Monday, October 17, 2005

Aimee Mann just keeps getting better

Only three nights after catching an impressive show from power-pop rockers 9 Ball in Fullerton on Oct. 11, I took in a stunning concert from Aimee Mann. I have seen the talented singer-songwriter a number of times, and she continues to amaze enthusiastic and loyal audiences whenever she performs. Count me as one who is both enthusiastic and amazed.

At the Anaheim House of Blues where I caught her two-hour performance on Friday, Oct. 14, she featured songs off her latest CD, "The Forgotten Arm," a concept album that continues to showcase her skills as a songwriter and keen observer of people and this crazy planet we call home.

She seemed to be especially confident and chatty with the crowd, encouraging people to write down their requests and throw them up to the stage. Dozens seem to take her up on the offer, resulting in her playing many of her classics such as "Red Vines," "Invisible Ink," "Deathly" and "4th of July." She even took a good-natured attempt at "Ray," a song she admitted wasn't ready for its sonic close-up this night. And her band continues to get better everytime I catch them.

But it was an incredible show, and I spent the weekend listening to her music - a bright spot as the Anaheim Angels lost 3 games in a row and the Chicago White Sox are now World Series bound. If I had Aimee's gift, I could turn that into a song...

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