stronger and stronger following his much-chronicled battle against leukemia, and even got up on top of his grand piano let in the set to perform before the capacity crowd. And the songs sounded great. "Bruised" (my favorite), "The Mixed Tape" and "I'm Ready" all sounded fiery and connected with the enthusiastic crowd.

I can't wait to hear the sophomore effort from Jack's Mannequin; hopefully we get that in 2007...

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