Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Seven Years Ago Today: A Look Back at Walter Trout's amazing journey

Blues great Walter Trout performing
at the Doheny Blues Festival in May 2011.
Photo: Bob Steshetz

Seven years ago singer-songwriter/guitar great Walter Trout received a new liver. Go back in time and read my July 2014 article on Trout where I interviewed the famed bluesman HERE. What follows is Walter's post on Facebook this morning...
Robert Kinsler

Walter Trout, the day before his transplant.

7 years ago today (May 26, 2014) I received a brand new liver that saved my life. This is a very emotional and poignant day for me , my wife and my family. So much changed for me when my life was saved. My outlook ,my priorities. My joy in being alive. My involvement in every moment. My determination. My awareness of the beauty that can be found all around us if we just look. Gratitude, Humility , love and my family are Paramount to me now. Above all I wish to thank my dear wife and partner of over 30 years Marie Trout . Without her I would not be here. In the hospital there were moments I wanted to give up and she would not let me. She was there everyday and every step of the way.
Walter and his wife Marie with their

I wish to thank our 3 children, Jon Trout, Biskit Braendgard, Dylan Trout. I understand how incredibly difficult It must have been for them to watch their parents go through this, and I want them to know I love them completely. I want to thank my dear and sweet mother in law Anne Grethe Brændgaard for her constant love and support. I wish to thank my dear friend Del Black For helping Marie get me to Omaha. I wish to thank the amazing medical team in Omaha who saved me. Lead by the miracle worker doctor of Omaha - Doctor Dan Shafer. I wish to thank our Omaha angels, Vanessa Marie and Jeff Davis. I wish to think Tony Braunagel and Curtis Salgado for facilitating Marie's contact with doctor Dan. And- I wish to thank all the fans and friends and the blues community for rallying around us so wonderfully and completely. I felt the love and it gave me strength to hold on. Finally --I wish to thank my donor. Sign up and be a donor please ! In these past 6 years I've managed to release 5 albums and I'm currently recording my 6th album since my transplant. I want to continue to play music. It has been my Passion since I was a small boy and I still love it deeply. Today
I am moved and humbled and emotional beyond words. I was given a second chance and I won't take it lightly and as long as I am able I will continue to try to give you all my best .Much love and God-bless.

Walter has returned to performing and releasing new 
music. An amazing story!

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